Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4340

Lin Mo did not resist, and still let the two men tie him up.

He had a premonition.

The fact that the surveillance in the ninth district had suddenly become so harsh was probably related to this underground laboratory.

Right now it was just the right time to see what their Five Poison Sect was up to.

Just like that, after Lin Mo was tied up.

The two strong men directly lifted him up and walked towards the building right in the centre.

Lin Mo also got a good look at the entire layout of the test is along the way.

And through the transparent gla*s of part of the building, he saw an outrageous scene.

These beasts were actually experimenting on living people!

Piece by piece, the room was filled with neatly arranged gla*s tanks of water.

Beyond the tanks were connected dense catheters.

All manner of unidentified liquids are fed in a steady stream with the catheters.

Inside the tank, naked, living people are held.

In other laboratories, Lin Mo also saw people frantically begging for mercy, while others were trying to escape.

But without exception, they were all taken back.

What was most enraging to Lin Mo was that some of them had actually dismembered those experimenters directly from the wine cup.

Just at this moment, the strong man also seemed to have noticed Lin Mo’s gaze.

Then he sneered and said.

“No need to look, it’ll be your turn later!”

“Of course you don’t have to be afraid, if you’re lucky you might be able to carry the first test.”

“But this second round is hard to say.”

With that the two laughed outright, their words full of playfulness.

After Lin Mo withdrew his gaze, his expression also turned more and more indifferent.

“You two wait, sooner or later you will also experience their pain!”

Hearing these words, the strong man snorted with laughter.

“Good, then we’ll both have to wait.”

“Oh, it’s come to this and you’re still f*cking tough talking!”

“If I wasn’t afraid that Professor Qin would get angry, I’d beat you up so badly that you wouldn’t even know your own mother.”

After the duo finished taunting, the pace of their feet quickened a few points.

Lin Mo was also too lazy to argue with them verbally.

There were no words along the way.

After arriving at his destination, the strong man threw Lin Mo directly in front of the laboratory door.

Within moments of ringing the doorbell, a man dressed in a white lab coat with a mask and goggles came out.

After seeing that there was only one person, his eyes slowly narrowed.

“Why is it just this one person?”

The burly duo’s legs couldn’t help but go weak at the sound.

Crying and panicking, they explained.

“Professor Qin, my brother and I can’t help it!”

“The problem is that that’s all Master Dou brought!”

Professor Qin’s brow furrowed as he pondered for a moment before.

His gaze skimmed.

With just one glance, the burly duo’s sweat hairs all over their bodies directly exploded.

Immediately, they fell to their knees.

“Professor Qin, we two brothers are thick-skinned and thick-skinned, we are not suitable at all.”

“You are magnanimous, spare us two brothers!”

With that, the two began to kneel down and frantically beg for mercy.

The crosser surnamed Qin showed his disdain.

“Hmph, a man so tall, but so little guts!”

“Hurry up and get up, don’t make a fool of yourself.”

“With your pig and dog-like system, you couldn’t possibly do anything to you even if you begged me.”

With that he gave the two strong men a kick each.

“Hurry up and carry him into the laboratory!”

After the two brothers took a long breath of relief, they naturally did not dare to slow down.

They carried Lin Mo in without a second thought, and then secured him to the operating table.

“Professor Qin, if there’s nothing else, the two of us will leave first.”

“Get lost!”

As soon as the words left their mouths, the two of them ran faster than rabbits.

In a flash of smoke, they disappeared straight out of sight.

In situ, Lin Mo also began to observe the situation around him.

The smell of formalin permeated the air.

As for the gla*s container, it was filled with various organs from the riding monster.

It was clear that there were not a few experimental subjects who had died here.