Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort Chapter 137-138

Chapter 137

After Zhu’s mother left with the children, Feng Qianxue immediately ran to the classroom, lying on the floor and conducting a carpet search ……

When the classroom didn’t have any, she went to the playground, the school bus, and even the restroom to look, not sparing every corner.

After a round of searching, her clothes were soiled, like rags, full of dust and dirt.

It was getting dark and the school teachers and staff were leaving one after another.

Headmaster Liu advised, “San Bao’s mother, why don’t you go home first, we will keep looking tomorrow at work, and I have sent out an internal notice that if anyone sees that bracelet they will definitely give it to me.”

“I want to look for it again.” Feng Qianxue was rummaging through the bins, “Principal Liu, you don’t have to worry about me, I’ll leave when I find it at eight o’clock.”

“Actually we’ve already searched these places ……” Principal Liu was going to persuade her, but seeing her stubborn look, he couldn’t bear to say more, “I’ll leave first then, you can take this torch and use it. ”

“Thank you.” Feng Qianxue hurriedly took the flashlight, “Just what I need.”

Headmaster Liu turned to leave and walked to the door and met teacher Chen who was preparing to leave work and sighed in a low voice, “Alas, pity the parents ……”

“It’s not easy for a woman to bring up three children.” Teacher Chen couldn’t help but say, “The child’s father doesn’t know where he’s gone either, so irresponsible.”

“It should be a single-parent family ……” Remember the website

“Today Mu Feng’s mother kept scolding those three kids for having a mother but no father, that’s why they stole, I couldn’t even listen to her and advised her to stop, she jumped up and pointed at my nose and scolded me, she even said she was going to fire me, it was awesome!”

“This Mrs. Si is notoriously arrogant and domineering, don’t mess with her.”

“It’s obvious that Mu Feng himself gave the bracelet to Yue Yue, and now his mother wants to sue someone for stealing it, how unreasonable.”

“That can’t be helped, legally speaking, there is no gifting for children, especially for something so valuable, so they have taken advantage of the situation this time!”

“I understand, that’s why I didn’t dare to say anything. But that Mrs. Si can’t scold the child like that, she said one word about a wild bastard, Yue Yue was crying and shaking, I was so heartbroken ……”

“It’s indeed vicious and sinister, look, San Bao’s mother is here and she doesn’t dare to scold!”

“Yes, such parents are too scary, I have to pray that nothing ever happens to Mu Feng in my class, or I’m dead!”

“Not only are you dead, the whole kindergarten is dead ……”

“It’s bad luck to meet this family!”

The two teachers’ voices were low, but in this silent night, Feng Qianxue could still hear them.

Her hand holding the torch was so tight that it trembled, and her eyes flashed with fiery anger ……

She knew that the mother and daughter of the Bai family were vicious and sinister, but she didn’t expect them to be so extreme.

Taking advantage of her absence, they actually used such vicious words to hurt her child!!!


Suddenly, Zhu Ma called, Feng Qianxue took a deep breath, adjusted her emotions and answered the phone, “Zhu Ma!”

“Miss, are you still at the kindergarten?”

“Yes, I’m looking for the bracelet, what’s wrong ……”

“Yue Yue has a fever ……”

“Huh? I’ll be right back.”

Feng Qianxue called a taxi and hurried back home.

Yue Yue was lying in bed, dazed from sleep, her fleshy little face burnt as red as fire.

Zhu’s mother was wiping Yue Yue’s body with a wet towel.

Tenzin was holding an ice pack on Yue’s forehead with one hand and taking her temperature with the other.

Longlong was feeding Yue Yue water, little by little with a small spoon into her mouth, and with the other hand he was holding a handkerchief to wipe her mouth.

“San Bao, San Bao, it’s Mummy ……”

Feng Qianxue touched Yue Yue’s forehead, which was frighteningly hot.

“Mummy ……” Yue Yue murmured in a daze, “Mummy, I have a daddy right, I’m not a wild child, no ……”

Hearing these words, Feng Qianxue’s eyes burst into tears ……


Chapter 138

“It’s Simu Feng’s mother.” Long Long clenched his fist and said excitedly, “She scolded us for not having a daddy, and said we were, were ……”

Long Long gritted his teeth, unable to say the words that followed, his stubborn little face suffocated and his eyes moistened.

