Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort Chapter 173-174

Chapter 173

“I mean ……” Feng Qianxue explained anxiously, “I can exchange the ruby necklace back soon, can you give me a few more days’ grace?”

“Can’t.” Night Zhen Ting’s tone was non-negotiable, “Giving you a grace period of three days is already the limit, don’t get ahead of yourself.”

“It’s mainly because Bai Lu has left the country with the necklace and won’t be back until ten days later ……”

“I’m not interested in knowing about other people’s wives.” Night Zhen Ting was full of impatience, “There’s only a day and a half left, you’re on your own.”

“But ……”

Feng Qianxue wanted to say something else when the lift door opened and Night ZhenTing walked straight out.

Night Jun bowed his head to Feng Qianxue and then hurriedly followed with his bodyguards.

Feng Qianxue walked out of the lift with a sobbing face, her heart very anxious, what to do? This bastard was eating her up.

“Did Night Fai send it to Lei Yu’s place?”

When he was getting into the car, Night Zhen Ting asked.

“Well, Lei Yu is treating him.” Remember the website

Compared to Night Fai, Night Army was closer to his master’s cold personality.

“That kid can’t do it anymore, he loses his strength after fighting so many people.” Night Zhen Ting teased, “He’s let a lot of blood out this time, let him rest well.”

“Yes.” Night Jun nodded, “Already conveyed.”

Getting into the car, Night Zhen Ting swirled his slim phone in style, while his eyes were fixed on the outside, Feng Qianxue who had just walked out of the building.

“Night King.” Night Jun glanced at Feng Qianxue and asked in a soft voice, “Do you ever think that Miss Feng looks like someone?”

“Hm?” Night Zhen Ting was distracted and therefore did not hear Night Jun’s words clearly, “What did you say?”

“No, nothing.” Night Army changed the subject, “Going straight to the airport?”

“Yes.” Night Zhen Ting withdrew his gaze, his expression gloomy, “Go and meet that crazy woman!”


Feng Qianxue took the underground home and the three babies immediately ran out to greet her.

Yue Yue jumped into Feng Qianxue’s arms first, wrapping one hand around her neck and pointing at the balcony with the other, saying anxiously, “Mummy, Little Four Treasures is angry, it locked itself in its cage and won’t come out, and it’s pulling its own fur.”

“Obviously doing something wrong and punishing us in turn in this way.” Tenzin said with a serious face, “Mummy, we must not condone it this time.”

“Yes, it pooped in our beef bone porridge this morning, ruining the fruit of Granny’s hard work and causing us to have to go out for breakfast, so unbecoming.”

Dragon was still indignant as he remembered what had happened this morning.

“But it’s not good to pluck hair, could it be depressed?” Feng Qianxue was a little worried, “It’s better to take it to see a doctor.”

“Yes, I also think we should take it to the doctor.” Yue Yue’s small mouth deflated and her big purple grape-like eyes then shone with tears, “Even though I’m angry with it too, it hurts me to see it like this.”

“Don’t worry San Bao, we’ll take Little Four Treasures to the doctor after we finish eating.”

Feng Qianxue kissed Yue Yue’s little face and soothed gently.

“You guys just spoil it too much.” Cinnabar sighed like a little adult, “Ugh, women’s kindness!”

“That’s right, women are so troublesome.” Dragon deflated his little mouth, his face full of disdain, “Little Four Treasures is a girl too, that’s why it’s so troublesome.”

“You two can’t be like that ……” Feng Qianxue educated patiently, “Little Four Treasures is also a part of our family, it’s our family ……”

“Knock knock knock!”

Feng Qianxue was talking when there was a sudden knock on the door from outside, she hurriedly put down Yue Yue and went over to open the door, “Is it that mother-in-law is back from shopping?”

Opening the door, a courier stood outside and handed her a delicate gift box, “Feng Qianxue is it? Someone has sent you a gift, please sign for it!”

“Who is it from?”

Feng Qianxue took the card and looked at it, it said Night Zhen Ting, she was shocked, how did he know her home address?


