Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4294

With the help of the formation set up by the four men, Ji Duto re-sealed the corpse.

After returning to normal, it was clear that the corpse could not remember what it had done.

When he saw the half of the roast ox that had fallen from the ground, his eyes showed some regret.

But this did not affect his appetite.

He bent down to pick it up and then gobbled it up again.

As for the two angry sisters beside him, the tyrant did not react to the punches and kicks he received.

“Come on, stop it! We’ve got business to attend to next!”

Upon hearing this, the two sisters then stopped.

Only Yun was really angry, so she stopped or viciously kicked towards the tyrant corpse.

Although not hurt the tyrant corpse half dead half, but the fire is eliminated a lot ……


The foot of the mountain.

Lin Mo heard the sound of violent roars coming from behind him, and the corners of his mouth were slightly hooked.

The mid-air was sufficient.

It seemed that the heart blood had been restored.

This is a relief to understand a matter of the heart.

Yet just as he was about to rush back to his quarters.

Two unfamiliar figures once again appeared in front of him.

After Lin Mo took a glance and confirmed that the other party was not someone he knew, he opened his mouth to ask.

“The two of you are?”

However all he got back was a cold snort from the other party.

“Good boy, you killed the Grand Elder of our Shui Xing Clan, and you still don’t know us!”

“Can’t the phase play dumb?”

Lin Mo frowned slightly, glancing at the embroidered pattern that while the duo had a few familiar eyes, coupled with their words.

He could also probably confirm the identity of the other party.

“I think you have misunderstood, the Grand Elder of your Shui Xing Clan was not killed by me!”

He had only met with that Grand Elder twice before and after.

Even the second time the other party had been a puppet that had been manipulated.

When had he ever killed anyone himself.

Only his explanation didn’t convince the other side.

“I’ll ask you, did our Grand Elder cross paths with you a few days ago?”

Lin Mo did not deny it and spoke truthfully.

“Indeed, but it was because he was spying on our three districts that I stopped him.”

“And when we exchanged blows, I found out that your Great Elder had been dead for many days.”

“That was Tiger’s he was just a corpse puppet that had been manipulated!”

Lin Mo explained so vigorously, just wanting to fight against the opposite, but of course but not in fear either.

Only, on the one hand, the whole of their three districts were engaged with Lawrence at the moment.

He needed to look after the whole battlefield.

On the other hand, it was a bit silly to fight each other over a misunderstanding.

But the tree wants to be still but the wind will not stop.

Hearing Lin Mo’s explanation, the duo on the opposite side merely smiled coldly.

“Kid, with such a lame excuse do you think we’ll believe back?”

“Besides, how are you going to prove what you said yourself!”

At these words Lin Mo was instantly speechless.

Prove it? How could you prove it?

The corpse had already disappeared.

Truly dead and unproven.

And although Lin Mo knew that the manipulators behind the scenes were the two Nebula sisters.

But how could he prove it?

It was hard not to ask people to put on a show!

Thinking of this, a light suddenly flashed in Lin Mo’s brain.

It seemed that his previous speculation was still too superficial.

From luring himself in and chasing after the Grand Elder of the Shui Xing Sect.

All the way to Ji Dutuo and the others appearing here now.

Everything was a chain of traps.

But now he has stepped into it.

One could not say that one had been careless, one could only say that this Ji Duto was being cunning.

Just as Lin Mo’s contemplative appearance was a sign of weakness in the hearts of the two people opposite the card.

“What? Now there is nothing to say!”

Lin Mo raised his head and met his eyes, his heart was full of helplessness.

There was simply no way to explain the left and right cross.

Since this was the case, Lin Mo simply said baldly.

“How do you want to ……”