Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4269

The atmosphere was suddenly agitated by the stimulation of Mabond.

“Surname Ma, don’t give a sh*t about me.”

Wang Changxing was the first to rise and angrily rebuke.

“Who the hell told you I was a wimp.”

“Back then when Laozi broke the local army of tens of thousands with a thousand, you were still wearing open trousers!”

With him leading the way, the others also began to accuse in anger.


“Surnamed Ma De, you’re a hook eight, if it wasn’t for us back then, could your Blade Sect have developed so far?”

“When I was fighting on Death Island, you were still a kid!”

The conflict between the two sides was getting more and more intense.

Director Qiu was just about to step forward to mediate, but he was stopped by Lin Mo.

“Let’s let them make a scene like this first!”

The voice was soft, so soft that only Director Qiu could hear it.

Although he did not understand Lin Mo’s intention, he still stopped moving and watched the situation closely.

Ma Bangde smiled disdainfully.

“Oh, now you’re starting to rehash these old stories, are you?”

With that he spat a thick spit in front of the crowd.

“Don’t put that in front of me, I don’t eat that.”

“I’ll ask you all, do you dare to do it now?”

“Want to be a softie, I, Ma Bangde, will grant you, leave your power behind and get the hell out of District 3.”

How could the rest of the power lords swallow such a blatant provocation.

“Old man has been a wimp?”

“If you snatch it from me, you’re my grandson.”

“Who are you looking down on? When I was fighting for the kingdom, you were still a fledgling!”

Originally fearful and worried, with Ma Bangde giving a shout.

It instantly evolved into a large hate than hate scene.

Every one of them was like a chicken’s blood, wailing and shouting.

Now even if the people from the other twelve districts came together to fight, these guys would dare to directly carry their swords and harden their steel.

This is what this Ma Bangde stuff does.

As the atmosphere on the scene became more and more intense, Lin Mo then rose to speak once again.

“Alright, let’s all settle down for a while!”

“Especially you, Old Ma you just calm down for a while!”

Although there was some targeting, Ma Bangde saw a different look on Lin Mo’s face afterwards.

Instantly, he understood.

It seems that Lin Present is approving of what I, Ma Bond, have done.

He was not wrong about this.

Lin Mo indeed just wanted this one to make a good mess, as a way to wash away the fear in the hearts of the people.

“The most important thing right now is to prepare for this big battle with Lawrence.”

“As for the other district threats you don’t need to worry.”

“There’s no way they’ll all come together and fight!”

Lin Mo had absolute confidence in this point.

This group of clerics had been lurking on Death Island for so many years, for the Crystal Skull.

In this chaotic situation right now, Shui all wished to preserve their strength.

Sitting on the sidelines with the intention of watching the fire.

With such a mindset, it is simply fanciful to expect them to work together.

Thank God they don’t stab each other in the back.

After Lin Mo had explained the relationship between them, all the power lords were slightly relieved.

Other things aside, the three districts have never been afraid of a fight.

Thus, the scene was stimulated by Ma Bangde and comforted by Lin Mo.

The original fear of fighting was completely resolved.

Next, Lin Mo began to arrange their respective characters.

“Old Wang, the position of chief commander is still left in your charge!”

Regarding Wang Changxing’s combat ability, Lin Mo had seen it all before.

This battle was handed over to him, and Lin Mo was completely at ease.

Although the others were red-eyed, they also knew how much they had.

They did not have much to say.

Wang Changxing received the arrangement and graciously got up to respond.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Lin, this time, I will definitely bring everyone to win this battle beautifully ……”