Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4318

Under the terrified gaze of the teahouse owner.

Lin Mo left the place along with the man with gla*ses.

“Sins are made!”

“Even with this little body, he dares to provoke the Five Poison Sect, he’s really tired of living!”

Muttered a sentence only the boss shook his head while returning to the back pipe all over again.

In his heart, he prayed that he would not be implicated by these two rash people.

As for the other customers within the teahouse, they naturally heard the exchange between the two.

In the blink of an eye, the teahouse was instantly empty.

Soon after.

The news that someone was planning to challenge the Five Poisons Sect spread.

District 8, South Street.

The man with the guiding gla*ses had by now vaguely begun to regret it a little.

He had just given his word.

On the contrary, he thought that the young man behind him might have a few points of strength.

On the one hand, it was out of anger at the Five Poison Sect.

However, after calming down now, he became worried.

If this young man was not defeated, would he not suffer along with him?

Most of all, his family might be implicated.

Thinking about all this, the man with gla*ses could not help but beat a retreat.

“This little brother, it’s just around the corner!”

“I won’t see you off!”

Lin Mo didn’t say anything more!


This eyed man might not be afraid of death, but he couldn’t help but think about his family.

It’s human nature!

After the two men parted.

Lin Mo then continued to walk towards the front alone.

However, when he walked past the corner.

The scene in front of him instantly made him look hideous.

The middle of the square.

Dozens of wooden stakes were fixed side by side.

And at the top of these stakes is a corpse of this word hanging.

The man with the gla*ses was right when he said that these people had actually had their skin removed ……

The most piercing thing was that there were several children among them.

The blood that kept falling low gradually washed away what was left of Lin Mo’s sanity.

Originally, he had thought that the man with gla*ses’ words were nothing more than exaggeration.

He had never imagined that the people of this Five Poison Sect would be so heartless as to go to such an extent.

At the same time.

The members of the Five Poison Sect around this place had also discovered Lin Mo, who was alone.

“Where did that rash youngster come from, don’t you know our rules? How dare you come close.”

“Eh, isn’t this a good thing, we happen to have many empty spaces to fill at this stake.”

“Look how marked this lad is growing, it must be something else to pluck off.”

Said the two men, glancing at each other.

Although their faces were laced with smiles, those smiles did leak a strong sense of evil.

The two chatted over and over again as they walked up to Lin Mo’s heels.

“Kid, seeing as you’ve taken the initiative to send us to the door, we’ll strike a little faster later.”

“Try to make you perceive no pain!”

He said and licked his tongue excitedly.

At this moment, the crowds of people who had come from afar to hear about the scene in front of them had their hearts in their throats.

“Hurry up and run, what are you still waiting for?”

“This group of animals simply won’t be human, young man hurry up and run!”

Just as a few people were loudly reminded, the duo from the Five Poison Sect also looked over.

With just one look, the crowd was instantly scared to speak.

They could only look at Lin Mo’s back with anxious eyes.

The Five Poison Sect duo exchanged words with each other after withdrawing their gazes.

“Why don’t I go and grab a few more people over, to save them from being so talkative?”

“No need!”

“I need an audience for my artistry, so just let them watch!”

With that, one of them pulled out a sharp dagger and gently pressed it against Lin Mo’s cheek.

“Such a nice skin, I don’t even know where to start!”

Lin Mo smiled coldly, “How about I teach you?”

As his words fell, the two people opposite clearly froze for a moment.

The next second.

Blood splattered up.

Screams of misery resound all around!