Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort Chapter 1925

Soon, Hyuk Tze Chun arrived.

The attendant came in to report that Leng Di Feng had no intention of getting up and was still dining.

Leng Xiao went out to greet him, and after some humorous and cheeky greetings, he led He Zijun to the study.

Seeing that Leng Di Feng was still eating, He Zijun asked with concern, “Hasn’t Sir eaten until now? You must have had a busy day?”

“Mm.” Leng Di Feng replied and continued eating.

He Zijun then obediently sat on the side and waited for him.

The maid who was good at tea making was making tea on the side.

Leng Xiao chatted with her in a humorous manner, causing her to let out a crisp laugh from time to time.

Soon, Leng Di Feng finished his meal and wiped his mouth elegantly with his napkin before raising his eyes to look at her: “How was it? Is it your first day in the group, are you still used to it?”

“It’s fine.” He Zijun smiled as she looked at him, “It’s a pity I didn’t get to see you ……”

Today was Hyuk Jae-jun’s first day in the group, she was full of hope and was in the best shape to meet Leng Di Feng, but she didn’t expect that Leng Di Feng didn’t go to the company, instead she met the Vice President!

“Not important.” Leng Di Feng said indifferently, “Is there something you came to see me about?”

“Uh ……” Hyuk Jae-jun gave Leng Xiao an awkward look.

“Sir, I’ll step down first.” Leng Xiao withdrew with good sense.

Only two people were left in the room, He Zijun and Leng Di Feng. Under the warm lighting, He Zijun’s beautiful face was more exquisite, softly looking at Leng Di Feng: “I came without my daddy’s knowledge …… I …… ”

She wanted to say something but then stopped, her eyes had a girlish reserve and nervousness.

Even a fool would be able to understand the meaning of her words.

However, Leng Di Feng was not willing to go around with her and asked bluntly, “Your father wants you to marry the vice president? What do you mean?”

“Of course I don’t want to.” He Zijun was forced to communicate with him in this direct way, “I, I want to ask you what you mean.”

“Me?” Leng Di Feng didn’t seem to understand.

“Do you want me to marry the Vice President?”

Hezijun bit her lower lip and looked at him nervously.

“No wish.” Leng Di Feng replied decisively.

“Really?” Hur Zijun was overjoyed, “I knew ……”

“If the Vice President marries you, he will unite the three great families to impeach the Leng family, this is the truth, you know.”

Leng Di Feng explained in a serious manner, “So, from the point of view of interests, I don’t want you to marry him, but marriage and relationship are your private matters, I won’t interfere, you choose yourself.”

Hearing these words, He Zi Jun froze, and it took her a while to come back to her senses, her eyes filled with loss, yet she asked reluctantly, “You don’t want me to marry Mr. Vice President just because of interest?”

“Mm.” Leng Di Feng nodded, “Of course, as a friend, I also hope that you have a happy marriage and don’t condemn yourself for the sake of your family’s interests.”

“Am I your friend?”

A hope was rekindled in He-Zi Jun, for someone as cold and aloof as Leng Di Feng, it was already a luxury to be treated as a friend by him.

“Hmm.” Leng Di Feng nodded slightly, “When I was a child, my aunt liked you a lot ……”

Hearing these words, He Zijun’s heart went half cold again, talking to him was like a roller coaster, up and down, suffering from ……

she was overjoyed when he said he did not want her to marry the Vice President, and thought he had some dislike for her, but he then said it was because of the interest

He said she was a friend, and she humbly thought that even if it was just a friend, at least there was a chance, but then he said it was because his aunt liked her.

So even this status of friend he had bestowed on her because of his aunt ……

“Auntie had also taught you piano.” Leng Di Feng sighed, “Every time I see you playing the piano, I’ll think of her!”

Hezijun was completely heartbroken ……

Every time she played the piano, he would look deeply at her, she had thought that he liked the way she played the piano and had more or less some feelings for her in his heart, but now she realized that this was the reason ……