Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4332

He is not afraid that Lin Mo will ask, but he is afraid that Lin Mo will say nothing without asking anything.

After listening to this An Qingshan’s information, Lin Mo suddenly narrowed his eyes.

“Where is he?”

Lin Mo asked with a chilling look in his eyes.

Naturally, Clegg knew that Lin Mo was motivated to kill.

“Although I don’t want to splash you with cold water!”

“But if you want to avenge your disciple, I advise you to give up.”

“This An Qingshan was previously besieged by Ji Dutuo and the others, and afterwards he was targeted by the White Hair of the Seven Deadly Sins.”

“This old fox is already hiding in just going to the Five Poisons Sect headquarters and not coming out.”

“If you want to kill him, it’s simply impossible!”

He knew that Lin Mo was strong.

But even more so, he knew the terror of the Great Elder of the Five Poison Sect ……

As the base camp of the Five Poisons Sect.

District 9 has now imposed full supervision

Together with the ten or so Zong Shi masters who permanently reside at the headquarters.

Lin Mo could not even think of seeing this An Qingshan, let alone taking revenge.

“But well!”

Clegg suddenly turned his words around.

“As long as you promise to work with me!”

“I can help you lure this old fox out!”

“Wait ……”

Just as he was halfway through his sentence, Lin Mo turned his head and left the place straight away.

At this moment, Clegg couldn’t help but be furious.

Originally, he had thought that Lin Mo had asked him so much because he had the intention to cooperate.

Unexpectedly, it turned out that this kid was completely whoring out the information from his mouth.

Clegg, who felt he had been tricked, could no longer suppress the anger that filled his heart.

“Lin Mo, it’s because I think of you that I want to work with you!”

“Don’t give up your face!”

Lin Mo stopped in his tracks and turned around.

“You should be glad that the Five Poisons Sect gave you this this body.”

“Otherwise you would have been a dead soul under my sword by now.”

If it wasn’t for more information.

He wouldn’t have bothered to talk more nonsense to this Clegg.

This kind of self-righteous person floated to the sky after having a little power.

At this moment, he had already torn his cheek, and Clegg was no longer polite as before.

“Just because I’m a mud twister!”

With that, he darted towards Lin Mo.

Only just before he got close.

Lin Mo’s feet tapped, and with a few strides he darted directly towards the outskirts.

“A woman’s kindness can never lead to great things!”

Clegg could see that Lin Mo did not want the ordinary people around him to be affected, which was why he wanted to shift the battlefield.

Only this approach did make Clegg despise it.

Two figures darted past.

In no time at all they had arrived in a suburb off the beaten track.

“If you want to get beaten up, you can go ahead and do it!”

Lin Mo said unhurriedly as he replaced his hands in front of his chest.

Clegg snorted a laugh.

“Lin Mo, do you think I’m still the same half-step Sovereign who was at the mercy of others?”

“Today I’ll let you see the terror of my Clegg!”

The reason he had been going to such lengths to curry favour before was because Lin Mo shared the same common enemy as him.

In this way Clegg intended to bring Lin Mo into his own revenge plan.

Unexpectedly, after he had revealed everything he knew.

Lin Mo even ignored himself.

This result made him feel like a clown.

His already twisted psyche had now gone completely mad.

With a single step, he came directly in front of Lin Mo.

His huge fist instantly glowed with an eerie green light.

Only when he struggled to swing his fist, it was effortlessly received by Lin Mo.

“That’s it?”

Lin Mo shook his head disdainfully.

“I’m afraid this Patriarch of yours isn’t a fake!”

“With your strength in this matter you still want to drink and kill Ji Dutuo and destroy the Five Poisons Sect.”

“Dream your big dreams!”

After saying that, Lin Mo’s arm shook.

The White Clan’s scattered hands were dark and fast, directly shaking Cleggjin away from him by dozens of meters.

It was not that Lin Mo deliberately belittled this Clegg.

Rather, this was indeed the reality.

Just after the fight, Lin Mo had tested Clegg’s strength, but it was only a little stronger than a half-step Grandmaster.

Not even a ghostly old man could compare.