Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4295

The two brothers, the Water Walkers, glanced at each other before glaring at each other with fierce eyes.

“Pay for what you owe, pay for what you kill.”

“I need you to give us an explanation for our Shui Hang Clan.”

By this time, Lin Mo also knew that this battle was unavoidable.

Since that was the case, then we would have to see the real thing underhand.

“Want to give an account, do you!”

“Come with me!”

After saying that, Lin Mo’s feet swept directly towards the beginning of the month with a stomp.

This place was not far from the battlefield.

Once he made his move, there was a chance that it would ripple through to the people in the three districts.

Considering this, Lin Mo then planned to shift the battlefield.

Seeing this, the two brothers from the Shui Xing Sect immediately followed suit.

Forty kilometres away.

When Lin Mo stopped in his tracks, the two brothers followed close behind.

The two were holding lances, one left and one right, sandwiching Lin Mo’s in the middle.

“Before I make a move, I still have to reiterate.”

Lin Mo said while his palm was already pressed against the hilt of his sword.

“Your Grand Elder really wasn’t killed by me.”

This was a matter of principle.

Whether the other party believed it or not, he should still insist on finishing what he had to say.

Da Long’s gaze was awe-inspiring, and his eyebrows were filled with hostility.

“Do you think you’re doing it without knowing it?”

“You’re afraid you don’t know that while you were fighting, there were already countless pairs of eyes staring at you.”

“And give is witnessed you beheading our Grand Elder.”

Lin Mo sighed and stressed again.

“But he was just a corpse that was manipulated, so what’s the point of decapitating?”

Little Dragon spat darkly and bellowed in anger.

“Big brother this kid is planning to die without admitting it.”

“Let’s just send him down to slyly argue with the Grand Elder!”

At these words, the Great Dragon also nodded slightly.

In the next second, the two of them stopped talking nonsense and shook their hands with force.

The long spear in their hands instantly spun up at speed.

Bringing the rainwater to coalesce into a pillar of water that clamped down towards Lin Mo.

“Eh, these days, no one believes the truth even if you tell it!”

Lin Mo sighed before slowly drawing out his Tai Ah.

Ding ding!

Under two crisp sounds.

The twin spears were instantly swung away.

The pincer attack was also broken by Lin Mo with ease.

As for the two brothers, they were undeterred.

This move was just a test.

“This kid is not weak, let’s fight quickly!”

The duo exchanged a low voice before neatly raising the lances in their hands.


With a vague dragon roar, a faint dragon shadow gossiped out behind each of the two brothers.


A furious bellow.

The dragon shadow instantly lingered on the lance.

In a matter of moments, the rainwater coalesced into two long pale blue dead dragons.

Pale in terms of aura.

Lin Mo could sense that the killing power of this move was not small.

But it could only be limited to that.

And there were still people behind him who were fighting in the three districts that he needed to look after.

This battle was not to last.

Naturally, Lin Mo would not hold back, and the moment he struck, he used the sword technique he had just learnt.

“Break the Mountain River!”

After shouting out the name of the stance.

Lin Mo somehow inexplicably felt a pang of shame.

At first he thought that Ma Bangde had acquired a middle-cla*s name, but now he was actually shouting it with a bit of smoothness.

As Tai Ah swung out.

Within a thousand-metre radius, the rain that was pouring down came to a strange halt in mid-air.

Even the water dragons that the two brothers had condensed seemed to have been toppled, frozen in mid-air.

What a terrifying sword technique.

The two brothers marvelled in tacit agreement before preparing to pull away.

They were only here to take revenge, not to send them to their deaths.

After sensing the haunting aura of the sword, they directly chose to dodge.

Yet right at this moment.

The brothers, both of them, instantly changed their faces.

They couldn’t even move!

At this moment, it was as if a thousand mountains and rivers were pressing down on their shoulders, unable to move their bodies even half an inch.