Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort Chapter 1487-1488

Chapter 1487

Arriving at the hospital, Leng Qianxue hurried to Yue Yue’s ward and heard Yue Yue’s terrified screams from afar ……


Leng Qianxue ran in with her heart racing and hugged Yue Yue tightly, “San Bao don’t be afraid, Mommy is here, Mommy is here ……”


“Mummy!!!” Yue Yue was shivering in Leng Qianxue’s arms.


“San Bao, be good, it’s okay, it’s okay, with Mommy here, no one can hurt you.”


Leng Qianxue gently patted Yue Yue’s back and gently soothed her.


After a long time, Yue Yue’s emotions finally calmed down and she fell into a drowsy sleep again.


Lei Yu explained in a low voice, “Maybe because of the medication, she is still rather drowsy, she will be fine in a couple of days.”


“How are her injuries?” Leng Qianxue enquired, “I saw that her voice was still a bit hoarse just now.”


“Her throat is a little inflamed from inhaling the poisonous smoke, it’s not healed yet, she’ll be fine after recuperating for a while.” Lei Yu said, “All other problems are minor, and the concussion is mild.”


“Maybe the psychological trauma is more serious.” Leng Qianxue looked at Yue Yue worriedly.


“It’s true that she was in shock.” Lei Yu said, “I’ve arranged for a psychologist to come over, just check her out when she wakes up next time.”


“Mm.” Leng Qianxue sat on the edge of the bed, “You guys go and get busy, I’ll stay here with San Bao.”


“Yes, I’m going to check over at Night Fai, you guys contact me anytime if something comes up.”


“I ……” Leng Bing wanted to speak, but didn’t dare to.


“You can go with her, there’s nothing going on here.” Leng Qianxue knew what she had in mind.


“I’ll stay with Miss Leng.” Leng Mo said in a hurry, “Go ahead, Leng Bing.”


“You have to keep company and don’t wander off.” Leng Bing admonished her.


“Got it.”


Leng Bing followed Lei Yu and left, while Leng Mo watched over Leng Qianxue.


Leng Qianxue turned off the lights, leaving only a faint light to illuminate the room, looking at Yue Yue who was quietly sleeping on the hospital bed, she was very heartbroken and blamed herself very much ……


She gently held Yue Yue’s small hand and warmed her with her palm ……


It was 4:30am and she should have been very tired, but Leng Qianxue couldn’t sleep, she just stayed with Yue Yue and felt very solid in her heart ……


Gradually, it was dawn.


Leng Bing came back to report, “The person who was sent there called to say that the car was a purchasing car from the restaurant at the foot of the mountain, nothing suspicious.”


“Alright.” Leng Qianxue didn’t think much about it, “Pack up and get ready to go to the company.”


“It’s so early, you’re not going back to sleep for a while?” Leng Bing was very worried about her.


“No ……” Leng Qianxue frowned, “So many things piled up, my heart is not solid, I can’t sleep well, wait until I finish things, then rest well.”


“But your body ……”


“Don’t nag.” Leng Qianxue didn’t want to hear any more, “Leng Mo, you come with me to the company, Leng Bing, you guard the hospital for the next few days instead.”


“I ……”


“Yes.” Leng Mo responded in a hurry.


Leng Bing was originally a bit uneasy, but she didn’t dare to go against Leng Qianxue’s wishes.


It was just that she was heartbroken that at this point in time, Leng Qianxue was still bent on thinking of others.


Knowing that she was worried about Night Fai, she specially asked her to switch shifts with Leng Mo and let her guard the hospital.


It looked like she was setting up a task, but was actually being considerate of her.


“Miss Leng.” At this time, Lei Yu brought the psychologist over, “I’ve made all the arrangements, when Yue Yue wakes up later, they will psychologically guide her, don’t you worry, but at this time, it would be better for her to have a loved one around.”


“But I ……”


Leng Qianxue was about to say that she had to go to the office when a familiar voice came from outside, “Mommy!”


Chen Chen and Long Long ran in from outside, holding Yue Yue’s favorite Muppet toy.


