Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4283

The continuous rainstorm swept through more than just the front lines of the three districts engaged with Lawrence.

The entire island of Death was enveloped in it.

Only for many in the other districts, the downpour did come at a wonderful time.

District Eleven.

“Yes! Let it rain, better drown them both!”

“My Lord, is there any chance that such heavy rain will prompt them to give up the war?”

“There’s no turning back from the opening bow, even if they want to retreat, the other side won’t give it a chance.”

“Hahahaha ……”


District 9.

“Elder this rain is expected to fall for a week, do we move?”

“What’s the panic, let’s wait until they both fight to the death.”

“Ji Dutuo, Lin Mo, I want them to know first hand, the fear of the Five Poison Sect ……”


District Seven.

“Seniors this rain will definitely hold them both back, we might as well take advantage of the opportunity?”

“Wait a little longer, the other districts are now also eyeing the tiger, the mantis is catching the cicada and the yellow bird is behind it, let’s wait a little longer.”

“However, it would be a good idea to put a little pressure on their five districts.”

“My junior understands ……”


District 2, Lawrence Castle.

Inside the warm room.

Ki Doktor lounges back in his rocking chair.

The wine in his hand swayed along with his posture.

Under the light, the gla*s reflects a beautiful red light.

“Godfather, Master Feng is back!”

As the voice rang out, the white-haired figure slowly emerged.

“Oh? I thought he was planning to stay on Lin Mo’s side the whole time?”

Ji Duto asked himself with some surprise.

“By the way, has there been any investigation into the purpose of Elder Feng who has been transporting medicinal herbs all this time?”

Feng Wu Huo’s unusual actions during this period of time had naturally been in Ji Dutuo’s eyes all along.

For the matter of medicinal materials, Ji Dutuo was also more extraordinarily attentive.

The white hair collated some information before reporting back.

“Right now, it’s like an iron pa*s over there in District 3, it’s hard for our people to plant themselves in.”

“However, there is some information that has been scouted out!”

Said the white hair then placed a photo on the table.

“This is the man!”

“After Lin Mo brought back this person, Elder Feng’s side started shipping herbs from headquarters!”

Ji Dutuo skimmed at the pimply old man on the photo and frowned slightly.

It was impossible to tell the true appearance of this appearance.

Let alone distinguish the identity.

But Ji Dutuo still asked without dying.

“Is there any information on the identity of this old man?”

Sure enough, when confronted with this question, the white hair shook his head outright.


“It’s as if this person appeared out of thin air, there’s no way to check the trail.”

Although Ji Dutuo had already expected it, he still did not lock tight when he got such an answer.

“For Lin Mo to go to such lengths to seek help from Elder Feng, it means that this person’s identity must not be simple.”

“And with the Dunhuang Holy Maiden present, he still sought out Elder Feng, there is something wrong with that as well.”

“You can cut through this direction!”

Being nudged by him like this, the white hair also reacted.

“I see!”

Then White Hair changed the subject to Feng Wu Huo.

“Sect Leader, this old thing is clearly one of our Seven Deadly Sins.”

“Yet his elbow keeps turning outwards, do you need me to knock a couple of them.”

“Or report the matter to the headquarters, just so our sect leader can use it to his advantage ……”

Halfway through the words, the white hair suddenly changed his face.

While a huge pain pa*sed through his chest, his entire body flew backwards out.

Getting up, he hurriedly half-kneeled to the ground, not caring about the blood spilling from the corner of his mouth.

“My subordinate deserves to die!”

And the back in front of him was now emitting this seeping chill.

The usually easy-going Ji Dutuo was like a god of killing.

“This is my first warning, and also my last warning ……”