Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort Chapter 1491-1492

Chapter 1491

“Now it’s a rumour that comes out every few minutes, and all sorts of evidence and clues are provided, if we wait until tomorrow, there’s no telling what the situation will be.”

Wen Li said worriedly, “Besides, there are so many doubts now, all directed at you, and both Uncle Sen and Jiang Dong have no say in the matter, and we have even less say.

Tomorrow, you will face hundreds of media with sharp words, and I am afraid that you will have to face a strong psychological attack.

Moreover, so many people have come prepared to target you, I am worried that you will be unable to defend yourself ……”

Leng Qianxue lowered her eyes and fell into deep thought.

Wen Li was right, the situation was indeed critical now, and the longer we delayed, the more troublesome it would be ……

“You go and arrange for the press conference to be rescheduled to two o’clock this afternoon.” Leng Qianxue ordered decisively, “No, eleven o’clock in the morning!”

“It’s now forty past nine, eleven o’clock will be here soon.” Wen Li looked at her watch and said uneasily, “The time is right, but are you ready for it?”

“There’s nothing to prepare for this.” Leng Qianxue frowned and said, “Even if you are well prepared, you don’t know what moves the other side will make, with over five hundred media, can you alone think of what so many people think of?”

“That’s right.” Wen Li nodded, “I’ll go and give notice then?”

“Go ahead.” Leng Qianxue waved her hand.

“Yes.” Wen Li immediately went to make arrangements.

Leng Qianxue closed the file and no longer had the heart to read it, but walked over to the floor-to-ceiling gla*s window, looking down at the tiny view of the city below, quickly organizing the pulse of thoughts in her head ……

She had to quiet down, sink down, and think about coping strategies.

“Miss Leng!”

At that moment, a familiar voice came.

Leng Qianxue turned around and looked: “Leng Bing, why are you here? Didn’t I tell you to keep watch at the hospital?”

“I let Xiao Cui Xiao Ai go.” Leng Bing hurriedly walked over, “How can you do without someone by your side when such a big thing happened?”

“Isn’t Xiao Cui and Xiao Ai people?”

Leng Qianxue gave her a blank look, but a smile lifted her lips, Leng Bing was steady in her dealings, having her around gave her a lot of peace of mind.

“That’s different, I know you best and can help you the most.” Leng Bing looked at her heartily, “Miss Leng, I met Wen Li when I first came in, she said that the press conference was going to be held at eleven o’clock?”

“Mm.” Leng Qianxue nodded, “There’s no time to delay, it has to be dealt with as soon as possible.”

“Then I’ll go arrange for manpower right away.” Leng Bing immediately called to deploy people.

“What manpower?”

Leng Qianxue blurted out, and then remembered after she finished, this press conference today is not trivial, security is a big issue ……

“It’s still your thoughtfulness, I almost overlooked this.” Leng Qianxue covered her forehead, “Luckily you came.”

“Those media are clearly being manipulated and are deliberately coming at you, if security is not addressed properly, I’m afraid something will happen and the situation will be even more dire then.”

Leng Bing said as she made the call, “But we do have a shortage of people now, let me think of something.”

With so many things happening, Mid-levels South had been completely ruined, and now the remaining bodyguards of the Night Family were all arranged by Leng Qianxue to protect Night Hui and Yue Yue at the hospital, and some people had also been arranged on Jiang Dong and Night Sen’s side.

The only ones Leng Qianxue could use were her own female bodyguards, and she had to leave a few people at home to protect the three little ones, so there was obviously not enough manpower now.

But today, at this urgent moment, a large number of their own men had to be deployed.

Leng Bing was anxious and hesitated to contact Leng Xiao Leng Gang.

“Water from afar cannot put out a nearby fire.” Leng Qianxue knew what she was thinking and sighed, “It’s useless to find Leng Gang and the others now ……”

“But ……”

Leng Bing was about to speak when Leng Qianxue’s mobile phone rang, it was Leng Gang calling.

Chapter 1492

“Speak of the devil.” Leng Qianxue immediately answered the phone.

“Miss Leng!”

“Leng Gang, it’s so good to hear your voice.”

Leng Qianxue was as if she had seen a family member, now isolated and desperately in need of rescue, “Are you still in E country? Have you made contact with your brother?”

“Not yet.” Leng Gang said, “But I have made sure that Mister is still alive and safe, so I have returned to Hai Cheng to protect you and the three little princesses.”

“You’re back in Sea City? That’s great.” Leng Qianxue was very excited, “This is exactly the time I need to use someone.”

“We have just landed at the Hai Cheng airport and are at your disposal.”

“You bring someone to Night’s Group immediately.” Leng Qianxue immediately instructed.

“Okay, I’ll bring someone over right away!”

“No, wait a minute ……”

Leng Qianxue suddenly calmed down, now there were already rumors in the outside world that she was instructed by Leng Di Feng to return to the Night family to take revenge and seek the Night family fortune.

If at this time, she had Leng Di Feng’s people with her, then people would be even more suspicious of her.

“You don’t have to worry, I’m bringing people with raw faces this time, no one will know who they are.”

Leng Gang knew her concerns.

“I rendezvoused with Leng Xiao in E before and changed a group of people with him, although these people have been following Mister, they have never shown their faces in public, no one knows their identities.

When the time comes, I will stay out of sight and protect you behind the scenes, and at the same time see who is actually running the show on the other side.”

“You’re so thoughtful.” Leng Qianxue was overjoyed, “Then hurry up and come, I’ll have Leng Bing go and meet you.”


Hanging up the phone, Leng Bing then said, “Great, with Brother Steel around at this time, we have a godsend.”

“It’s so good that Leng Steel has appeared at the right time.” Leng Qianxue was also happy, but then felt puzzled, “No, it seems like he expected something would happen to me and actually went back to Haicheng early ……”

“Didn’t he say that he was planning to come back, he just happened to meet ……”

“No.” Leng Qianxue shook her head, “I have a feeling that he didn’t just happen to run into it, but was prepared to come back to protect me a long time ago.”

“It could be that ……”

“It could be that my brother knew about the Night Family and was worried about me, so he sent him back.” Leng Qianxue speculated, “That’s how brother is, hard spoken and soft hearted.”

“You’re right.”

Leng Bing was very relieved, although she hadn’t said anything, Leng Qianxue had already guessed it.

“Let’s go take care of things first.” Leng Qianxue retrieved her thoughts, glanced at her watch and admonished, “We can’t lose this battle today, or I’ll be ashamed of Zhen Ting.”

“It’ll be fine, after all, we haven’t done anything wrong.” Leng Bing rea*sured, “I’ll go arrange for security now then.”

“Go on.”

Leng Qianxue took her phone and walked around the office, it was now ten o’clock, there was still an hour before the press conference ……

There was basically no need to worry about security, with Leng Gang around, she could feel completely at ease.

She can also explain all the trumped up charges that the media has placed on her and submit evidence one by one ……

However, she doesn’t know what other tricks the man behind the curtain has prepared.

Now she is in the open, the enemy is in the dark, she is defenceless!

But it’s useless to think about this now, soldiers will come and go, let’s see what happens.

Thinking of this, Leng Qianxue sat down and continued to process the documents, she had to keep herself calm, no matter what situation she encountered, she must not be chaotic ……

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

“Brother Steel, this is a detailed map of the inside and outside of the Night’s building, I’ll give one copy to each of the brothers, it might be useful when the time comes.”

“Mm.” Leng Gang took it and didn’t even look at it, he pa*sed it directly to the other brothers, “I’ve seen it before, it’s all in my head.”