Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4271

All eyes are on it.

Lin Mo stood firmly on the performance stage.

The wind suddenly rose and blew a mat of his feet.

“Are you ready?”

At the sound of the words, Mabundle raised his great sword.

“The only war cry!”

Tens of thousands of swordsmen behind him corresponded.

“Battle! Battle! Battle!”

Tens of thousands of sabre qi coalesced in a ball and rose up from the ground.

Endless battle intent radiated all around.

The entire approach was like a sharp blade, which shot straight up into the sky.

With such an atmosphere, the members of the other forces around were also infected.

“Battle, battle, battle!”

When the millions of shouts came together, they directly formed a resonant wave of sound.

It swept out in all directions.

Trees that were a little closer were directly shaken off their leaves and turned into a bare fork of a tree.

Lin Mo felt the endless battle spirit in front of him, and his heart was suddenly filled with a great sense of pride.

Only when he raised his hand did the scene slowly quieten down.

“Crowning excuses, I don’t want to talk nonsense.”

“I just want to tell you that Lawrence is not our last enemy.”

“Our future is to conquer this island of death.”

“Let the world see us and hear the story of our three districts!”

“Do you have the confidence?”

Using the power of the Patriarch, Lin Mo transmitted these changes word for word to the ears of everyone present.

This time, there was no need for any power lord to take the lead.

The scene instantly resounded with a unanimous response.


The wave of sound rose again, sweeping across the room.

But Lin Mo was still not satisfied.

“It’s too low, but you guys don’t have the strength for that?”


All at once everyone hissed out with almost all their strength.

The gale that was coming horizontally was directly shaken backwards by the terrifying sound wave.

Even Lin Mo felt his brain buzzing.

But this was the effect he wanted.

“Gentlemen, triumph!”


Taa sheathed!

Under the chill, Lin Mo’s stance seemed to become even more upright.

At this moment, everyone was staring at Lin Mo with scorching eyes, deadly in awe!

From unifying, the chaotic Island of Death, to healing the lives of everyone on the entire front line.

This young man in front of him was rarely mentioned.

But his figure is deeply imprinted in the hearts of all.

Next, they too will follow this powerful and easy-going teenager as he steps onto higher peaks.


Within the quiet square, I don’t know who shouted out.

And with that it spread wildly.

The sound of the triumphs rose and fell, although they were not contentious, but they made all the men’s emotions even higher.

It seemed that this was not a slogan, but a certainty.

“Out to the army!”

As Lin Mo shouted again.

The nine major squads took their steps under the leadership of their respective power lords.

And that direction was none other than District Three.

Thus the war had begun!

After everyone had run to the battlefield, Lin Mo also staggered back.

Even for him, facing hundreds of people with aura transmission was a huge test.

The quick-eyed Xue Lian at the side stepped forward to help him.

He was then fed a Qi-supplementing pill.

After resting for a while, Lin Mo then recovered.

“There’s nothing serious about me!”

After waving his hand to show that he was fine, he spoke towards the ghostly man.

“Old ghost this time, you keep an eye on the rear.”

“Once an outsider is spotted, behead him!”

“If there is a Mr. Patriarch, you will notify me first!”

There was no need to worry about the front line, as he was looking after it himself.

The only thing that needed a place was the rear.

I am afraid that the Five Poisons Sect will play the same kind of unseen tricks as before.

Without a clan master sitting in the clinic, how could Lin Mo feel at ease.

“Understood!” After Ghost Souther answered, he darted directly towards the back without delay.