Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort 1489-1490

Chapter 1489

“These news are so outrageous.” Xiao Ai also saw the news with her phone and was furious, “It’s clearly our Miss Leng who went out of her way to preside over the big picture for the Night Family, but she’s actually being talked about like this?”

“Someone must be up to no good.” Leng Mo came over to take a glance and said in exasperation, “Could it be which Jin Yunxi?”

“It could very well be her.” Ai said angrily, “Who else could it be but her?”

“It shouldn’t be her.” Leng Qianxue still kept her sanity, “If it was her, she wouldn’t have made a special trip to scold me.”

Although Leng Qianxue didn’t like Jin Yunxi, she always felt that that woman’s feelings for Night Zhen Ting were true, Jin Yunxi was more concerned about Night Zhen Ting’s safety, there was no need to make some false news to confuse the public at this time ……

The actual fact is, if it’s not her, then who is it?

After the accident of Night Zhen Ting, there are some consortia eyeing on Night’s, could it be them?

As she was thinking, Leng Qianxue’s mobile phone rang again, this time it was Jiang Dong calling, she immediately answered: “Jiang Dong.”

“Chien Xue, Night’s stock is plummeting.” Jiang Dong said bluntly, “I’m afraid you need to hold a press conference to clarify this, otherwise the stock will continue to fall and we will lose a lot.”

“I’ll come to the company right away and we’ll discuss it face to face.” Leng Qianxue said decisively.


Hanging up the phone, Leng Qianxue checked the situation of Night’s stock, it was indeed plummeting, the current internet opinion was very scary, once the news was spread all over the place, it would really have a big impact.

And these negative news just in the morning all at once ferment, almost all well-known media together, all kinds of gimmicks are very striking, and spread very fast, clearly have come prepared.

In fact, the general media would not dare to offend the Night’s, this time, so many media together to mess with them, I am afraid that there is a person with huge power behind the scenes ……

The first thing you need to do is to get a call from the police.

“Qianxue, this matter must be taken seriously, hurry up and find out who is behind this, and it must be dealt with as soon as possible, otherwise with my experience, there will be even more outrageous rumors coming out.”

“I know, Uncle Sen, I’ll deal with it right away.”

“It was hard to stabilise the board yesterday, and today something happened, someone must be behind it, think about it, is there any suspect subject?”

“Can’t really think of one at the moment, I’ll check ……”

“Mmmmmm, hurry up and deal with it, my phone is bursting at the seams, the board side keeps looking for me, I’ll go deal with it first.”


After hanging up the phone, Chu Zimo called again, Leng Qianxue frowned and answered the phone in annoyance, “Zimo!”

“Qianxue, what’s going on? How did I become your …… adulterous husband?”

“I don’t know, I’m looking into it.” Leng Qianxue was very helpless, “What we can be sure of now is that those people must have come for me, you are innocently implicated.”

“No, no, no, that’s not what I meant, it doesn’t matter if I’m implicated, I’m all alone anyway, it won’t affect me much, the point is, this matter will cause you a lot of harm, you have to be careful.”

“I know, I’ll take care of it, I’m sorry, Zimo.”

“It’s okay, if there’s anything I can do to help, you can always call me.”

“Mm, got it.”

Hanging up the phone, Leng Qianxue covered her forehead with a hurt head, at this moment, the car had already driven under the group’s building, a group of reporters swarmed around their car.

“These people are so annoying!”

Leng Mo’s face sank and he was about to go deal with it.

The security manager immediately brought someone to settle the matter and asked all those reporters to leave.

Leng Mo immediately drove to the underground car park.

Leng Qianxue looked at the time, it was just nine o’clock and these reporters were already blocking the place, it seems that they really came prepared ……

Chapter 1490

When they arrived at the office on the 68th floor, Jiang Dong, Wen Li, and the senior management of Shengtian were already waiting here.


After discussing with Jiang, Leng Qianxue decided to hold a press conference tomorrow afternoon and let Wen Li announce the news.


However, Jiang Dong was still worried: “I look at this situation, those media probably have been bought and paid for, now hold a press conference, in case they don’t listen to the explanation and just crusade against you, then what can we do?”


“Call a team of lawyers to attend the press conference together.” Leng Qianxue decisively ordered, “Let’s talk about the facts and lay out the evidence, record the list of all the media, and in the event of slander, directly send a lawyer’s letter to sue.”


“That’s a good idea.” Jiang Dong nodded, “I have already sent someone to investigate, hopefully we can find out who is behind this.”


“Those who dare to target our Night’s with such fanfare are probably not small in origin.” Leng Qianxue frowned tightly.


“Who exactly is it?” Jiang Dong really couldn’t figure out how to think about it, “At this time, I really can’t think of who would target us like this.”


“Don’t think about it so much for now, go prepare for the press conference.” Leng Qianxue was relatively calm, “Things always have to be resolved one step at a time.”


“Mm, good.”


Jiang Dong left.


Leng Qianxue was ready to deal with the documents when Wen Li came to report again, “Miss Leng, there are new rumours coming out.”


“What does it say again?” Leng Qianxue was still flipping through the documents.


“This time it involves Mr. L. Some people say that he is behind the manipulation to make you come back to take revenge, plot against Mr. Night and seek the family fortune of the Night ……,” Wen Li said softly.


Leng Qianxue paused in her movements, reached out to take Wen Li’s tablet and flipped through the news, she was so angry that her face turned blue ……


And these internet opinions, saying that the brother’s poor management led to the collapse of Leng’s, the Leng family fell, and now wants to rise again but does not have the capital, so instructs his sister to come and hit the night’s idea ……


The company also cited some examples and evidence of the Leng family’s previous attacks on the Night family, speaking as if it were true.


Seeing this, Leng Qianxue’s heart burned with anger ……


The people who slandered her were not enough, but now they are actually slandering her brother.


My brother has been a loner all his life and has never cared for other people’s things, not to mention seeking them, even if they were given to him since, he might not want them!!!


“This news is very hot, and many netizens have believed it.” Wen Li said cautiously, “Up to now there are still many media to contact our PR department and ask about the situation.”


Leng Qianxue was annoyed in her heart, but was still keeping her sanity, she put down her computer and said calmly, “Tomorrow’s press conference, deal with it all together.”


“But ……” Wen Li looked at her apprehensively, “There are new rumors coming out non-stop now, I’m afraid that by tomorrow, Night’s stock will be ……”


“What are the rumors again?” Leng Qianxue was very annoyed.


“Just a minute ago, there was also a rumor that ……”


Wen Li was halfway through her words and didn’t dare to say anything.


“What did it say?” Leng Qianxue pursued.


“You, you can see for yourself.” Wen Li opened another link on her tablet.


Leng Qianxue picked it up and took a look, so angry that she shot up, “f*ck!!!”


That news actually said that Chen Chen Long Long Yue Yue was not Night Zhen Ting’s child, but Leng Di Feng’s child ……


The news had pictures of the three children, claiming that the children looked exactly like Leng Di Feng, but not at all like Night Zhen Ting.


The news didn’t make clear the relationship between Leng Di Feng and Leng Qian Xue, but it left the suspense and made people think even more ……


In short, this news, the last trump card of Leng Qianxue was denied.


If Leng Qianxue can’t produce conclusive evidence, I’m afraid it can’t be explained.


However, now that Night Zhen Ting is dead, the Night family has no one to succeed him, even if we want to verify the DNA, there is no place to do so ……