Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4282

It is an unchangeable fact that the main battlefield in this battle is the mountainous forest area.

Right now the rain is raging.

The mud between the mountains and the forest has been soaked and is not only slick and difficult to navigate.

What is even more frightening is that mudslides can erupt at any time.

The danger factor is too high when going into the mountains at this time of year.

This is what worries Mabundu the most.

On the contrary, Lin Mo shook his head with a calm expression.

“Have you guys ever thought about it?”

“The weather at the moment is as bad for us as it is for them, Lawrence.”

At that, he lifted his finger to point out the stormy weather outside.

“Fighting in the woods, their men work better together than we do though.”

“But our men, individually, throw off each other by a wide margin.”

Most of all, the rain is raging and cold in this weather.

It’s simply too much for the average person to cope with.

Not to mention having to fight.

After Lin Mo explained this.

Wang Changxin’s gaze also turned brighter and brighter.

He, who had only been in combat for many years, had a strategic gaze that was clearly a great deal better than Wang Changxing’s.

“Mr. Lin, what you mean is that we and them Lawrence will be more resistant to building than whoever?”

This statement was a bit twisted, but this was indeed the case.

The vast majority of all the members of the forces in the three districts were martial artists who had stepped into the martial path.

Their own roots are there!

Binayzou was no match for Laurence’s guards.

Most of all, the more hostile the environment between the mountain ranges is now, the better it is for the three districts.

After all, the unusual martial artist, both in terms of reflexes and his own level of agility, was incomparable to that of the ordinary guards.

Simply put.

On the same twenty-metre cliff, the guard would fall to his death.

But a martial artist would at best throw up a disability.

Therein lies the advantage!

By the time Marbond understood this, he then raised his doubts as well.

“What if they, Lawrence, withdraw their garrison and don’t fight us hard?”

“After all, Cousins, however shrewd, has to consider the safety of his own guards.”

Lin Mo smiled faintly.

“If they dare to retreat back into their turtle shells, we’ll just send out some of our men to kill them in their back lair!”

At these words, Ma Bangde’s thoughts instantly came through.


A large force, a frontal interception!

Smaller forces, rear-guard hara*sment!

A two-pronged approach.

They Laurens could only have it both ways.

The armaments were strong, but they couldn’t keep up with the speed!

As long as the hara*sing troops on their side, hitting one shot for another.

It would walk their Lawrence men to death.

“But a Lucius brain would definitely have thought of that too.”

Lin Mo’s words changed and spoke quickly.

“So they had to take it hard and stop our troops!”

“Old Wang, you should hurry up and arrange to go down and try to take advantage of this heavy rain to take as much of a head start as possible.”

Wang Changxing grinned.

“I understand!”

With that, he farted off to summon a few other power lords.

One could see his joy at this moment just by looking at his back.

Previously, he had been walking on the other side’s nose.

Now it was finally their turn for Lawrence’s side to eat their own ……


The other side.

Lawrence Camp.

Under the pouring rain, a figure frowned at the night-like sky in front of him.

“Patriarch, the weather is cold, take care to keep warm!”

The deputy behind him said as he filled a heavy fleece cloak for him.

Only Cousis didn’t have any heart to focus on the cold or warmth at the moment.

“What does it say down there, when the hell is this bloody downpour going to stop!”

The deputy froze and spoke with a worried look on his face.

“Probably a few more days!”

Cousins blushed, “A few days exactly?”

“About, maybe a week?”

Hearing that length of time, Cousis’ entire body froze in place.

“This, God help them all?”