Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4322

When the two first met.

When Black Tiger saw Lin Mo’s young appearance, he could not help but have a few moments of contempt in his heart.

Even if he had some strength, his age was still there.

How much stronger could he be.

Until I saw this amazing sword!

Black Tiger had finally begun to take Lin Mo’s strength seriously.

“What exactly are you?”

He asked somewhat underhandedly.

Lin Mo turned his gaze and said indifferently, “A man who sees injustice in the road.”

“Besides, there’s no point in you knowing so much as a person who is about to die!”


At these words, a crowd of the Five Poison Sect’s men burst out in an uproar.

“Kid, seeking death!”

“How dare you speak out against our Hall Master, today I will make your life worse than death.”

“Hall Master, let the subordinates go and see this yellow-haired kid’s head off and use it as a ball to kick.”

“Let me go, I’ll just scrap him!”

Under the seven mouths, this group of people had violent anger on their faces.

As soon as Black Tiger let go, they swarmed on him.

However, Black Tiger shook his head in an uncharacteristic manner.

He could see that Lin Mo was an extraordinary fighter from the stunning sword just now.

“You guys are no match for him, it’s better to let me do it!”

With these words, the men who were still arguing instantly quietened down.

Even if they had more discontent in their hearts, they did not dare to question Black Tiger’s words.

After Black Tiger finished speaking, his shoulders shrugged.

The cloak coat on his body instantly slipped off.

While the quick-eyed junior behind him picked up the coat, Black Tiger drove his steps towards Lin Mo.

“Genius, I’ve seen quite a few!”

“People like you always think that if you learn a little bit of fur, you’re invincible.”

Said his tsking and shaking his head.

“Unfortunately, there are countless such geniuses who have died under my fall.”

“And you are among them.”

Lin Mo raised his head and locked eyes with him, and then slowly raised the Tai Ah in his hand.

“I hope your strength is as strong as your ability to talk nonsense.”

Black Tiger’s face instantly sank when he heard Lin Mo’s arrogant words.

“Kid, don’t think that with just a few points of strength, you dare to see no one in sight.”

“Today I I will teach you what it means to have people outside of you!”

As soon as the words left his mouth, the floor beneath Black Tiger’s feet instantly split in pieces.

As for him, he had already transformed into a residual shadow.

“Give me death!”

With a furious shout, Black Tiger leapt into the mid-air, and the nearly 100 catties ring-headed great sword in his hand fell heavily.

The blade slashed through.

The air around him began to whimper.

“Watch out!”

There was no shortage of cultivating martial artists within the crowd of spectators.

Although the strength might be a little less.

But this did not prevent them from feeling the terrifying power of this slash.

Once they were hit, there was no chance of survival.

Many people seemed to have seen the bloody scene and closed their eyes in fear at once.

On the other hand, on the side of the Five Poison Cultists, many of them had already started to applaud.

“It’s an honour for this boy to die at this move of the Hall Master.”

“Later on, I will chop this yellow-haired kid’s body into mush and take it to the backyard to feed to the dogs!”

“This is good, this is good!”

Just as the crowd was shouting loudly about what to do with Lin Mo.

One of them had his pupils instantly shrink.

Following his line of sight, he looked.

Only to see that Black Tiger’s poised strike was easily caught between the fingers of that strange young man.

What kind of monster was this?

Seeing this, Black Tiger could not help but rush to his scalp.

He had to know that this slash was a ten-by-ten full power strike of his.

But even so!

The great sword with the ringed head in his hand not only failed to hurt the young man in front of him even a little bit.

On the contrary, the blade in his hand was caught dead between the gap between his two fingers.

“Get up for me!”

With a face full of amazement, Black Tiger roared furiously.

It was only a pity that even though he exerted all his strength.

The ring-headed sword remained motionless ……