Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4304

Just as Feng Jiu was sternly denouncing the cruelty of the three patriarchs.

The pores of his whole body suddenly exploded.

Just like a mouse seeing a cat, his body was drenched in cold sweat.

“Miss Feng Jiu, go on!”

At this moment, before the round table, three middle-aged men suddenly appeared unknowingly.

One of them was even licking his long blood-red tongue and staring at Feng Jiu with a smirk.

Only that smile was very ominous.

Upon seeing these three, Huang Laosan immediately fell to his knees, his entire body almost lying on top of the ground.

“Old Third Huang has met, the three lords, Golden Toad, Silver Toad and Copper Toad!”

That appearance was as humble as it could be.

Just this look of his also proved that before that.

This Huang Laosan had already made contact with these three Patriarchs in private.

Right now this negotiation was a complete trap.

After Feng Jiu figured this out, anger was written all over her face.

However, due to the presence of the three Patriarchs beside her, she did not dare to get angry.

As for Elder Pan, at this moment, although he had already seen everything in his heart, his face was expressionless.

Since he had already decided to look at the subordination, everything else was a floating cloud.

“You are very good!” Copper Toad complimented with a casual expression on his face.

But Huang Laosan, who was lying on the ground, really couldn’t stop his body from trembling, and the joy on his face could no longer be concealed.

“It’s an honour to work for the three lords, so naturally I need to do my best.”

The words were humble and flattering to the extreme.

However, the three patriarchs were extremely flattered.

“Very well, it is only the cultivation pills within our sect, taking them can be worth a year of cultivation.”

Hearing this, Huang Lao San became even more excited.

After he ended up with the pill, he did not hesitate and took it straight away.

As the knot in his throat constricted and closed, the aura around his body violently plucked a section.

Such a good medicine, if one side Pan Lao could not help but look envious.

If Si could have enough pills, it would not be difficult to break through to Zong Shi, right?

When he thought of this, his desire to join the three Patriarchs became even firmer.

The only person who was not moved was Feng Jiu.

She looked at Huang Laosan, who was wagging his tail and praying for food, and her eyes were full of contempt.

“Miss Feng Jiu, you seem to be looking down on our pills, don’t you?”

After noticing her expression, the copper toad spoke with a playful face.

Feng Jiu knew that she had no way to escape now, and the original feeling of fear in her heart instantly dissipated.

“So what if I can afford to look at you, so what if I can’t?”

“My Feng Jiu’s life is right here, take it away if you have the guts!”

She said as she straightened her back and looked proud.

It was all about death, so why not die a tougher death.

After hearing this, the three patriarchs felt a little surprised.

Looking closely at Feng Jiu’s shapely figure, an obscene look flashed across the three men’s eyes.

“Miss Feng Jiu, it is rare to find such a hard-hearted girl like you.”

“Might as well think about it and come under us.”

“If you nod your head, we can send you to the position of Venerable Lord of Death Island.”

At these words, Old Man Huang’s face instantly showed anxiety.

“A few lords, didn’t we agree before ……”


He didn’t even have time to finish his sentence before a cold snort from Silver Toad rang in his ears.

In the next second, Huang Lao San felt as if he was being loaded by a large speeding truck.

He smashed heavily onto Strong.

Blood was pouring out of his mouth.

At this moment, however, Huang Lao San, had no time to deal with his injuries.

After struggling to get up, he repeatedly kowtowed towards the three men and begged for mercy.

“I’ve lost my mind in a matter of ghosts, I beg the three lords to spare my life.”

The silver toad glanced at him with an icy gaze.

“To be a dog you must have the awareness of being a dog, what we give you is what you get!”

“If you do it again, I’ll take your dog’s life!”

Huang Laosan responded repeatedly, “Yes, yes, yes, I know my mistake ……”