Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4331

After Lin Mo saw the black meat ball, his entire body was directly frozen in place.

His eyes also gradually began to turn cloudy.

The voice in his head also began to become clearer and clearer.


“Eat this and you will become stronger!”

“By then, Ji Dutuo and the Five Poison Sect will all be nothing more than ants before you.”

Not only that.

Lin Mo only felt that every cell in his body went crazy.

It was as if the only way to calm down was to eat this black meat ball.

Just as Lin Mo raised his hand and was about to step forward, the Tai Ah around his waist suddenly shook.

In an instant, Lin Mo’s eyes, which had been cloudy, suddenly became clear.

The voice in his head also disappeared.

As for the crazy feeling of greed in various parts of his body, it was also completely suppressed by reason.

After returning to his senses, he could not help but feel a pang of fear.

He did not expect that this insignificant, even somewhat disgusting ball of flesh in front of him would be able to confuse one’s mind.

Most of all this object, surprisingly, could only induce a sense of greed in the body.

When Clegg at the side saw that Lin Mo had surprisingly recovered his senses so quickly, his heart could not help but feel a little more sour.

He had to know that when he first faced this mature plague seed, he did not have the slightest resistance.

He swallowed it straight away.

“Mr. Lin, this is the plague seed!”

“But I don’t know exactly what it is.”

“It’s just that when I first ate this thing, my strength instantly skyrocketed.”

“Coupled with that endless experimental torture of the Five Poison Sect, this allowed me to break through to Zong Shi.”

Lin Mo coldly skimmed over it before withdrawing his gaze.

This ball of flesh was sprinkled with weirdness up and down.

And it was heavy with a fierce aura.

The most bizarre thing is that the ball of flesh has the ability to confuse the mind.

Combining Clegg’s words with his actual experience, a guess suddenly came to Lin Mo’s mind.

“This object, is it abundant in the Five Poison Sect?”

Clegg shook his head after thinking back for a while.

“Not very often!”

“Especially not in the hands of several of their administrators or patriarchs, who have seen this object at all.”

“Rather, I have seen it from the hands of some ordinary personnel.”

“And this thing is like a crop, it takes time to mature.”

Lin Mo listened while his brain raced.


Strength becomes stronger.

Only available in the hands of ordinary members of the Five Poisons Cult.

Breakthrough to the Patriarchate!

All sorts of clues were strung together, and Lin Mo’s mind already had a vague guess.

Only that he still needed to verify it before he could know.

After Clegg had explained all this, he asked again.

“Mr. Lin, how are you thinking about it!”

“As long as we cooperate, killing Ji Dutuo and exterminating the Five Poison Sect is not a difficult task!”

Lin Mo smashed his mouth.

“Why should I cooperate with you?”

This was originally just his disdainful mockery.

But Clegg returned with a serious face.

“Because we have a common enemy!”

“I’ve been in touch with Ki Doktor, and he wouldn’t dare kill you outright though.”

“But all along, he has been setting you up, wanting to use the hands of others to bring you to your death!”

After Clegg had shaken Ji Dutuo’s past to the core, his words turned to the Five Poisons Sect.

“As for the Five Poison Sect!”

“They are the ones who provided the infectious poison.”

“And have hunted down and killed your disciples ……”

“Wait a minute!” Lin Mo suddenly intended his words.

“You know the person who chased and killed my disciple?”

Clegg froze for a moment before immediately nodding his head frantically.

“An Qingshan!”

“This man is one of the elders of our Five Poison Sect.”

“Although his strength is not amazing, he is extremely cautious and cunning!”

“Especially that ability to escape is a masterpiece.”

“I heard that he fought with Ji Duto before.”

“In the presence of four Patriarchs of the Seven Deadly Sins, all of them were brought back from the dead by him ……”