Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort Chapter 1890

This thought flashed through her mind, Hua Xiaofo couldn’t help but shiver, she hurriedly reminded herself, no, she absolutely can’t make this mistake!

She has a mission and belief in the world at heart, she doesn’t want to get married, she doesn’t want to have children, she doesn’t want to be bound and tied up by anyone ……

didn’t want to be locked up in a castle, which was like a luxurious cage.

Therefore, she could not move on Leng Di Feng, she had to leave as soon as possible ……

Thinking of this, Hua Xiaofo took a deep breath and repeatedly reminded herself in her mind that she had to take every opportunity to escape and must not fall back into it ……

When Hua Xiaofo got up, Leng Difeng had already left for the office.

After she washed up and had breakfast, a doctor came to examine her wounds and change her medicine.

After a few days of recuperation, her wounds had almost healed and the doctor marvelled, saying that she had a strong healing ability.

Hua Xiaofo also felt that her wounds were recovering quickly, but the metal iron piece in the back of her head had not been removed and was always a hidden problem.

“Miss Bao, are you uncomfortable anywhere else? Sir asked us to take you for a full examination so that if there are any other problems, they can be dealt with together.”

Dr Karen asked respectfully.

“No.” Hua Xiaofo immediately said, “I’m fine, no need to check.”

“However, although your wounds are healing, you don’t look well, I am worried that you have other hidden illnesses, it would be best to have a full examination and receive treatment sooner ……”

“I don’t need to if I say so.” Hua Xiaofo directly interrupted the doctor, “I know my own body, I know it myself.”

“Alright.” Dr. Karen bowed her head and retreated.

Hua Xiaofo was a little unhappy in her heart, did Leng Di Feng already suspect her identity? Deliberately sending a doctor to test her?

As she was thinking, Nora walked in and said with a smile, “Miss Bao, sir is taking you to see the big circus today, get ready, we’ll leave in an hour.”

“The big circus?” Hua Xiaofo was instantly excited, “Where to see it?”

“The Syracuse Grand Theatre.” Nora smiled, “That’s where we hold all the big shows here ……”

“Is the Grand Theatre in the city centre?” Hua Xiaofo asked afterwards.

“It’s on the south side, near the airport ……”

Nora said as she described the excitement of this big circus.

Hua Xiaofo didn’t listen to a single word, his mind was all planning his escape.

The Grand Theatre was crowded, there were animals to summon, and it was near the airport, this was a great opportunity from God.

She mustn’t miss it.

“Miss Po, Miss Po ……”

Nora’s call interrupted Hua Xiaofo’s thoughts and she snapped back to her senses and answered, “Hmm?”

“I’ll have someone freshen you up first.” Nora said with concern.

“There’s no need to freshen up, it’s not a party to go to the circus.” Hua Xiaofo waved her hand and said, “I’ll just pack myself, you guys go out and help me prepare some snacks to take to the car.”

“Okay.” Nora hurriedly went to prepare.

When everyone had left, Hua Xiaofo unlocked the door to her room and tried to change into a lighter set of clothes, but found that the cloakroom was all full of gorgeous dresses, even the loungewear was long and comfortable ……

She chose a long white dress, put on a white coat, long boots, and carried her backpack.

The backpack contained her documents and the jewellery given to her by Leng Di Feng, she decided to abscond with her possessions tonight and make sure she succeeded ……

Downstairs, Nora had prepared snacks to be taken to the car to eat.

When Hua Xiaofo got into the car, she began to use her mobile phone navigation to search for routes around the Grand Theatre, which door would be more convenient to escape through, and which route to take to the airport after escaping ……

The first thing you need to do is to find out which door you can use to escape, and which route you can take to the airport.

The car soon drove out of the castle and headed straight for the Grand Theatre.

There were only Shu and Wei in this car, but there was a car in front and behind them to escort them, so I’m afraid it wouldn’t be easy to escape on the road.

Even if she did, they would be quick to chase her and it would be difficult for her to leave Snow City, so it was better to get to the Grand Theatre and think about it.