Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4336

The top floor of the hotel.

The middle-aged patriarchal man came to the window.

After he closed his eyes, he began to perceive the movements around him with full concentration.

Only after a while, he did not find anything unusual.

At this moment, his companion also smiled and said.

“Well, I told you it was you who was too nervous!”

“With the strength of our Five Poison Sect’s line-up today, even he, Ji Dutuo and the others, would let him have no return.”

“All right, take a rest for a while! It’s better for me to watch ah, it’s time for you to take a rest.”

The middle-aged patriarch cautiously confirmed the side again and again they still did not find anything.

At this moment, he also felt that his companion had a point.

Perhaps he had been too nervous and tired and had had an illusion.

“All right, then, you’ll have a hard time!”

The middle-aged man rubbed his brow before lying down directly on the single bed to one side.

Not long afterwards the room resounded with snoring sounds.


Above the street Lin Mo was walking seemingly normally.

In reality, at this moment, he was also carrying a burst of backward fear.

Who would have thought that even though this place was just on the edge of the main city, there would be two sect masters watching again.

Just now, just as he let out his divine sense of perception, he had discovered the presence of those two.

Of course he had also alerted the other side as well.

Luckily, Lin Mo reacted quickly enough and withdrew his senses in time.

And in the first instance, he suppressed his own aura to the extreme.

Otherwise, he would definitely have been discovered by the Five Poison Sect’s Patriarch.

And just as he had walked the distance of less than twenty metres past you, he sensed that the other party’s gaze had swept over him several times.

Fortunately, after a few sweeps, the other cleric gave up his inspection.

That was close!

After Lin Mo secretly exclaimed, he still maintained his normal pace, looking no different from a normal person.

It was just that after this encounter, he did not dare to use his divine sense in a reckless manner.

He could only look for opportunities as he walked.

Of course the stricter the surveillance of their Five Poison Sect is the more it means they are planning something big.

With this in mind, Lin Mo’s gaze suddenly landed on a side alleyway.

This place was located between several buildings.

The light was dim.

It is a rare blind spot for surveillance.

But just as he was about to enter the alleyway quietly, there was a sudden shout from behind him.


Hearing this name, Lin Mo’s body couldn’t help but stiffen.

It was going to be a disaster!

The original owner of the identity he had seized at the moment was called Rod.

Although Lin Mo had used the disguise technique to disguise himself similarly to Rod.

However, if he met someone he knew, he might be exposed.

For a time, Lin Mo was directly caught in a dilemma.

The man’s shout just now had already attracted the attention of the surrounding pa*sers-by who were already inspecting the area.

This incidentally also exposed Lin Mo to the public’s attention.

He was not given the chance to silence him.

However, if the other party was an acquaintance, Lin Mo would most likely be directly exposed.

And once his own identity was exposed, although he would be able to escape this place directly.

But after this, the Five Poison Sect’s control will be even tighter.

At that time, it will be difficult to use this method to get in.

Thinking of this, Lin Mo took a deep breath.

Right now, he could only take a chance.

Just as he was about to turn around and respond, a palm slapped him heavily on the shoulder.

“b*****d, are you deaf!”

“I can’t believe I can’t hear you even after calling you so many times!”

Lin Mo’s brain raced, thinking of excuses to deal with the situation at the same time.

His palm had already touched his chest.

Once the other party recognized his disguise, he would directly kill this guy.

With this thought in mind, Lin Mo lowered his voice and explained.

“Sorry, just now I was thinking about something and got lost in thought ……”

Without waiting for him to finish, the visitor waved his hand impatiently on one side, while his eyebrows knitted together in silence.

Found out?

Lin Mo’s heart was astonished ……