“Ignore her, she’s just doing it on purpose!”

Chen Chen reminded his brother in a mature manner, but his eyes were also red.

Feng Qianxue bit her lip and didn’t say a word, she knew how much these words hurt the children ……

Once upon a time, she put up with how they dealt with her and bullied her, but this time, she must not put up with it ……

“Bad people will get what’s coming to them.” Zhu’s mother was very angry.

“How many degrees is it?” Feng Qianxue changed the subject.

“38.5!” Chen Chen looked at his temperature and frowned a little, “Mommy, we need to give San Bao fever-reducing medicine.”

“I’ll go get the medicine.” Longlong ran to the living room with his short legs to get the medicine box.

Mama Zhu found the fever-reducing medicine and fed it to Yue Yue to drink.

Yue Yue kept coughing and choked a lot of medicine out, and only drank a little.

Yue was weaker than her two brothers from birth, so Feng Qianxue always took special care of her.

After conditioning, Yue Yue’s body had gotten much better in the past six months. Today, it was estimated that she had cried too much and her tonsils had become inflamed, causing the fever.

It was already 8.20am when she gave Yue Yue her medicine.

While changing her clothes, Feng Qianxue said to Zhu Ma, “Zhu Ma, I have to go to work, I’ll have to work hard for you tonight, feed San Bao more water and wipe her body with more wet towels, when I get off work, if her temperature hasn’t dropped, we’ll take her to the hospital.”

“Miss, it’s so late, where are you going to work?” Zhu Ma was relieved.

“I’ve got a part-time job, and I’ll be late from 8:30 to 10:30.”

Feng Qianxue put on her clothes in three or two clicks and left in a hurry with her bag.

“Mommy wait a minute.” Chen Chen came out after her and handed her a bag of things, “You haven’t eaten dinner, take this pineapple bag with you.”

“And this.” Dragon ran out with a box of yoghurt, “Don’t worry Mummy, we’ll take care of San Bao.”

“Mmm.” Feng Qianxue’s eyes moistened, “Thank you, Big Boy and Second Boy, Mommy will go now, be good!”

“Got it, Mummy!”

Feng Qianxue took a taxi to the DTT bar, nibbling on bread and drinking yogurt in the car, thinking about her three children, she couldn’t help but have red eyes ……

She could suffer any hardship, any sin, but she could not let her children suffer.

The Bai family mother and daughter are scoundrels, rich and idle, and she simply doesn’t have the energy to get around them.

Perhaps, she should consider changing the children’s kindergarten ……

But changing kindergartens would cost money, so her goal now is to work hard to earn money.

At eight thirty, Feng Qianxue was still on her way when an unfamiliar number called, she guessed it was DTT’s phone and answered hurriedly, “Hello!”

“Feng Qianxue, what’s wrong with you? Not coming today?”

It was the voice of the bar owner, Brother Tung.

“Sorry, I had an incident at home, I came out late, now I’m on the road, it might take another ten minutes ……”

“That’s fine, I’ll let the other singers cover first, you can start again at 9:30!”

“Okay, thank you Brother Dong.”

Hanging up the phone, Feng Qianxue let out a sigh of relief, fortunately this boss was nice, if he was like the night devil, I’m afraid he would have fired her long ago.

At ten past nine, Feng Qianxue hurriedly arrived at DTT, there was a male singer on stage singing a rock song, singing it professionally, but it still caused a lot of discontent among the guests –

“We want to hear that pretty girl sing last night!”

“That’s right, we’ve come especially to support her, where is she?”

Feng Qianxue slipped in through the backstage and headed straight for the dressing room.

In the corner, Dong waved his hand anxiously, signalling for her to dress up quickly and go on stage.

Feng Qianxue nodded her head repeatedly, but at the same time, she noticed that the boy who looked like a “debt repayment duck” was sitting next to Dong.

He was sitting on a leather chair in an arrogant position, shaking his glass and looking at her with a smile, his gaze as ambiguous as fire.