Chapter 174

“Please sign for it!” The courier reminded again.

Feng Qianxue hurriedly signed her name and returned home with the gift.

“Mummy, who sent the present?”

The three babies gathered around curiously.

“It’s an uncle you don’t know ……”

Feng Qianxue had mixed feelings, if Night Zhen Ting was really Duck Duck, then he was the children’s father.

Did he already know the truth? Why else would he send a gift to her house?

“What kind of gift is it? Quickly open it and take a look.”

The three babies opened their big grape-like eyes and looked at the gift box with anticipation.

Feng Qianxue was opening the gift box, the layers were very finely wrapped, what exactly was it?

Her mood was apprehensive and complicated ……

“Oops, mummy you’re too stupid, let me help you.”

Long Long couldn’t wait to take the gift box and help unwrap it.

Chen Chen also brought his hand scissors to help.

Yue Yue rubbed her little hands together and waited with delight.

When she finally unwrapped the gift box, there was a pink box with a fresh floral fragrance inside, Feng Qianxue was about to open it when Yue Yue said excitedly, “Let me do it, I’ll do it!”

“Fine, fine, you do it!”

Feng Qianxue understood how little girls like to open gifts and handed the gift box to Yue Yue.

Yue Yue held the lid of the gift box, took a deep breath, and then opened it with a sense of ceremony, “Dang dang dang dang!”


In the next second, Yue Yue’s terrified scream came from the room ……

This was followed by Dragon and Tatsuya screaming in terror.

Little SiBao fluttered his wings in the cage and repeated his scream, “Scared, scared!”

At once, the room was full of chickens and dogs.

Feng Qianxue’s eyes widened in shock as she looked incredulously at the contents of the box –

It was actually the corpse of a kitten that had not long been born, obviously brutally murdered, gruesome and dripping with blood.

Next to it was a small toy with flashing lights and a clown’s smiling face attached to it ……

“Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, mummy is here.”

Feng Qianxue quickly reacted and hurriedly covered the box, ready to take it out.

Just as she picked it up, she felt that something was wrong, the box seemed to be making the countdown sound of a clock.

“It’s a bomb, mummy, throw it away!!!”

Tenzin immediately grabbed the box from Feng Qianxue’s hand and ran out.


Feng Qianxue shouted and rushed out.

The box exploded with a bang as soon as Chen Chen threw it into the corridor.

The whole house shook and the ceiling of the corridor fell a few pieces, nearly hitting Tenzin.

“Dabao, Dabao!” Feng Qianxue jumped over like crazy and hugged Chen Chen tightly, “Are you alright, Dabao? Don’t scare mommy.”

“Mommy, I’m fine, cough ……” Chen Chen choked on the dust and coughed, but he was not seriously hurt.

Feng Qianxue immediately carried Chen Chen back home and closed the door.

“Mummy ……” Yue Yue cried out in fright, her little face red.

Long Long shielded her in his arms and said in a calm and soothing manner, “Don’t be afraid, brother is here.”

“Who is that man who sent the stuff? Why is he trying to harm us?” Tenzin asked in a panic.

“That person ……” Feng Qianxue’s heart was in turmoil, and she couldn’t understand why Night Zhen Ting was doing this.

“Oh my god, what happened?”

At this time, Zhu Ma came back from buying groceries and was terrified when she saw this scene, “Miss, San Bao, are you all right?”

“Zhu Ma, you take the children back to the countryside immediately.” Feng Qianxue had calmed down and arranged decisively, “Grab a few pieces of luggage, simply pack a few pieces of luggage, I’ll arrange a car.”

“What’s going on?” Zhu’s mother shivered with fear, “Is someone trying to harm us? Who is it?”

“I don’t know who it is, but the other party already knows the address of our house, we are in danger, you and the child must leave immediately.”

Feng Qianxue called the neighborhood security guard, Master Wang, “Master Wang, you’re running a taxi on the side, right? I’ll give you double the price, please help me take Zhu’s mother and the children back to the countryside.”

“Double? Fine, fine, I’ll come and get your luggage right away.”