Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort Chapter 1936

“Did anything happen?” Leng Xiao continued to ask.

“No.” Kelly was bewildered, “I had been accompanying Miss Hua, then there was a knock on the door outside, and I was about to open it when you knocked me over ……”

Hearing these words, Leng Xiao only dispelled his worries, the reason he had transferred Kelly back was not only to take care of Hua Xiaofo, but also, to watch her!

After all, she was a very important existence to Leng Di Feng, if she escaped again like she did yesterday and triggered a series of kidnappings, it would be a problem ……

“It’s good that it’s okay.” Leng Xiao gave a salute to Hua Xiaofo, “Then I’ll go out first, Doctor Hua, you take a rest, I’ll have someone come and change your clothes!”

With that, Leng Xiao walked out of the ward ……

The aunt let out a sigh of relief, but then exchanged glances with Hua Xiaofo.

Hua Xiaofo frowned, somewhat reluctantly.

“Miss Hua, let me change your clothes.”

Kylie came over to serve Hua Xiaofo to change her clothes.

The aunt pretended to leave, but her eyes were still on Hua Xiaofo.

Hua Xiaofo could only pretend to say, “This sister, you clean well, otherwise stay and look after me.”

The aunt rolled her eyes, this little ancestor can’t even lie, how can you let someone stay and take care of you if you clean well?

At least find a better reason.

“Miss Hua, there are many servants in the house.” Kelly reminded in a low voice. Kylie warned in a low voice, “Sir doesn’t like to hire strangers, all the people he hires have to go through a selection process.”

“So what?” Hua Xiaofo pretended to be unhappy, “I just want to hire her.”

“Yes yes.” Kylie certainly didn’t dare to say more.

“As long as you like it!”

At this moment, a thick and magnetic voice came, Hua Xiaofo looked up, it was Leng Di Feng who had come ……

He’d probably just come straight from a morning meeting at the group, and was wearing a straight white suit!

“How handsome!”

The aunt looked directly dumbfounded, her eyes straight up with stars, completely devoid of the previous aura of trying to save Hua Xiaofo from the fire, instead she wanted to marry Hua Xiaofo on the spot!!!

“Why are you here?”

Hua Xiaofo looked at Leng Di Feng, it was only after ten o’clock, he had only left in the morning, and with the delays on the road, I’m afraid he hadn’t spent enough time at the company for an hour.

“Pick you up and go home!”

Leng Di Feng stepped forward to put on Hua Xiaofo’s coat for her, picked her up straight away and walked out with big steps.

“Mister ……,” Leng Xiao hurriedly greeted her, “It’s all arranged.”

“Mm.” Leng Di Feng responded indifferently, “That aunt, take it back together.”

“Huh?” Leng Xiao was stunned, what was the situation? Sir never took in anyone from unknown origins, why did he suddenly want to take that strange medical nurse back?

“It’s Miss Hua who asked for it by name.”

Kylie whispered, then hurriedly followed.

Leng Xiao frowned, and probably had an idea in his heart, this medical nurse aunt, there must be something wrong with her!

However, since the gentleman had given the word, he did not dare to ask more questions, he could only instruct his men to take the aunt back to the castle with him.

The aunt hurried over and explained solemnly, “This handsome man, I am only 63 years old, I am not very old yet, can you not call me aunt?”


Leng Xiao was very speechless, but still responded politely, “Okay, big sister!”

“Hey, hey, that’s right.”

The aunt was very happy and followed behind Shu, bumbling her way back to the castle ……

She really wanted to know what such a handsome prince’s castle really looked like.

When Hua Xiaofo was stuffed into the car by Leng Di Feng, she saw a familiar figure ……

Bai Hao was arrested, tied up in fives, with his mouth taped shut, and this sentence was carried up and thrown into the trunk.

He should have been beaten, his nose was bruised and swollen, and there was blood at the corner of his mouth.

That look, wretched and pathetic ……

“Uh, that ……”

“Your ex-boyfriend, who tried to come to your rescue, was caught by my men.” Leng Di Feng sneered mockingly, “Bizarre!”