Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4284

“Even if I fancy you!”

“But if I hear any more disrespect to Master Feng from your mouth, I will kill you!”

Saying this, the coldness around Ji Dutuo’s body turned even thicker.

White hair trembled, and his eyes leaked endless fear.

“I …… I understand!”

Come for a while.

The murderous aura in the room slowly dissipated.

After Ji Duto got up, he threw a bottle of healing medicine in front of the white hair.

“The entire Seven Deadly Sins were created by Elder Feng and his group of elders.”

“And, even if I, Ji Duto, would do something wrong to the Seven Deadly Sins.”

“Elder Feng would never be able to harm the Seven Deadly Sins, and even if he did that would definitely be for the future of the organisation.”

“Do you remember that?”

Their Patriarchate had always been at odds with the Council of Elders though.

But that was also because of the conflict of irreconcilable ideas.

It does not affect Ji Duto’s respect for the Council of Elders.

Even if they were to succeed one day in the future, at most they would only deprive the Council of Elders of its decision-making power.

But that transcendent status is never likely to change.

“My subordinate remembers!” White Hair spoke with a frightened face.

“Stand down, do your part, and don’t have any thoughts you shouldn’t have!”


The words fell to the ground, and the white-haired figure disappeared from the spot.

Not a moment later.

The two Nebula sisters, hand in hand, pushed their way through the door.

When Ji Dutuo saw the two, his original austere demeanour changed instantly, and then he returned to his usual easy-going demeanour.

“Sect Master, Sect Master, when are we going to play with the Lin Mo idol again.”

This word play clearly had a different meaning.

Ji Dutuo smilingly asked, “What’s wrong? Didn’t you two sisters already look for Lin Mo before?”

“Why haven’t you had enough fun yet?”

Sister Yun’s mouth beamed as she smiled and bailed out of Ji Duto’s arm.

“It’s because I’ve looked for it, that’s why I miss the Lin Mo idol more and more.”

“You don’t know that, now that Idol Lin Mo’s strength has increased greatly, he’s becoming more and more charming!”

Ji Dutuo’s expression froze and he instantly caught the point between the words.

“A big rise in strength?”

“Has his heart blood been restored?”

“Hm nah!”

Cloud replied with a proud look on his face.

“Not bad for an idol I have my eye on, I can’t wait for him to join my Seven Killers now.”

At these words, Sister Star immediately stepped forward to argue.

“It’s only fitting for the Lin Mo idol to join our Eight Gods.”

“Obviously, I am the stronger Seven Killers!”

“I, the Eight Gods, am stronger!”

It looked like the two sisters were about to argue.

Ji Dutuo hurriedly stopped it.

“Stop, stop, stop, it’s useless for you two to argue now!”

“Other people’s Lin Mo is still commanding the three districts in battle for good reason!”

After speaking, the two sisters also paused, except that their gazes were directed towards Ji Duto in unison.

“Sect Leader, do you think it’s my Seven Killings that are stronger.”

“Nonsense, it is clearly my Eight Gods that are stronger, don’t you think so, Sect Leader?”

Ji Dutuo: ……

Got it, persuaded a lonely.

And brought myself into it ……


The line of sight returns to Lin Mo’s side.

After a quick arrangement by Wang Changxing.

All the power lords began to arrange their respective strengths.

Their approach to this battle was simple.

Drag the enemy into the mountains and forests as much as possible, and on that basis kill as many of them as possible.

As for the implementation, it was even simpler.

Each moves on its own.

That’s right, each acting on his own.

They Laurens since they use small teams to work together in combat.

They then responded with a single sneak attack.

It wasn’t like they needed to fight hard head on anyway, and it was excellent to be an old six to sneak in as much as possible.

At the same time, Wang Changxing received bad news.

“Mr Lin, I have underestimated the downpour.”

“Our rear supply transport corridor has been flooded with water!”

Lin Mo: ……

It seems this this downpour is not as good as one would think it always is.