Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4296

What shocked the Shui Hang Clan brothers was not only the strange “body fixation” technique

An endless dead silence fell around them.

Not only did everything stand still in mid-air.

Even the sounds dissipated together.

It was truly frightening!

Just as they were trying to move their bodies, an even more terrifying scene occurred.

The green blade, which was still only three feet, had directly enlarged several hundred times.

In the midst of the duo’s realisation.

There was only a sword blade of nearly a hundred metres swinging and slashing towards the two.

The water dragon in front of them had no resistance whatsoever when it came into contact with this sword mane.

In just one glance, it was directly vaporised.

Not even a single drop of water was left behind.

For a moment, the two brothers only felt the infinite fear in their hearts begin to spread wildly.

There was also only one thought in their minds.

As long as this sword hit them, they would definitely die.

As they watched, the sword was close.

The two brothers were in despair.

It was over!

Revenge has failed and they’ve become the ones to give away their heads.

They just couldn’t figure it out until this moment.

How could the gap be so wide when they were both clan masters?

And this was still a two against one situation, how could they not even be able to block one move from the other side.

Just when the two brothers were ready to meet their deaths.

Your huge sword mane unexpectedly stopped suddenly.

Without waiting for the duo to react, the sword mane instantly disappeared.

The next second.

All the rainwater around them also gained their original freedom and fell heavily on top of the ground.

At the same time, the sound of swishing rain reached the brothers’ ears.


After a heart-stopping glance at each other, they both saw a look of panic in each other’s eyes that had not yet dissipated.

And their backs were also waterlogged.

It wasn’t rain.

Rather, it was the cold sweat from the shock of having just faced death.

It was then that the movement of the longsword returning to its sheath brought the two brothers back to their senses.

Looking up, they only saw that Lin Mo, whom the two of them had tried to kill, was already walking backwards.


Lin Mo stopped dead in his tracks when he heard a sound.

“Why can’t you find death?”

He didn’t kill at the last moment, purely because he didn’t feel the need to bury two Patriarchs here because of a misunderstanding.

Leaving these two brothers alive was already a great deal of forgiveness on his part.

Of course, if they persisted, Lin Mo could only satisfy their desire to die.

After the two brothers looked at each other, they were instantly frightened by the biting gaze.

“I …… just want to know, why don’t you kill us?”

The younger brother, Xiaolong, asked with an afterthought on his face.

“I’ve already said that I didn’t kill your Grand Elder!”

Lin Mo returned with a frown.

“Cultivation is not easy, and you two aren’t even a few years older than me.”

“Let’s walk and cherish, I don’t want a misunderstanding to stop you two here.”

Said Lin Mo as he leapt and disappeared into the forest.

In the same place, the two brothers looked at each other.

“Big brother, could it be that what this kid said is true?”

“Our Grand Elder really isn’t being told what they say?”

Although this was something he didn’t quite believe even as he said it himself.

After all, they were people who had seen Lin Mo strike and kill their Grand Elder with his own eyes under his sword.

Da Long shook his head, confusion flashing across his eyes.

“I don’t know either!”

If Lin Mo’s very much the murderer, there was absolutely no need to go to such lengths with them.

With such strength, it would have been easy to kill the two of them.

“Forget it, let’s go back and report this matter to the elders first!”

With that, the two brothers got up and were about to leave.

Only they had just reached the halfway point.

A silver-haired young man suddenly appeared in front of them and blocked the way.

“What’s that?”

The duo raised their lances directly after shouting angrily.

It was also at that moment that a ghostly sound came from the forest reaching out.

“The two of you have good talent, this little girl of mine has her eye on it.”

As soon as the words fell, more than ten figures suddenly surrounded the two brothers in a group ……