Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4291

The top of a mountain peak.

Lin Mo watched after meditating here and observing the whole night.

And his main purpose was not so much to observe the battlefield.

It was more to detect the surroundings.

In just one night, he had spotted several hidden auras peeking surreptitiously towards this side.

Without thinking, he knew that those must be the clerics hiding in death.

Of course, as long as they didn’t stir up trouble, Lin Mo was too lazy to bother with them.

After moving his muscles and bones a bit, he really had to leave the mountain top.

Only before he could move, someone blocked the way in front of him.

“Brother Lin Mo, is this uneasy about your own men?”

The person who came was none other than Ji Duto and his group.

Lin Mo frowned and slightly turned his body sideways.

“Or else!”

“Don’t you care?”

This Ji Dutuo in front of him was now the manager behind the Second District.

The entire Lawrence family was ostensibly under the command of Kusis.

But in time, all actions are at Ji Dutuo’s disposal.

The only thing that Lin Mo did not expect was that Ji Dutuo did not give a D*mn about the death or survival of the Lawrence family.

“Gryphons are just ants, what’s there to care about!”

Ji Dutuo said with a calm expression.

“It’s just a casual arrangement in my leisure time, what does their death or survival have to do with me!”

Lin Mo shook his head, not dwelling on this topic.

“Second Patriarch, is there something wrong?”

Lin Mo asked as he changed the subject.

Through Ji Dutuo’s words and actions, one could tell that this person did not have the slightest respect for life at all.

The life and death of others was just like gra*s and trees in his eyes.

Words are not enough!

Fundamentally, the two sides have completely different philosophies.

Ji Dutuo naturally saw the impatience in Lin Mo’s tone, but he didn’t care much about it.

Instead, he said with great interest.

“I heard that your body has recovered and your strength has increased greatly, and I was curious.”

“I then thought I could have Brother Lin Mo and spar.”

Hearing this, Lin Mo’s brow furrowed even deeper.

A sparring session was a lie, a test was the real thing, right!

And through Ji Dutuo’s words, Lin Mo could be completely certain at this moment.

The person who had manipulated the corpse of the Grand Elder of the Shui Xing Clan must have been one of the two Nebula sisters in front of him.

Thinking of this, the corners of Lin Mo’s mouth hooked.

“Did these two sisters not tell you the geometry of my strength?”

These words came out.

Ji Duto was dumbfounded.

He hadn’t expected Lin Mo to be so perceptive.

In just a few words, he had deduced the truth.

“Oh, it’s still different when you haven’t experienced it first hand, pouring the ground.”

Although he was exposed, he did not look the least bit embarra*sed.

On the contrary, he was more interested.

This time Lin Mo did not give him face and refused outright.

“It’s not necessary, I don’t have time!”

“If Second Sect Master wants to see my Lin Mo’s sword blade, wait patiently over there for a while!”

“This sword decapitates the head, very smoothly!”

Since the time when the other side manipulated the patriarch’s corpse and came to spy on the three districts.

Lin Mo knew it was a declaration of war.

As such, both sides did not give any more good looks.

“You ……”

The white hair face sank, and was about to step forward to scold.

Only to be stopped directly by Ji Dutuo.

“Stand down!”

After saying that, he turned his head again and looked at Lin Mo with a smiling face.

“Little brother, it seems that we can only meet on the battlefield.”

“But before that, aren’t you really going to spar with me?”

Lin Mo did not reply.

He walked straight past.

Only when he was close to the tyrant’s side, he immediately took out a ton of ammunition from his arms.

“This elixir will help you replenish the heart blood you lost earlier.”

“Last time, thanks for coming to the rescue.”

Among the entire Ji Duto team, only this tyrant corpse could make Lin Mo feel slightly better.

It was this tyrannical corpse that had sacrificed its heart blood that had saved Hate Free who was on the verge of death.