Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort Chapter 151-152

Chapter 151

“What do you say?” Night Zhen Ting cupped her chin and lifted her face so that she could see his grim eyes, “No one has ever dared to pass something of mine on to someone else, and you are the first!”

“No, I ……” Feng Qianxue just wanted to explain, but she didn’t know where to start.

“It seems that you have something difficult to say.” Night Zhen Ting sneered mockingly, “So, how do you plan to give me an explanation?”

“I’m sorry ……” Feng Qianxue bowed her head and apologized, “According to reason, I should compensate, but it’s a hundred million ah, I can’t afford to pay even if I’m sold ……”

“Fine, just do as you say!”

Night Zhen Ting interrupted her and turned back to his seat, picking up a pen and paper and writing something down.

“Uh 。。。。。” Feng Qianxue was dumbfounded, “What are you, doing?”

“What you said, selling you against your debt.” Night Zhen Ting quickly drafted an abbreviated agreement to offset the debt and handed it to her, “Sign and put your fingerprints on it!”


Feng Qianxue took a look at it and couldn’t help but be dumbfounded.

Debt Settlement Agreement: Feng Qianxue owed Night ZhenTing 100 million RMB, minus the bonus of 2 million, she still owed 98 million RMB, she voluntarily pledged herself to Night ZhenTing, henceforth, Feng Qianxue was subservient to Night ZhenTing, obedient and at her beck and call ……

“Either pay me back the 98 million now, or exchange it for my ruby necklace, or sign this debt settlement agreement, your choice!”

Night Zhen Ting tapped the agreement with the tip of his pen, like a judge declaring her fate.

Feng Qianxue immediately felt thunderstruck, the sky spinning, almost about to faint ……

How could she have forgotten that the nature of the devil is to eat flesh without spitting out bones!

She actually dared to provoke him?

Isn’t that seeking death?

“Hmm?” Night Zhen Ting’s patience was draining little by little.

A myriad of response options flashed through Feng Qianxue’s mind like a pop-up screen, and soon, she chose the simplest and most brutal one –

“This necklace was given to me by you, so many people can testify, since it is mine, I can do whatever I want with it, who are you to make me compensate? Even if we go through the legal process, you can’t say that.”

“Very well.” Night Zhen Ting hooked up his lips, “You’re talking to me about the law?”

“Ben, it was originally like this ……,” Feng Qianxue pretended to be calm.

“I did give it to you, but you gave it back to me.” Night Zhen Ting looked reasonable, “Since you gave it back to me, it wasn’t yours, it was my business to throw it away, but then you ran to pick it up and then gave it to someone else without my permission ……”

With that said, he called directly to inform Night Fai, “Get Lawyer Kim in here.”


“Wait, wait a minute.” Feng Qianxue immediately panicked, “Chief Night, say something properly.”

“Didn’t you just say it in a straightforward manner?” Night Zhen Ting raised his eyebrows.

“I don’t understand ……,” Feng Qianxue’s legs were weak and she wanted to cry, “A necklace worth 100 million, you just threw it away, which means you don’t care, why do you want me to pay for it?”

“I can give you a necklace worth a hundred million dollars, or I can just throw it away, but I won’t allow it to be worn around another woman’s neck, that’s an offense to me!”

Night Zhen Ting warned solemnly, “You must pay the price for your foolishness!”

Feng Qianxue was speechless, she should never have underestimated his controlling nature.

Even more so, she should not have overestimated Bai Lu’s intelligence!

That stupid woman, actually wearing a ruby necklace and waving it around, she would not only harm her, she would also harm herself.

“I don’t have the patience to spend any more time with you.” Night Zhen Ting looked at his watch, “If you don’t sign it, I’ll hand it over to my lawyer.”

“I ……” Feng Qianxue was flustered and at a loss for words, after thinking, she said tentatively, “Can you give me some time and I’ll return the necklace to you?”

“Good, I’ll give you a chance.” Night Zhen Ting nodded his head readily, “You name a time.”


Chapter 152

“Seven days?” Feng Qianxue asked tentatively.

Night Zhen Ting did not speak, only frowning slightly.

“Three, three days?” Feng Qianxue immediately retreated, “If I can’t return your necklace within three days, I’ll, I’ll sign off this agreement.”

“That’s what you said, I didn’t force you.” Night Zhen Ting gracefully leaned back in his seat with a generous look on his face, “In three days, at this time, I’ll be here waiting for you!”

“Got it.”

Feng Qianxue didn’t know how she got out of the building, it was now 7:40 pm and all her colleagues were off work.

She took a taxi and left, sitting in the car, with an urge to cry, she didn’t understand, why did everyone have to force her?

The White family mother and daughter, Night Zhen Ting, one is more odious than the other ……

She just wanted to live her life in peace, why they just refused to let her go ……

“Where to?” The taxi driver asked.

“I ……” Feng Qianxue was stunned for a moment and said, “DTT bar.” Remember the website

After careful consideration, Feng Qianxue decided to confess these matters to the “debt repayment duck” and discuss them with him to face them together.

In fact, the reason why Nightingale forced her to do so was because he liked her and wanted to possess her.

As long as she shows him her hand, takes her boyfriend to see him, and tells him her situation, he will stop thinking about it.

At that time, she would then find a way to return the ruby necklace to him and everything would be solved.

Thinking of this, Feng Qianxue sent a text message to the “debt repayment duck”: “I’ll be at the bar soon, are you there yet?”

The other party did not reply ……

The first thing that happened was that she and the “debt repayment duck” had a text message record, and she habitually replied there.

Although the number in the phone book was deleted, the text message records were not.

So she had sent the text message to his old number.

Thinking that his previous number had been deactivated, she sent a similar text to his new number, “paybackduck2”.

Soon after, “Debt repayment duck 2” called: “Baby, I’m on my way to the bar, where are you? I’ll pick you up.”

“No, I’ve got a car.” Feng Qianxue said, “Ducky, I want to talk to you after the show tonight.”


Broken Sky was overjoyed, as long as they could spend more time alone together, the relationship would go further.

“I’ll hang up now then, see you at the bar.”

“See you at the bar.”

Hanging up the phone, Broken Sky called and ordered –

“Order 999 red roses for me to be delivered to DTT Bar.”

“Send me that ten-carat diamond ring of mine.”


Extended version Rolls Royce Phantom ……

When Night Zhen Ting received Feng Qianxue’s text message, he couldn’t help but feel puzzled.

She had firmly broken up with him before and returned the money to him, and during this period of time, she had not contacted him, so why did she suddenly send him a message like this?

This text message, not like a test, nor like a plea for peace, but rather like a daily contact like before ……

But he hadn’t been to a night out for a long time, so how could she suddenly ask him to go to a bar?

And with this tone, it seems like they’ve been in touch all along ……

Thinking of this, Night Zhen Ting instructed Night Hui: “Check, did Feng Qianxue go to the Night?”

“Yes.” Night Fai immediately investigated and then reported –

“King of Night, the night side said that Miss Feng has not been there for a long time.”

“The security department found out that she took a taxi and left in the southwest direction.”

“According to that taxi’s license plate number, the Traffic Department found out his route to DTT Bar.”

“Miss Windy just got off at the back door of the DTT Bar.”

“How did she get where she was going?” Night Tremor frowned, then ordered, “Have someone bring my Aston Martin over, along with the outfit from earlier.”

“The Aston Martin was wrecked by Broken Young last night and was sent for repair this morning, your outfit is in the other car, should I bring it over for you?”

“Crashed?” Nightquake Timothy narrowed his eyes dangerously.