Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4275

The guards on Lawrence’s side were not as strong individually as in the third district though.

But their ability to work together as a team is a long way ahead of District Three.

After all, it was this ability that people had been training for.

But if their own people also applied this type of combat, let’s not even talk about whether they could collaborate.

It would be thankful if they didn’t fight each other.

And the biggest challenge would be the black garden.

The Black Rose had lost tens of thousands of good men after being ambushed earlier.

As the only force in District Three that is good with firearms, the damage that time was undoubtedly huge.

Most importantly, while people died, a large amount of firearms and equipment were also lost on the battlefield.

This was undoubtedly adding insult to injury.

Now even if their other forces were able to form various combat squads, the firearms and firepower personnel would not be able to keep up.

For a variety of reasons, the war has not even started yet.

The three districts as a whole have already fallen into a disadvantage.

For a moment, the brows of several power lords tightened.

“Things have come to this, let’s go back and think of a solution first!”

After Wang Changxing’s suggestion, several power lords retreated from the observation area ……


On Lin Mo’s side, as soon as he approached, he sensed that the atmosphere was not right.

Under his questioning, Wang Changxing then repeated the display situation.

“Can we charge head-on and directly overwhelm their main camp?”

Only as soon as this proposal was put forward, it was directly dismissed by Wang Changxing.

“It won’t work!”

“This Kusis is indeed difficult to deal with, they have been guarding against this move of ours for a long time.”

“Now before Lawrence’s camp, there are already patches of minefields, and the only way to get through is to fill them with lives.”

Before the battle, Wang Changxing should have sent out a large number of scouts.

Only the information received was not promising.

The most favourable large-scale head-to-head encounter for their three districts was basically out of the question.

Hearing this, Lin Mo had generally understood the other party’s intentions.

Compared to the previous Clegg’s kind of hard fighting style.

This Ku Xis was obviously much more cunning.

It could be said that in this battle, Lawrence’s side was completely abandoning the plains and open areas for large-scale combat.

Instead, it was turned into a whole group, forcing the three districts to engage with it in small units between the mountains and forests.

In this way, they were at a natural disadvantage.

After some discussion.

In a short time, the crowd could not think of any effective countermeasures.

The only thing they could do today was to say that they would have to go ahead with it.

As the meeting came to an end, Lin Mo then called Ma Bangde aside.

“Old Ma, I need to place a person among your Blade Sect!”

Although Ma Bangde agreed, there was still doubt written all over his face.

“Mr. Lin, can you embody with me to divulge a little bit about what this person is?”

“I can’t believe you need to ask in person!”

Just as his words hit the ground, a small head suddenly burst out from behind Lin Mo.

“This is naturally me!”

Hatedless said with a mischievous spitting smile.

Ma Bond saw the visitor and thought it was a joke.

A girl less than ten years old going into battle, wasn’t that bullsh*t.

“Mr. Lin, this disciple of yours is such a joker!”

“This little girl isn’t joking!”

Lin Mo said with a serious expression on his face as he rubbed Traceless’s hair.

“During this period of time, I intend to let her follow you into battle together.”

At these words, Ma Bangde was instantly staggered in place.

Nima, playing for real?

Coming back to his senses, he hurriedly shook his head to death.

“No no no!”

“The battlefield is ever-changing, in case I don’t take care of it in time and have an accident.”

“Old Ma I would be guilty of a great sin!”

Ma Bangde said nothing but refused to agree.

This was Lin Mo’s only disciple on the island of death where he was.

If anything happened to him, he thought his life would not be enough to pay for it!