Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort Chapter 1901

Prince William just hung up the phone ……

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing. I think he meant something with that last comment just now.”

“Hmm.” Prince William nodded, “I think he knows.”

“This ……” Robin panicked for a moment, “What exactly does he know? Does he know that Miss Hua came to your side tonight, or does he know about Miss Hua’s relationship with you, or does he also know who Miss Hua really is?”

Prince William did not rush to answer, but drained his gla*s of wine, and then laughed bitterly, “Little Buddha is still too naive ……”

“Huh?” Robin was a little confused, not knowing exactly what his master meant by that, he was a little anxious to know the answer, but did not dare to ask more.

“How clever L is, nothing, nothing can be hidden from his eyes.” Prince William sighed, “I was naive too, I actually thought I could hide from him for a while and take Little Buddha away ……”

“It’s better not to take any chances.” Robin cautioned anxiously, “We are already a small and unpopular group in the royal family, L is your only chance to turn your life around, if you offend him, it will be the end of the road.”

“But I can’t watch something happen to Little Buddha ……” Prince William still hesitated a little, “without her, I wouldn’t have survived at all.”

“Your Highness, think about it in a different way.” Robin was anxious, “Mr. L is trying to marry her and is true to her, this is a good thing, it’s not a bad thing, we should be adult about it.

If you take Miss Hua away at this juncture, you are taking away her love, and it would be wrong for you to let word of this get out.

If she really didn’t want to marry, she could have told Mr. L who she was and then found an excuse to go to M for treatment.

There’s no need for you to interfere at all !!!!”

“You’re right ……”

Prince William did not listen to a single word of the previous words, but listened to this last sentence, he suddenly lit up and had an idea in his heart ……

To take away Hua Xiaofo under the eyes of Leng Di Feng, it was as difficult as heaven, but if Leng Di Feng agreed to her leaving, it would have a different meaning.

“Your Highness, it is good that you have figured it out.”

Robin thought he had given up and was finally relieved.


Hua Xiaofo thought left and right and felt that she could not drag Prince William into this.

Moreover, she understood that there was no way Prince William could take her away under the nose of Leng Di Feng ……

After thinking about it, she decided to rely on herself.

But how would she leave by herself?

If she was in the forest, she would be the queen and no one would be able to catch her, but this was a strange country, a cold castle, and she really couldn’t find a chance ……

Just as she was thinking, the phone vibrated, it was Bai Hao calling.

Hua Xiaofo hurriedly answered it, “Hello!”

“Ancestor, how are you doing? Still trapped in Snow City?”

“How do you know?”

Hua Xiaofo felt she was talking nonsense just as she asked, Leng Di Feng had taken her from Bai Hao, of course he knew she was with him.

And his lair was in Snow City, so how could he not know.

“I’ve racked my brains and I can’t get close to Leng Di Feng, I can’t help, but I’ve thought of a good way ……”

“What way?” Hua Xiaofo hurriedly asked.

“The beauty scheme!”


“Since he likes you and is dead set on marrying you, you might as well compromise first so that he can let his guard down and then find a chance to leave ……”

“Compromise how? By agreeing to marry him? And then run away from the marriage?”

“Although this is the next best thing, there is no way out.” Bai Hao was very helpless, “As long as he relaxes his guard, you’ll have a chance to leave ……”