Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4311

Feng Jiu continued to repeat the story.

“Originally I thought that they left and that was the end of the matter.”

“Unexpectedly, a few days ago, these few patriarchs showed up.”

“Compared to those black-robed men, these three brothers don’t give a single choice in how they act.”

“After they summoned the administrators of our three families, their words told us to return to the fold.”

“And to come again five days later.”

“You know what happened after that, Mr. Lin.”

After some explanation from Feng Jiu.

Lin Mo also roughly understood the methods of their Five Poison Sect.

He also asked the black-robed men underneath to take a field trip.

A reverse scouting of the local distribution of strength.

On the other hand, it is to confirm whether there is a patriarch behind that go.

Once this is confirmed, they will send the patriarchs to start their operations.

Of course many hidden masters use basically the same formula.

Only these people would not be like the Five Poison Sects, who disregarded the rules set by Ji Dutuo.

They would strike without any fear!

What enraged Lin Mo the most was that these three brothers, Gold, Silver and Copper, were completely heartless to the extreme.

It was not enough to kill people, they even fed on babies.

This was unforgivable!

Thinking of this, Lin Mo could not help but think of the words and actions of Old Man Huang and Old Man Pan.

These two accomplices were equally unforgivable.

“How does the strength of your Feng family compare to the Huang and Pan families?”

Feng Jiu froze for a moment before his eyes suddenly lit up.

“The Pan family has been developing for the longest number of years and is the strongest.”

“Our Feng family is not too far behind the Huang family, but it is indeed quite inferior compared to the Pan family.”

“If it weren’t for the fear of our two families joining forces, that Pan surname would have struck out against my Feng family long ago.”

She was smart, although she had already vaguely guessed Lin Mo’s intentions in her mind.

But it was also entirely her answer to whatever Lin Mo asked.

Not a word of superfluous nonsense.

Lin Mo’s side had just finished understanding the situation when the sound of hurried footsteps came from the stairway on one side.

Not long after, a panting Old Man Pan appeared in front of him.

Behind him was Huang Laosan, who was being carried by his men.

When the two saw Lin Mo, they didn’t say much and knelt down straight away.

The smooth movements were as if they were specialized in kneeling activities, without the slightest hint of dragging.

“I, Pan Jinde, have met Your Excellency.”

“Old man Huang, thank you for saving my lord’s life.”

Said the two men as they hurriedly crouched to the ground and kowtowed.

After witnessing with their own eyes the terrifying sword skill of Lin Mo just now.

They had already made up their minds that they would definitely report this one thigh.

“My lord, it’s windy on this rooftop, don’t let us go downstairs to rest and rest!”

“Old man has already prepared some wine and food.”

He said as he looked up and subtly winked towards Lin Mo.

“Also in our fourth district, several young beauties have been worshipping Your Excellency for a long time.”

“How about Your Excellency giving them a chance to meet each other?”

In his opinion.

The reason why Lin Mo had stepped in to save Feng Jiu was purely out of his salivation over Feng Jiu’s windy beauty.

After all, young people, their resistance to beautiful women was almost nil.

It was because of this that Old Man Pan had made such an arrangement.

He intended to offer a beautiful woman as a way to climb up Lin Mo’s lap.

The three people present were all family managers.

How could they not know what this old man was planning to do?

As soon as Feng Jiu heard this, his face turned gloomy, while a hint of anxiety flashed across his gaze.

If Lin Mo were to be set up by this old man and fall into a tender place.

Not only would their two Feng Huang families suffer.

The entire Fourth District would not fare well.

The Pan family’s aim has never been to manage and develop the four districts well.

In their eyes, all the people are nothing more than helpers and stumbling blocks to the Pan family’s development.

Apart from exploitation and oppression, ordinary people are completely useless in their eyes.

It was also at this moment that Lin Mo’s faint frown suddenly stretched out.