Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4278

By the time Lin Mo returned to his garrison.

The gusts of wind suddenly rose.

The bean-sized rain was also scrambling to fall on the ground.

The sky, which was already dark and oppressive, instantly turned even more gloomy.

The constant mist of water also obstructed the view.

At this moment, though, it is midday.

But it is as if it is dark all around.

“It’s raining! Hurry up and station your tents!”

The members of the major powers had not expected the heavy rain to come so quickly.

There were continuous shouts all around.

“What kind of demonic wind is this, it’s blowing people’s eyes open.”

As Lin Mo pa*sed by a spot, a few swordsmen who were stationed there couldn’t help but complain.

It was already difficult to set up their tents under the heavy rain, and the violent wind was blowing the tents with a whoosh.

The work that could have been done by three or two men.

Now it is difficult for more than ten people to do it.

When Lin Mo saw this, he thought of coming forward to help.

Only just as soon as he got close, he was recognised by the swordsmen.

“Mr. Lin, it’s alright, this is a small scene, we brothers can still handle it.”

“It’s raining so hard Mr. Lin, hurry up and find a place to get out of the rain!”

“If you catch a cold, it will be more than worth it.”

Lin Mo smiled and shook his head.

If he, an expert with the strength of a clan master, were to catch a cold from the rain, he would really be laughed at by the world.

Of course this wasn’t ignorance on the part of the swordsman, it was just a pure concern.

At the very moment when a few people spoke of their concern, the gust of wind strangely increased by a few points.

The rain-soaked rope was already slick.

One of the swordsmen, who was tugging at the rope for dear life, did not react.

The rope in his hand slashed straight out.

“Watch out!”

Under the pull of the gale, the tent was flung straight out with the rope.

And the ground peg at the top of that rope, under the force of this, instantly stabbed like a bullet towards the other man’s door.

The pegs were about to penetrate the man’s head.

Lin Mo fiercely dodged in front of him and directly clutched the speeding spike.

And at this moment the sharp ground spike was a finger’s distance away from the man’s eye.

“Hoo hoo hoo ……”

Death at such close range made the swordsman’s breath catch a few times.

It took him a while to calm down after the robbery.

“Many …… many thanks, Mr. Lin for saving his life!”

At this time several of his companions around him also let out a big sigh of relief.

It was just a few centimeters away, and it was going to be heaven and earth.

At the moment, the wind and rain were so strong that it felt painful to drain the rain on his face.

How could Lin Mo have the heart to be polite with him?

“Hurry up and get this tent set up first!”

Several swordsmen reacted then, and then once again shouted to drink.

“Brothers, hurry up!”

With the help of Lin Mo, the tent’s four corner ground pegs were all buried deep into the earth.

In a short while, the tent, which had almost caused a disaster, was finally set up.

Lin Mo couldn’t resist the warm invitation of the swordsmen and went into the tent with them.

“Come, Mr. Lin, this is the wine we have just warmed up.”

“If you don’t mind, drink some to warm yourself up!”

From his words, Lin Mo could also feel that these few people were full of respect and at the same time, they were also tinged with restraint.

“There is no difference between good and bad, is wine in the five houses still a bubble of urine in the end?”

With that he took the porcelain bowl and drank it down with his head held high.

A seemingly vulgar remark did not make several people squirm, on the contrary it also made them feel a bit more approachable.

“Come on, what are you guys doing, keeping fish, right?”

After being taunted by Lin Mo, several people instantly dropped the restraint in their hearts.

“Mr. Lin, I’ll fill it up for you, let’s go for one!”

A crisp clash sounded down.

A lot of wine spilled out from among the full porcelain bowls.

It fell into the fire at the foot and nourished ……