Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4292

Look back.

Lin Mo was helped quite a lot by Ji Dutuo though.

But every time this man offered his help, he did so with an ulterior motive.

In order to get Hatedless to join them in the Seven Deadly Sins.

Now that the debt of gratitude has been repaid, all that remains for both sides is perhaps hatred.

He himself had killed the two sect masters of the Seven Deadly Sins.

As for this Ji Dutuo, he had already set up more than once, trying to push himself to his death.

But this tyrant corpse was different, this person was simple-minded.

To be honest, he only has the mind of a five or six year old child.

He helped out of pure heart and nothing else.

Right now, after receiving the potion, the tyrant froze in his tracks.

Then he asked in a dumbfounded manner.

“For food?”

Er ……

This question almost put Lin Mo out of his mind.

After returning to his senses, he smiled faintly.

“Yes, food!”

Hearing these words, the elixir was thrown directly into the mouth by the tyrant corpse.

At the same time, Lin Mo also disappeared in place between a few vertical movements.

Previously, there had been no suitable compensation gift to thank him, but now he had the Thousand Year Human Head Crow.

It was time to return this favour.

And with his disappearance.

The white haired face in the same place was extremely gloomy.

“Sect Leader, this Lin Mo is so ungrateful that he dares to refute your face, why don’t I teach him a little lesson?”

He said discontentedly.

Ji Duto’s eyes skimmed over, and then he asked.

“Can you take him in a solo fight?”

Without thinking, White Hair returned directly, “That’s natural!”

“Preceptor, I will take him down right now!”

With that he leapt to his feet.

It was also at this moment that Yun, who was on the side, slightly picked at him and then slapped the back of White Hair’s head with a slap.

“Have you been eating too much foam lately, so floaty!”

“That stunning sword of the Lin Mo idol, even Lord Ji Dutuo might not be able to catch it.”

At these words, White Hair couldn’t help but freeze in disbelief, a look of disbelief written all over his face.

He hadn’t been with Ji Dutuo for a short time.

Along the way, he had seen even more patriarchs.

But none of them was a match for Ji Dutuo.

Now, hearing that this Lin Mo, who was only about his own age, had a masterpiece that Ji Dutuo was afraid of.

How could he not be shocked by this?


Ji Duto on the side listened to the two of them talking and couldn’t help but cough lightly in embarra*sment a few times.

“You little girl, can you consider the feelings of me, the person in question, when making up others.”

Yun also realised that he seemed to have said the wrong thing.

Subconsciously, she spat out her tongue and ducked to the side.

“Am I weak?”

Ji Dutuo grumbled a little indignantly.

“So Lin Mo has a bottom card again, and I don’t?”

“Once the seal of my Seventh Gate is opened, there is no match for me under a saint!”

After speaking, he straightened his back, his expression carrying a bit of arrogance.

It was obvious that he was extremely dissatisfied with Yun’s disparaging words just now.

It was Star, who was at the side, who clearly had more eyesight.

Immediately, he stepped forward and said, “The strength of the sect master is naturally unquestionable.”

“How else would we have produced two sisters as good as us!”

“Lin Mo idol, if you want to match the sect master, cultivate for a few decades before you say so!”

It was only at this point that the smile on Ji Dutuo’s face, brightened up.

“It’s still Xing who knows what’s right!”

Only as he smiled, his face changed to suddenly stiffen.

“Wait, why do I get the impression that you’re complimenting yourself!”

Star snorted, “Which is not?”

“I was complimenting the godfather on his extraordinary strength!”

“We two sisters are only doing it to set you off!”

How could Ji Dutuo still believe her at this moment.

“You two little girls, when did you learn to be bad?”

“Bah, you taught both of us, don’t you know that in your heart?” Sister Yun replied mischievously.

Ji Dutuo made a fake face, “Good, how dare you talk back ……”