Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4325

District 8, South Street.

Branch Church of the Five Poisons.

When the man with the gla*ses rushed in with the crowd, he found that there was no longer any movement in the place.

As far as the eye could see, apart from the corpses on the ground, there were no more living people to be seen.

All the way through the long corridor.

Only then did the crowd see Lin Mo’s back.

However, just as the crowd was about to go up to him to thank him for removing the danger from the Southern District.

Suddenly they were met with a scene inside the room.

The large room was filled with a variety of beautiful women.

Not only were their faces outstanding, but their bodies were even better.

Only, these earthly lusciousnesses are no longer any longer alive.

The naked bodies are covered with shocking scars.

It was clear from their painful grooming what agony these women had suffered before their bodies.

In the midst of this furious atmosphere, someone suddenly screamed out in agony.

“Yuan’er, my Yuan’er!”

A heart-rending cry remained as an old man suddenly squeezed out of the crowd.

“Yuan’er, wake up, father is here to save you!”

At the rest of this painful wail, more and more people recognised their daughters in their homes.

In a flash, the whole room was filled with the sound of crying in the corners.

At this moment, Lin Mo could only let out a long sigh of helplessness.

Even if he slaughtered all the people in this branch, he still could not save the lives of these youths.

Although he showed that he was calm, the palm of his hand that was clutching Tai Ah was trembling continuously.

He had not been so angry for a long, long time!

The only way to quench this anger is to kill!

Under the pull of this sad atmosphere, everyone present was silently left in tears.

Lin Mo took a deep breath and controlled his rioting emotions.

He then took his outer off.

He then gently covered the unclaimed corpses.

“My people have avenged you, go well!”

Having said this, he tremblingly stretched out his palms to close his eyes for this.

The girl, who should have been a flower-like beauty, had now died an innocent and tragic death at the hands of the Five Poison Sect.

It was in this atmosphere of grief and anger.

There was a commotion from outside.

“So it’s you untouchables!”

“How dare you dare our Five Poison Sect’s branch and kill my men!”

“You guys are tired of living!”

With a furious shout, the crowd turned their heads in unison.

The person who came was none other than Sixth Brother!

And here was his room.

“That’s the beast, that’s him!”

“b*****d, give my daughter back her life!”

Immediately upon seeing the murderer, some people rushed up.

Sixth Brother’s gaze was cold, his face showing disdain.

Just this kind of trash, even if there were a hundred more, they would not be his opponents.

Just as Six was about to hammer the old man’s head in front of him, he suddenly felt a stabbing pain under his armpit.

The next second he realised that he could not move.

Before he knew it, the old man who had lost his daughter threw him to the ground.

“b*****d, you traded my daughter’s life!”

With grief and anguish, the old man bit down hard on top of six cheeks.

It was accompanied by a miserable scream.

The old man’s mouth was already covered with blood.

And there was an extra piece of bloody flesh in his mouth!

Then more and more people followed suit.

And behind those six, the few accomplices who were planning to fight back were toppled without exception.

Without a pair of moments, several people were surrounded by the group.

Lin Mo hooked his hand, and after retrieving the silver needles, he stopped engaging.

Whether it was the two Black Tiger brothers or this inhuman Sixth Brother in front of him, flowing into the hands of this group of people would definitely not end well.

Thinking of this, Lin Mo turned around and left the place.

He hadn’t killed enough people, and his anger was hard to quell.

Behind him, there was already a continuous stream of screams.

The news of the destruction of the South Street branch of the Five Poisons Sect soon spread.

The residents of South Street completely cheered.