Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4287

“Miss No Hate, we are now here to recuperate for a while.”

Deeper into the mountain range, Mabundu suddenly called out to Haterless to stop.

By the time they reached this area, the two sides had essentially entered a communal area of engagement.

At any moment, they could run into each other.

After finishing his speech, Ma Bond then pointed to the cave not far away.

“Let’s go somewhere to get out of the rain first!”

“What’s ahead, I’ll let them scout it out before we make our move.”

With that he cautiously glanced at Lin Wu Huan beside him.

Lest this little girl’s displeasure should come before.

Not long ago, that cold image of Hate Free still lingered in Ma Bangde’s mind.

“Uncle Ma, just make the arrangements.”

No Hate grinned.

“I’m just here to learn from you!”

That good-natured and lovely look made Ma Bangde feel a little uncomfortable.

Was it all an illusion before that dao?

This thought just appeared in Ma Bond’s mind and was immediately dispelled by him.

The fear that penetrated to the marrow of his bones was absolutely real.

Thinking of this, he immediately put away his luck.

Cautiously, he led Hateless to the cave.

The few swordsmen who were immediately behind Ma Bangde also immediately raised the fire.

As the fire swayed higher and higher, the originally cool cave gradually warmed up.

As for No Hate, he went to the campfire in silence and began to bake his clothes.

Although the weather was not so bad that she could catch a cold.

But the wet clothes were particularly annoying.

On the contrary, Mabond had deliberately put some distance between them.

Although No Hate had no ill will towards him.

It was just that once he recalled that bitter feeling of fear he had felt before.

Mabundle all felt the sharp edge on his back.

“What’s the situation ahead?”

“Any sign of the other side, the half-step Sovereign Sovereign.”

Both sides in this battle ran with the aim of killing each other and came to this mountain range.

Patriarchs did not come out, and half-step Patriarchs were the battle ceiling on the battlefield, and it was impossible for them not to come out.

The swordsman shook his head.

“Not really found!”

“Rather, a number of men have already met up with Lawrence’s men, and each has suffered losses after the engagement.”

This mountain range separating Zone 3 and Zone 2 is continuous, but with millions of people thrown into it, the odds of meeting are not low.

It was not uncommon for the two sides to meet.

After learning the information, Mabundle went on to ask.

“Have you found any enemy gathering places?”

A group led by a half-step Patriarch such as he was, the main objective was naturally to run towards the local hordes.

Unfortunately, it seemed that the men on Lawrence’s side seemed to have taken this into consideration as well.

“Sect Leader, they are very cunning.”

“Judging by the traces that have been found so far.”

“They’ve been moving separately.”

So much for the calculations of Marbond and the others.

“Scout again and report back!”

“If it stays that way, we’ll move in the morning!”

Having said that, Marbond took another look at the roiling dark clouds and spat darkly.

“This motherf*cking weather!”

Said and he shook the water droplets off his body and ordered a fire to be built again.

The intention was to stay here for the night.

“Miss No Hate, this is the can they just warmed up!”

Marbond approached Alone Without Hate with the food.

“The food is a bit poor though, we’ll just have to make do with what we have.”

After nodding, Haterless reached out and took it.


Ever since she arrived within the cave, her state had changed again.

Or not wanting the others to find out, No Hate was already deliberately hiding it.

But the attentive Mabundu still perceived the flicker of coldness in her gaze.

It was like that of a fierce beast, one glance alone would have been intimidating.

After the food was delivered, Mabunde set up another vigil ……