Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4315

Two months earlier.

District 9 was still an obscure area.

There were no features and the overall strength was only moderate.

Not many people would pay attention to it at all.

It wasn’t until after the trail of patriarchs slowly began to appear on Death Island.

The ninth district also became active.

By the time everyone, was attracted to the frequent activity in the region.

District Nine had been declared a complete va*sal power of the Five Poisons Sect.

At the same time, all the previous scouts in the area had seemingly evaporated overnight.

There was no more news.

Gradually, the others discovered that almost half of the members of the Five Poison Sect had taken over the entire Ninth District.

In particular, the half-step sect masters everywhere scared the neighbouring Districts 8 and 10 into coming straight to their doors.

In less than two days, the eight, nine and thirteen districts had become the sphere of influence of the Five Poisons Sect.

The sudden change not only left the administrators of the districts at a loss for words.

Even the clerics who had gone into hiding did not dare to hesitate any longer.

Messages of alliance were pa*sed from one to another.

It was also under the stimulus of this Five Poison Sect that more and more Patriarchs revealed themselves from behind the curtain.

While rejecting their mutual caution, they began to form alliances of all sizes.

In short, it was just a temporary union of interests.

This is why the Five Poison Sects no longer dare to be as reckless as they were before.

The expansion of its power has come to a halt.

Of course, everyone knew that.

All this was just the calm before the storm.

The tit-for-tat of a large number of Patriarchs united together was no longer something that a single island of death could withstand.

The next time conflict erupts, scenes of blood flowing for thousands of miles can already be foreseen.

Beyond the eighth district.

An unfamiliar voice followed the flow of people into the main city.

Between the rubbing of shoulders, a number of pa*sers-by with special badges pinned to their chests could already be seen.

The badges, in turn, were engraved with different designs.

Toads, poisonous snakes, centipedes, etc.

Anyone who is careful can see that these designs are the five poisons.

And they all have one thing in common!

Arrogance, arrogance!

Those nostrils raised high as if to show off their towering status.

Arrogant to the core!

The pa*sers-by around them dodged as if they were mice seeing a cat.

But wherever he went, a vacuum would appear.

Even if there are countless people around.

“Worthy of being our Grand Elder.”

“If he hadn’t led us out of the desert, how could we have experienced this earthly dash!”

A few men with badges on their chests wandered recklessly through the streets.

When they saw a woman of good looks, they reached out and touched her sensitive parts like nobody’s business.

After a scream, they laughed even more.

“Sixth Brother, that woman just now is not bad!”

“Wouldn’t you consider thinking about just taking it?”

The leader who was called Sixth Brother shook his head with a disdainful face.

“It’s only average, the stunning beauty I’ve enjoyed in my time is far from this kind of goods!”

Seemingly recalling the image of that time, a lascivious smile could not help but flash across his face.

The juniors behind him started to raise their voices.

“Sixth Brother, this is unseemly of you!”

“You just kill such a good commodity when you’re done with it, and you don’t leave us brothers a mouthful of soup!”

“Yes, but I’m dying of hunger!”

At the mention of the killing, several people’s voices were not only not lowered in the slightest.

On the contrary, they could have raised their voices a few pitches and

It was as if they were bragging about something remarkable.

The people who pa*sed by had anger in their eyes, but they dared not speak out.

They could only keep their heads down and walk away from this group of scum.