Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort Chapter 1909

Leng Di Feng’s motorcade arrived at the hospital and was about to go up when Ah Wei and the others hurriedly ran down and reported in a panic, “Sir, Miss Bao has disappeared!”

“What?” Leng Di Feng’s body shook and his face suddenly changed.

“Where did it go?” Leng Xiao hurriedly pursued the question.

“It should have escaped.” Ah Wei said anxiously, “Miss Bao dazed those few medical staff who were doing the examination, and then flipped out of the window ……”

“Have you searched everywhere?” Leng Xiao anxiously pursued.

“The hospital has searched everywhere without finding anyone.” Ah Wei lowered his head, very ashamed, “Just now, when she was doing the examination, she told us to wait outside, we didn’t dare to go near, so we ……”

“Rubbish!” Leng Di Feng bellowed angrily.

“Yes.” Ah Wei and the others hurriedly knelt down on one knee, “Please punish, sir!”

“Now is not the time to pursue responsibility, it’s important to find someone first.” Leng Xiao hurriedly said, “You guys immediately go and retrieve the CCTV footage to see which direction Miss Bao went.”

“Ah Shu has already gone to retrieve the ……”

As soon as Ah Wei’s words left his mouth, Ah Shu hurriedly ran out and handed the phone with the surveillance footage to Leng Xiao –

“Miss Bao should be heading towards the airport, I’ve sent someone to contact that taxi driver, there should be results soon.”

“Go to the airport immediately.” Leng Xiao ordered decisively.

“Yes.” Ah Wei immediately rushed to the airport with a team of men.

“Contact the airport and suspend all flights for two hours.”

Leng Di Feng ordered decisively, then got into the car.

“Yes.” Leng Xiao immediately went to make arrangements, and then said comfortingly, “Sir, don’t be anxious, Miss Bao hasn’t been gone for long, even if she got through the security check successfully, she shouldn’t have boarded the plane, it must still be in time.”

“Contact the airport and see if she has boarded.” Leng Di Feng ordered again.

“Yes ……” Leng Xiao was about to make a call when he suddenly paused again, “But we don’t even know Miss Bao’s real name, how can we check this?”

Leng Di Feng didn’t say anything, he just picked up his phone and called.

Leng Xiao was curious and wondered who he was contacting until the call was answered and a familiar voice came through, “L!”

“William, what’s Bao’er’s real name?”

“Huh?” William clearly froze, not responding for a moment.

“Speak up!!!” Leng Di Feng urged impatiently.

“This, she’s your fiancee, I, how would I know ……”

“Don’t pretend.” Leng Di Feng shouted coldly, “What is Buddha Hand’s real name, say it!”

This time, Prince William completely froze, so, he already knew Hua Xiaofu’s is identity ……

“William ……”

“Hua Xiaofu!”

“Which three words?”

“Chinese Little Buddha!”

As soon as Prince William finished speaking, Leng Di Feng hung up the phone and urged Leng Xiao, “Go check immediately.”

“Yes.” Leng Xiao immediately made arrangements.

“Drive faster.” Leng Di Feng stared at his watch, his heart very anxious.

Leng Xiao finished the call and carefully asked Leng Di Feng, “Sir, so you recognized Dr. Hua a long time ago.”

“Such obvious features, how could you not recognise them?” Leng Di Feng frowned with a complicated expression, “Actually, she didn’t deliberately disguise anything, it’s just that I’ve been unable to link her two identities together ……”

“That’s also true.” Leng Xiao nodded, “That voice, the eyes, even the words and actions, they are all exactly the same.”

“No ……” Leng Di Feng suddenly thought of something and immediately ordered, “Earlier I asked you to inform the airport that once anyone with an Asian identity leaves Syracuse by plane, they should all report to me, they have no news? ”

“No.” Leng Xiao also realized the problem, “When I contacted the airport just now, they also said that no Asian-identified pa*sengers have been checked in within an hour ……”

“Could it be that something happened before we even got into the airport?” Leng Di Feng’s face changed dramatically, “Immediately retrieve the CCTV footage at the entrance of the airport.”