Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4330

Lin Mo had already anticipated the fact that the Five Poison Sect had sent people against him.

Only what he had not expected was that the person who came was Clegg.

What he hadn’t expected was that the originally unbeatable Clegg had turned into this inhuman and inhuman appearance.

Lin Mo saw that there was no way to deal with Clegg, who was covered in virus and poison gas, and was about to leave.

But he was stopped in his tracks by Clegg’s words.

Kill Ji Dutuo and destroy the Five Poison Sect.

If the two were split up, Lin Mo could understand.

But combining the two together, Lin Mo couldn’t help but be curious.

Clegg also seemed to have read Lin Mo’s mind, and without waiting for him to ask, he told him the story.

“From the very beginning, it was Ji Dutuo who encouraged me and forced me to start a war between the Laurens family and your Second District.”

Lin Mo interrupted him directly.

“Don’t be too busy shaking off the pot just yet!”

“Your Clegg family didn’t have good intentions in the first place!”

When Lin Mo first came to District 3, he didn’t know how many of their Clegg family’s spies were lurking around.

The purpose was nothing more than to feel out the bottom of District Three, while intensifying the conflicts between the various forces.

The intention was to pave the way for the Lawrence family to quietly take over District Three.

Kraig was not embarra*sed when his mind was revealed.

Even if there had been, his twisted face would not have shown it.

“Well, that’s something I don’t deny.”

“But that Ji Duto’s catalytic role in it cannot be denied just the same.”

“At first he promised me personally that he would support our Lawrence family to become the overlord of Death Island in the future.”

“And then, he was the one who eventually abandoned me!”

When Lin Mo heard this, he had already lazily poked at this b*****d’s mouth full of lies.

Even if Ji Dutuo had made such a promise, it was still directed at the Lawrence family.

You, Clegg, are nothing!

And if Clegg hadn’t been a demon himself, opening that Pandora Grind and unleashing that horrible contagion.

How could Ji Dutuo have acquiesced to Cousins’ usurpation.

A thousand times over, it was Clegg’s own fault.

There was a preference for dumping.

“And what do you have against the Poison-Free Cult!”

Lin Mo interjected curiously and asked.

At the mention of this, Clegg’s entire person suddenly couldn’t stop trembling slightly.

“This Five Poison Sect’s people are not even human!”

“After they rescued me from Cousins’ prison, they began to lure me into eating the plague seed!”

“After that, they began to perform inhumane experiments on me.”

“Although I fought through it and broke through to become a Patriarch.”

“But I will remember that inhuman torture for the rest of my life.”

“And I’m in this state now because of their experiments!”

After saying this, tears seeped from his soybean-sized eyes.

But that look was not only unsympathetic.

On the contrary, the tears mixed with white pus were even more f*cking disgusting!

Even Lin Mo found it unbearable to look at, and directly turned his head away.

This b*****d was also absolute.

Call him unlucky!

First, he had the support of the Seven Deadly Sins’ white clad military Ji Dutuo, and then he had the help of the Five Poison Sect to break through to the Patriarch.

Call him lucky.

He was abandoned by Ji Dutuo and then tortured by the Five Poison Sect.

It was a life that seemed extraordinarily exciting.

And Lin Mo did hear something he had never seen before from this fellow.

“What is this plague seed again?”

He asked, puzzled.

Clegg didn’t explain directly, but just carefully took a wooden box out of his pocket.

When it was opened, directly inside lay simply a ball of flesh the size of a baby’s fist.

Upon closer inspection, one could see that not only was the ball of flesh smouldering with black air all the time, but it was also constantly rubbing.

When Lin Mo looked at this object, he didn’t know why his heart had created a touch of longing for it.

In particular, there was a voice in his head that was constantly guiding him ……