Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4276

“Mr. Lin, why don’t you think about Lao Qiu!”

Ma Bangde pondered for a while before brushing the pot directly onto Director Qiu’s head.

“He has a stable personality and is cautious, and it’s safer if Hatedless follows him.”

What he wanted most in his mind was still for Lin Mo to simply give up Hatedless and join the war.

Due to the lack of contact and the arrangements Lin Mo could make.

Only Lin Mo and Xue Lian and Feng Wu Huo knew of Hated’s true strength today.

On the contrary, Ma Bangde had never been able to say a word to Hatedless before or after.

The only thing he remembered most was the time when she was worshipping her master and the subsequent crisis when she almost drank from the Northwest.

In Ma Bangde’s eyes, Wu Hate was very talented but very weak.

After all, a young girl less than ten years old, how high could her realm be.

And the reason for his Ma Bangde’s refusal was, on the one hand, because he was really worried that he would not take care of her properly and cause any accidents to happen to Hate Free.

On the other hand, as one of the main forces on the battlefield, he would be completely wasted with a dragger.

At this moment, Lin Mo could also see what was on Ma Bangde’s mind.

When all was said and done, wasn’t it just that the decidedly hateless would hold him back?

Thinking of this, the corners of Lin Mo’s mouth curled into a playful smile.

“Disciple, it seems that your strength is being disliked!”

Ma Bangde smiled heatedly at his words, and did not retort.

Honest man!

Lin Mo skimmed him before turning towards Hate Free.

“Come and show it to your Uncle Ma!”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Hatedless hopped over to a boulder that was next to him.

At Mabond’s uncomprehending gaze.

He suddenly lifted his fist and hammered it towards the boulder.

Ka ka ka ka!

By the time Ma Bangde came back to his senses, the nearly two-metre boulder suddenly appeared dense with cracks.

In the next second, the hard boulder collapsed straight into a section of rubble.

A small piece of it even popped straight into the dumbfounded Ma Bond.

“Er, this ……”

It seemed to be the perception that he was hallucinating.

Mabundle rubbed his eyes frantically.

But the scene was still there before him.

The rubble was still on display.

“Mr. Lin, this disciple of yours ……”

After stammering for half a day, he couldn’t get a complete sentence out.

It could not be helped, this hand of No Hate had truly frightened him.

A fist shattering a rock, he, Ma Bangde, could have done it himself.

But he would have to use all his strength.

On the contrary, Hatedless looked like he hadn’t exerted much strength at all.

Most importantly, Hate Free was only less than ten years old!

Such strange strength was already beyond the realm of normal people.

How could this not surprise Ma Bangde.

At this moment, when Hatedless saw this staggering appearance of his, he snorted a laugh.

“Uncle Ma, can I follow you into battle now?”

With his exquisite little face and those two little tiger teeth, he was living like a doll.

Only Ma Bond, who had just seen her masterpiece, could not perceive the word cute at all.

“Mmmmmmmmm! No …… no problem!”

Ma Bonder stumbled down in agreement and turned his head to look at Lin Mo again first.

“What do you think, Mr. Lin?”

“Naturally, I have no problem with it!”

Lin Mo shrugged his shoulders and graciously stated.

“Haterless is still young and doesn’t have much insight.”

“After I go to battle, I’ll have to ask you to look after Old Ma a bit more!”

Ma Bangde: ……

Are you serious?

Let me babysit this violent loli?

With such monstrous strength, not even the ordinary guards of the Lawrence family could withstand his punch, even if they were half-step grandmasters, right?

Thinking of this, Ma Bangde once again looked at Hate Free with an inexplicable hint of fear in his eyes.

Wiping a bead of sweat from his forehead, his feet even subconsciously moved backwards slightly.

He should stay away from this little girl!

Safety is the most important thing!