Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4333

After Clegg was truly ruined by Lin Mo, he looked a bit of a wreck though.

But in fact, he did not suffer heavy injuries at all.

And when he got up from the ground, he suddenly burst out laughing as if he had gone mad.


A hoarse, scratchy laugh that made me feel extraordinarily uncomfortable to hear.

“Lin Mo I originally thought you were very clever!”

“I didn’t think you were a dumb a*s!”

“You knew I was covered in poison and you still dared to contact me!”

Taking the lower plague seed, coupled with those perverted experiments of the Five Poison Sect.

Not only did it make him Clegg break through to Zong Shi.

It also allowed him to gain extremely special abilities.

A body of intense poison and an extraordinarily tenacious life force.

Whenever he comes into physical contact with him, the virus plus a mixture of poisons instantly invades his opponent’s body.

Even a master of the clan will not escape death.

Normally, Clegg controls himself and is in no danger.

Now he unleashes it at full power.

It has become a source of terrifying poison.

Only a mere casual mouthful of blood and spittle was seen from him.

The human-headed laughing rock on one side was then directly solvent clean.

The ground beneath the rock was dissolved into a crater half a metre deep.

And he was only here for a moment.

Within a hundred-metre radius, the originally green and lush trees, with their green and emerald leaves, had now begun to turn yellow.

Black spots were even clearly visible on the surface.

With such a terrifying corrosive power, even if he was weak.

An ordinary Sovereign High Book would not dare to entangle with it.

Clegg seemed to have foreseen the image of Lin Mo’s miserable death, and could not help but start screaming with abandon.

“I originally wanted to pull you up, but surprisingly you don’t deserve it then go to hell!”

“Hahahaha …… hahaha ……… haha ……”

Only as he laughed, he realized something was wrong.

After all this time, a normal person would have been in pain from his intense poison.

But the Lin Mo in front of him acted as if nothing was wrong, just looking at him quietly.

And that look was full of disdain.

“It does seem like it’s very powerful!”

Lin Mo lifted his arm.

At this moment, the palm of his hand that had come into contact with Clegg was already glowing with a black and green interwoven poisonous gas.

Bizarrely, these rocky steel plates were able to corrode the poisonous gas, and in Lin Mo’s hands it was as if they had become toys.

It couldn’t hurt his companion at all.

When Clegg saw this scene, he felt incredulous.

“This can’t be?”

He roared out in anger as the poisonous aura around him erupted again.

And this time, the poisonous qi became even more dense and darker in colour.

“Lin Mo, you die!”

With a roar, directly Clegg threw out a fist-sized ball of poisonous gas.

Lin Mo did not dare to be careless when he saw this.

Immediately, he dodged out of the way with a dodge.

What he didn’t expect was that the poisonous gas bomb spread out instantly after hitting the ground.

Caught off guard, he dodged, but the corner of his coat was covered by the green gas from the explosion.

In just the blink of an eye.

Lin Mo’s clothes were like petrol that had been lit on fire, eroding away in a flash.

The residual green gas seemed to be unfulfilled and began to spread towards his skin.

Lin Mo didn’t dare to be sloppy and hurriedly used his spiritual power to shake the small nail-cap sized ma*s of green gas away.

But even so, Lin Mo still felt a tingling pain on his arm.

When he looked down, he saw that the green qi had eroded a red swelling on his body through the air.

What amazed Lin Mo the most was that the moment the green qi was vibrated away but came into contact with the aura.

Lin Mo was certain that the size of the green Qi had risen by a small amount.

This meant that this object could still devour the aura, thus helping to grow itself.

This would be terrifying!

Thinking about this, Lin Mo’s heart couldn’t help but feel heavy ……