“We’re here to keep San Bao company, you go and rest.” Tenzin said thoughtfully, “It’s still early, go back and get some sleep, we’ll deal with anything this afternoon.”


“Yes, mummy, don’t wear yourself out.” Longlong hugged Leng Qianxue, “Don’t get sick, we’ll worry.”

Chapter 1488

“Good.” Leng Qianxue nodded gratefully, “Dabao Erbao, I’ll leave the three treasures to you then.”


“Mm-hmm.” Chen Chen and Long Long nodded heavily, “Don’t worry, mummy, we will take good care of the three treasures.”


Leng Qianxue gave the two children a hug and hurriedly left with Leng Mo and the others.


There are a lot of things to deal with at the group today, she can’t delay for too long, in addition, the police side, she still have to go to urge a little more, it has been four days, night Zhen Ting still no news, she had that nightmare again last night, now the heart is very unrealistic ……


The company and the family are all on her shoulders.


She is as busy as a spinning wheel every day, and still has a ton of things to solve.


Even in the car, she was still busy reading documents.


Suddenly, the car braked urgently and Leng Mo cursed, “Looking for death?”


“It seems to be Miss Jin’s car.” Ai on the pa*senger side spoke up.


Leng Qianxue looked up and indeed, Jin Yunxi’s car was stopped horizontally in front of her with an aggressive stance.


“Nuts, what the hell does that woman want?”


Leng Mo’s fiery temper had not changed at all.


At this moment, the car door in front opened and Jin Yunxi got down from the car, striding over and knocking on Leng Qianxue’s car window.


Leng Qianxue lowered the car window and looked at her coldly.


“Leng Qianxue, a person who does bad things will be punished.” Jin Yunxi gritted her teeth and said, “Your heart, it’s too vicious!”


“What are you talking about?” Leng Qianxue frowned.


“Keep pretending.” Jin Yunxi looked at her with a sneer, “Soon, your true colours will be revealed, just you wait!”


Jin Yunxi glared at her fiercely and turned to leave angrily ……


“Sick in the head.” Leng Mo cursed, “No head, what the hell?”


“Don’t bother with her, go.” Leng Qianxue didn’t want to waste time here.


“Yes.” Leng Mo started the car and drove out.


As the car continued to drive towards the company, Leng Qianxue continued to look down at the documents, but there was always some uneasiness when she thought about going to Jin Yunxi’s words.


It wasn’t right, although Jin Yunxi was hostile to her, she wouldn’t be able to slander her out of thin air.


Could it be that there was another reason for those words just now?


Thinking of this, Leng Qianxue picked up her mobile phone, ready to have someone check it out, when Wen Li called ……


“Miss Leng, it’s not good, you should read the news.”


“What news?”


Leng Qianxue answered the call with her bluetooth headset while opening the text message with her tablet, sure enough, Wen Li sent a lot of news pages, she clicked on them and was shocked ……


#The most poisonous of women’s hearts, set fire to her ex-husband in a bid to seize her fortune


#The most vicious woman in the world.


#When a woman is not ruthless, her position is not secure


There are all sorts of strange news headlines, as if they all mean something.


When I clicked in, it was clear that all the content was directed at Leng Qianxue.


Some said that she deliberately set fire to Night Zhen Ting on the night before her wedding in order to seek out the property of the Night family.


Some said that she held a grudge for being removed from the mother and left behind her son by the night family, so she deliberately came back to take revenge on the night family, first luring night ZhenTing back to her old love, and then setting fire to kill him on the night before her wedding ……


There are even rumors that she conspired with her adulterous husband to set fire to Night Zhen Ting, and is now hogging the property of the Night family and becoming the new president of the Night family.


In short, there are all kinds of bizarre rumors, all of which coincide in pointing to Leng Qianxue’s murder of Night Chen Ting, her plot to take over the Night family’s property and other evil deeds ……


The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.


There were also some media that posted photos of Leng Qianxue and her adulterer, and that adulterer was none other than Chu Zimo!


When Leng Qianxue saw these news, she couldn’t help but frown, yesterday was fine, why suddenly overnight there were so many more negative public opinions, who was behind this?