Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4268

“Let’s not get too busy playing around!”

Seeing Lin Mo speak, all the power lords quieted down and each returned to their seats, looking at Lin Mo in unison.

“If I expect it to be no worse, Lawrence’s side is going to revive the war in the next few days.”

As soon as these words were spoken, the expressions of the people present also instantly became serious.

The good news was that right now, all the power lords had reached the realm of half-step Patriarch.

In terms of top battle power, they were already no less than Lawrence.

The bad news, on the other hand, is that of all the members of their forces in the three districts, there are still many who are still out in the healing stage at the moment.

And Lawrence is now free of civil unrest, having been reorganised by Cousins in an unprecedented way.

The renewed war is bound to be even more bitter than before.

Lin Mo also had the same idea, and after looking around, he spoke.

“Black Rose, you should first talk to everyone about the intelligence you have gathered from the other districts during this period of time.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, all eyes instantly shifted to Black Rose.

“No wonder I said that during this period of time, I couldn’t see her all the time.”

“So she’s gone to gather information!”

“Is it hard to say that Mr. Lin, is planning to bloom in more places?”

Along with several people’s curious exchange of ears, Black Rose had already fetched a thick document.

The scene was also instantly quiet at the moment.

After clearing her throat, Black Rose said with a serious face.

“After our Black Garden’s investigation, those patriarchs hiding behind the curtain have started to extend their hands into the local forces.”

“Like District 9 has completely become the territory of the Five Poison Sect.”

“There’s also District 11, District 7 and so on, which are still ostensibly being run by their people.”

“But in reality, there are people behind the scenes who are manipulating them!”

There was no need to think about it, the people behind the manipulation must be those hidden patriarchs without a doubt.

Regarding the background of this matter, Lin Mo had already explained it before.

Although Ji Dutuo had issued a ban on all clan masters from making a move against the local residents.

However, those patriarchs who were hiding behind the scenes had found another way to start laying out the forces of the districts for their own use.

The scene was quiet for a while afterwards.

Ma Bangde suddenly got up and said.

“Mr. Lin, then won’t we not only have to face the Lawrence family in the future.”

“We also have to prevent the threat of other forces!”

Lin Mo didn’t intend to be hiding this time, and replied directly.


“And what I told you before, that treasure trove that makes even the Patriarchs go crazy for, is in our three districts.”

At these words, the scene rose in an uproar.

In other words, what they were about to face in the three districts going forward would be the other twelve districts in the clutch.

For a moment, the faces of several of the power lords could not help but look embarra*sed for a few moments.

Facing Lawrence they still had the confidence to put up a fight.

But if they were to face District 12, they instantly lost their confidence.

It was simply a battle of unequal odds.

Lin Mo naturally sensed their emotions and said with a raised eyebrow.

“Why is this fearful?”

The crowd could only look at each other when they heard this.

To say that they weren’t afraid would be a complete lie to themselves.

They would have to press their entire army into service for one district alone, and with the addition of another district’s forces, they would surely collapse all over.

How can they fight!

“Cao, a bunch of weaklings!”

After looking around, Ma Bond slapped his big hands together and stood up in a rage.

“If you guys are weak, get the hell out of District 3.”

“Teach me the forces you have in your hands, and I’ll lead them to fight.”

“You don’t even have the consciousness to live towards death, and you still think of following Mr Lin to unify Death Island?”

“You want to eat sh*t?”

He mocked him so much.

Anger could not help but appear in the eyes of the crowd.

Although they were timid at heart, they were not as bad as what Ma Bangde said ……