Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort Chapter 115-116

Chapter 115

Shen Yun stood up and took out his phone to call, “Hey, it’s all arranged, come in.”

“Waste, it’s that abandoned box.”

“Less nagging, hurry up!”



The “debt repaying duck” did not find Feng Qianxue in the compartment bathroom, and went to the next two compartments to look for her, but still could not find her.

He called Feng Qianxue, but was unable to get through.

He immediately turned off the volume in the compartment and asked his colleagues, “Have you seen Feng Qianxue?”

“No……” colleagues shook their heads, “Did they go to the washroom?”

“No, I searched.” The debt repayment duck frowned, “What was the name of the female colleague who helped Feng Qianxue go to the washroom just now?”

“I don’t know ah ……,” the colleagues were confused.

“It’s Shen Yun.” At this time, Ah Lu came out from the washroom, “I saw her helping Qianxue out, what’s wrong? Aren’t they back yet?”

“Call her right away.” The debt repayment duck urged, “Hurry up!”

“Oh.” Ah Lu immediately called Shen Yun, still on speakerphone, but the phone kept ringing off the hook.

“Is the signal here bad?” The other colleagues didn’t care, “Shen Yun has always been very considerate, he’ll probably be back with Qianxue in a while.”

“Yes, yes, it should be that Qianxue has drunk too much, Shen Yun took her out for some fresh air and will be back in a while, don’t be nervous boyfriend.”

“Who is this Shen Yun?” The debt repayment duck is still unsure, “Is she new? How is her relationship with Feng Qianxue?”

“Shen Yun has been in the company for two years, she is considered an old employee in the administration department, and she is the only one among our group who has the best relationship with Qianxue.”

Hearing his colleagues say this, the debt repayment duck’s face looked slightly better, thinking that it must be nothing, and he was about to sit down and continue drinking with everyone.

At that moment, his mobile phone rang, it was a call from Night Zhen Ting, he immediately walked out to answer it, “Hello!”

“You took her to the night?”

“My colleagues are up in arms, she asked me to treat her.”

“Nonsense.” Night Zhen Ting barked coldly, “Get out now.”

“Huh? You’re here so soon?” The debt repayment duck was a little lost, “Let someone take over and also finish a scene ……”

“Do you want to die ……”

“Fine, fine, I’ll go and find your woman first, call me when you get here later.”

“What???? Where is she??”

“Drank too much, was helped out by a female colleague to rest, now neither of them can get through on the phone ……”

“Broken Sky, if anything happens to her, you’re dead!!!”


In the dimly lit abandoned box, three lewd punks in floral shirts cursed as they walked in.

“This fucking place is so fucking hard to find with all the twists and turns.”

“Yeah, I didn’t know there was such an abandoned box in the night!”

“Cut the crap and get over here.” Shen Yun urged.

“So little money to find someone to do a job, and still fucking gibbering ……”

The men were stunned before they could finish their words, all dumbfounded at the sight of the woman on the sofa.

“So this is our big meal tonight? Nice goods!!!”

On the sofa, Feng Qianxue, who had been stripped of her outer clothes, twisted her sexy and seductive body, her stunning face even more captivating in the dim light.

The three men were drooling with excitement –

“This body, this look, it’s much better than those princesses out there.”

“I thought we were being told to screw the big mama, that’s why I was reluctant.”

“You should have said so. If we had known it was such a sexy thing, we would have come over and waited.”

The three men said as they pulled down their trousers.

“It’s quiet here, no one will be disturbed and no one will know!”

Shen Yun threw them a wad of cash and laughed grimly and coldly ……

“You guys take your time, have fun and make sure you serve this beauty well!”


Chapter 116

“Don’t worry, you don’t need to hand it over, the brothers will also serve this stunning beauty well, hahaha ……”

The three men drooled and went around, seeing Feng Qianxue on the sofa, they couldn’t help but be blown away.

Shen Yun walked out of the box and turned back to close the box room door, his eyes staring at Feng Qianxue with a ghostly coldness, the corners of his lips curled up in a grim and cold smile ……

“Feng Qianxue, don’t be afraid, I’m going to go find your boyfriend, let him come and see you slutty, maybe, he will love you more oh! Hahahaha ……”


“Beauty, brother is here!” A flat head extended his salty hand to Feng Qianxue.

“Wait a minute.” Another bald man opened his hand and took out his mobile phone, “Wouldn’t it be a shame to play with such a sexy beauty once? We should film this beautiful process, so that she will be available to us in the future.”

“Brother, you’re so smart.”

The other two men praised.

The bald man put his phone aside and turned on the video shooting mode, then took out three more masks and distributed them to his brothers, “Put on the masks, even if the video gets out later, no one will know we did it.”

“Brother, you’re so thoughtful!” Remember the website

“Cut the crap, you two get out of the way, I’ll do it first!”

“This …… is fine, hurry up!”

“Laozi is very durable!” The bald man lewdly approached Feng Qianxue, “Beauty, I’m coming!”


Shen Yun headed for the original box, but halfway there, he suddenly ran into Night Zhen Ting!

The brilliant lights couldn’t hide the hellish aura on his body, and those ink-black eyes carried a beast-like killing aura as he approached step by step: “Where is Feng Qianxue?”

“Mr. Night ……” Shen Yun raised a stiff smile and forced himself to calm down, but his voice was shaking, “Qianxue, she, she drank too much, I wanted to bring her out for some fresh air, but, when I was getting her water, she disappeared in a flash …… ah ……”

Before Shen Yun could finish her words, she was grabbed by Night Zhen Ting’s throat in a death grip.

That hand, like the claws and teeth of a beast, instantly suffocated Shen Yun.

Shen Yun’s wide-open eyes were filled with horror ……

The man in front of her was not a human being, but the god of death who ruled over her fate, if he exerted one more push, her life would be terminated!

“She, in, where, in?”

Night Zhen Ting growled low through clenched teeth, his voice like a beast pressing for prey in its claws.

“Ah ……,” Shen Yun’s trembling hand pointed to the place where the closed box was.

Night Hui immediately rushed over with his bodyguards ……

Instead of letting Shen Yun go, Night Zhen Ting grabbed her by the hair and dragged her towards the abandoned box.


On the road, several guests were all terrified at the sight of this scene, screaming in terror and avoiding it.

“Please, let me go, I don’t know anything-”

Shen Yun stomped her legs in panic and kept begging for mercy.



A terrified scream came from the compartment, and before the man could get his hands on him, he was kicked away by Night Fai.

The fat body hit the wall and fell to the floor with a loud “thud” and then there was no more movement.

The other two men tried to escape, but were immediately stomped on by the bodyguard and thrown to the ground.

Night Timbers walked in and threw Shen Yun in front of them.

The two men immediately pointed at her and said, “It’s her, she’s the one who paid us to do this ……”

“No, I didn’t ……” Shen Yun shook her head in horror.

Night Zhen Ting ignored them, but took off his jacket and covered Feng Qian Xue, carried her away, and ordered without looking back, “Serve her how she ordered you!”

The two men froze for a moment and hurriedly nodded, “Yes yes yes, as ordered!”

“No, don’t, don’t ……”

Shen Yun’s terrified screams came from the compartment, but no one paid any attention ……

“You can’t live with your own sins!”

Night Fai left these words and left with his entourage.