Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4288

Due to the downpour of rain.

The hills are particularly noisy after nightfall.

The leaves of the trees and bamboos were brushed against each other.

Inside the cave, the crowd welcomed the warmth of the fire and had begun to prepare for rest.

Ma Bond leaned aside, listening to the movement of the rainy night, and slowly closed his eyes.

As soon as it was light, the action would begin.

He too needed to recuperate his strength.

It wasn’t long before the snoring of the other swordsmen around him slowly rose.

Seeing this, Ma Bangde frowned and was about to kick a few of them awake in unison when No Hate suddenly spoke up.

“It’s alright Uncle Ma!”

“All this commotion doesn’t affect my rest.”

Haterless closed his eyes again without expression after he finished speaking.

It was only after this that Mabundu sat back down again in his original position.

The night was deeper.

The noisy rain was not slowing down in the slightest.

By this time, apart from the few swordsmen on watch, the rest and others had already gone to sleep.

It was also at this and time.

Several groups of figures were slowly making their way over to the area.

“Head, this is the place!”

“According to the feedback from the scouts, this pair of b*****ds are particularly heavily manned.”

“If I’m not mistaken, it should be the power lord leading the team!”

When he had finished, the captain at the head of the group nodded slightly.

“Get ready to move!”

Hearing this order, the face of the person reporting looked a little unusual.

“Chief, if there’s a half-step Sovereign expert among them, it might be detrimental to us!”

Although they had contacted fifteen teams of companions nearby through a secret code.

However, if they ran into the other team’s half-step clan masters, it was highly likely that the group would be wiped out.

Yet the man at the head of the group did not care at all.

“What’s wrong with half-step clan masters?”

“Just hit them in the head and they’ll die just as surely.”

“Besides, we still have snipers!”

Having said that, he found his still hesitant and spoke impatiently.

“What are you afraid of?”

“Once we take down their power lord, not only will we hit their morale hard.”

“It will also be a monstrous victory for us.”

“Besides, what if this pair of them doesn’t have a half-step clan master of power?”

It was clear.

The information that all of the Potentate Lords in the three districts had broken through was not known to this group of guards.

Plus under the pouring rain, the scouts could not see the appearance at all.

And they did not dare to get too close to avoid being discovered.

So they did not know what great horrors they would be facing.

After some persuasion from the leader, the deputy was gradually moved.

“All right!”

Having said that, he raised his hands to the corners of his mouth.

In the next second, a regular bird call came from the forest.

All at once, the other fifteen yes-man squads around them prepared themselves.

The entrance to the cave.

Scattered raindrops continued to drift in with the gale.

By the campfire, a few knife-fighters on watch, although complaining about the weather, do look extraordinarily cautious.

This place was deep into the hinterland.

And although they were in between caves.

But such a bright fire is the best guide to the place.

At any moment they could be attacked.

The swordsmen on watch had to be on their toes.

And of course it was this caution that saved a few people!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sound of dense gunfire shattered the peace of the rainy night.

Bullets were fired viciously through the dense rain into the cave.

In a moment, sparks flickered.

The swordsmen reacted quickly!

At the first sign of gunfire, they put the large swords in their hands against their sides.

Plus the rocks jutting up beside them also deflected the bullets of the secret technique for them.

There were scrapes, but not a single bullet was fired.

With so much movement, there was no need for the vigilante swordsman’s warning.

Inside the cave, Ma Bond and the others instantly leapt to their feet.

Little brats, finally!

At this moment, Ma Bond’s spirit also instantly perked up.