Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4270

After Lin Mo had arranged the general command.

The front-line combat troops were then handed over to the duo of Director Qiu and Ma Bangde.

Originally, Lin Mo had intended to let Ma Bangde alone arrange this position at first, considering the lack of manpower.

It was only in consideration of the fact that this fellow was brave and fierce, but too impulsive in nature.

He needed someone to work with him.

This is why Director Qiu was also sent there.

Apart from Black Rose, who was in charge of firearms and intelligence, the others all worked together.

After Lin Mo had made the arrangements, all the next operations were left to their own planning.

He himself could not be involved in this kind of battlefield.

Of course he was a Patriarch though he could not lay hands on the local people of Death Island.

But it was possible to deal with other clan masters.

Of course others thought the same way.

Soldiers against soldiers, generals against generals.

Lin Mo’s main task was to keep an eye on those other patriarchs who were plotting against him.

“Go back and make preparations as early as possible!”

After Lin Mo withdrew his gaze, he let out a faint sigh.

This battle was going to be another fiery hell on earth.

After the meeting was over.

All the lords immediately returned to their respective forces and urgently opened their deployment arrangements.

Lin Mo considered that many people were still in the recovery stage.

He then asked Zhang Hongyun to bring his junior brothers and sisters to start working overtime to refine various pills to nourish their bodies.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Lin, our current speed of refining pills is several notches faster than before.”

“It won’t take more than a day to finish!”

Zhang Hongyun stated with confidence.

Lin Mo had been so busy with other things all this time that he hadn’t paid any attention to this group of physicians who had been sent over.

Now that he looked at their alchemy techniques, not only had they matured a lot, their speed had even improved by leaps and bounds.

Having suffered, they no longer had the impetuous mindset they had before.

Their state of mind has become more and more mature.

Compared to the time when they first arrived in Zone 3, these 3,000 people in front of them are like a new generation.

Zhang Hongyun and the others had naturally realised this long ago.

For each other’s progress, it was also evident to all.

That was why they cooperated unconditionally with Lin Mo’s arrangement.

And so it was.

The three districts were once again busy.

At the top, the power lords sat and made arrangements while they waited for their men to start working out.

The intention was to recover as quickly as possible in this some time, and also hopefully to strengthen a few points.

The members of the forces at the lower level were not idle either.

While following the cultivation, they also began to maintain their various personal weapons.

They were ready for the great battle to come.

After two days of sunny weather, the third day resulted in a…

The sky was suddenly covered with dark clouds.

The low, oppressive clouds seemed to be weighing down on everyone’s shoulders and were extraordinarily heavy.

It seemed that even the air was otherwise heavy.

There was a sense that a storm was coming.


A dull howl broke the silence.

In the next second, the ground began to tremble slightly.

It was not an earthquake.

It was just the movement of the two million or so guardsmen on Lawrence’s side as they started to push forward.

Think a few dozen kilometres though.

But the front line of the three districts still felt this vibration.

At the same time, Mabond and the others were ready for it.

The nine parties were neatly arrayed in their own squares.

The black press of heads could not be seen at a glance.

The quiet atmosphere.

The air is already thick with the smell of smoke.

Under the gaze of millions of pairs of eyes, Lin Mo slowly stepped onto the martial arts stage.

“Greetings, Mr. Lin!”

As the shouts of the leading nine power lords fell, a fierce wave instantly set off behind them.

“Greetings, Mr. Lin!”

The voices were neat and unified.

The loud shout was deafening and shot up to the clouds.

The shocking scene made even Lin Mo’s heart pound.

“Are you ready ……”