Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4328


The Five Venoms?

Waiting for Lin Mo’s sarcasm to finish with the black robe in front of him.

The few people present couldn’t help but tremble in their bodies.

Turning their heads to look, they indeed saw the conspicuous logo on the chest of the black robe.


In a flash, all the customers, including the owner, darted away from the place.

The three words of the Five Poison Sect had become an indelible nightmare for them.

Across the way, the black robe in didn’t bother with these people at all.

“Mr. Lin, it’s been a long time!”

The hoarseness was like metal rubbing across gla*s, making it extraordinarily hard to bear.

He said as he slowly walked over and unceremoniously sat down on his butt.

Lin Mo snorted coldly, his face disdainful.

“I don’t remember that I’ve ever known the scum of the Five Poison Sect!”

As the words fell to the ground, his palm was already resting on the hilt of his sword.

Ready to strike at any moment.

Only what puzzled him was that the black robe’s voice sounded familiar.

For a while, he could not recall.

The black robe was uncharacteristically calm in the face of such sarcasm.

“Mr. Lin is just too noble to forget!”

With that he took off the hat on top of his head.

What caught his eye was a face so ugly that it was disgusting.

The features were barely distinguishable from the distorted cheeks.

The skin was puffy and pale, and it was still spilling out.

With just one glance, Lin Mo couldn’t help but feel a wave of nausea.

“Ugly, isn’t it?” The black-robed man laughed to himself.

“I actually feel the same way myself!”

As he said this he started at the dagger in his hand as he reflected his disgusting features.

With just one glance, the dagger split directly in two.

Lin Mo had no desire to spend any more time with this man and spoke directly.

“Since you don’t make a move, it means you have other intentions!”

“Speak up! You won’t have a chance later!”

At this moment, sword qi began to slowly drift in the middle of the empty noodle shop.

The black cannon man naturally realised Lin Mo’s impatience and directly pulled out a square iron plate from his pocket.

“This item, does Mr. Lin still recognize it?”

Lin Mo’s eyebrows knitted, “What exactly are you?”

“Why is the Lawrence family’s family head token on your person.”

For a moment, Lin Mo couldn’t even see what the other party’s purpose was!

The black-robed man shook his head and asked rhetorically with a hoarse voice.

“Since this object is on me, as to what I have, why should Mr. Lin ask knowingly.”

With these words, Lin Mo also asked the speculation in his heart.

“You are Clegg?”

“That’s right!”

Clegg nodded.

And to confirm his identity, he spoke again.

“Mr. Lim remembers that Joe Wood!”

As soon as the words fell, endless killing machines rose up from the ground.

Rampaging sword Qi destroyed everything that could be seen in the noodle shop.

At the same time the sword was already at Clegg’s throat.

Lin Mo would never forget the name Qiao Mu in his life.

It was because of this man that the front line in the third district was infested with infectious diseases.

Tens of thousands of lives fell under this perceived plague.

And the man responsible for all this was Joe Wood and the man behind it, Clegg!

And this Clegg was also the last enemy that his own disciple, No Hate, had to kill.

“Mr. Lin, since I am here, I am not afraid that you will kill me!”

After Clegg finished speaking calmly, a light green gas began to emerge from its surroundings.

The floor beneath its feet only just came into contact with this gas before it began to n*ggle.

In the blink of an eye, a large hole had been eroded out of the floor.

“I’m not going to lie, I’m now a walking gas bomb!”

“As soon as I die, the poisonous gas changes inside me instantly gush out in all directions!”

“In addition, I carry hundreds of viruses, as soon as I release my control.”

With that said, Clegg slowly and leisurely stood up.

“They will all be buried with me. ……”