Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4267

Lin Mo did not pay any attention to the ghostly old man who was still cursing and swearing.

Once again, he opened his six senses of communication.

The man behind the curtain had obviously slipped away.

“Any hair down?” Snow Lotus inquired quietly.

Lin Mo shook his head, there was no one else around except the three of his own party.

This snooping had come so unexpectedly.

And so coincidental.

Not too early, not too late, just at the right time after Lin Mo’s strength had been restored.

For this, one had to be suspicious.

“It seems that someone is uneasy and has been monitoring the movements of our three districts!”

“Old man, you have to pay attention to what you do from now on!”

The ghostly old man nodded with a serious face, and then he pursued the question.

“Lin present, is it possible that this is the work of the Five Poison Sect?”

Lin Mo was a little surprised to hear the object of his suspicion.

But on second thought, this old devil had been on Death Island for over twenty years, so it made sense that he would know this.

“Not very likely!”

Lin Mo dismissed the old ghost’s speculation.

“The Five Poison Sect is good at using poison, so I do think it’s highly likely that their Seven Deadly Sins are behind this!”

As he said this, the figures of the two Nebula sisters could not help but appear in his mind.

That familiar aura on the robes seemed to have been on these two little girls as well.

Only at that time, Lin Mo was still healing his wounds and only thought it was an illusion.

Now, it seemed that this harmless-looking little girl was most likely the genius who had mastered the corpse control technique.

Having speculated to this point, Lin Mo’s thoughts gradually became clearer.

“Without surprise, Ji Dutuo and the others are preparing to make a move against me.”

When the ghostly old man heard this, he felt incredulous.

“Mr. Lin, aren’t you and that Ji Dutuo a good partner?”

“It is all rumoured in the outside world that they have informed you of everything about the Crystal Skull.”

“Moreover, when you were seriously injured before, he even made a special trip to District Three ……”

Lin Mo hurriedly raised his hand to interrupt in the face of this chattering suspicion from him.

“You just don’t guess blindly!”

“All you need to know is that if I don’t die, he Ji Dutuo won’t be able to sleep!”

“Everything else is just a smoke screen they’re throwing up.”

The complex relationship involved, Lin Mo didn’t explain too much.

Especially when it came to the matter of Hate Free’s talent, Lin Mo had always suppressed it intentionally or unintentionally.

Even for Ma Bangde and Director Qiu and the others, Lin Mo had chosen to conceal them all.

“Then Feng Wu Huo’s words?” The ghostly old man asked after him again.

If the relationship was not good, this Feng Wu Huo was also a person from Death Island.

But Lin Mo was on good terms with him!

“This person can be ruled out, just pretend that he is not someone who is all the way with Ji Dutuo.”

Lin Mo didn’t explain too much about this.

The ghostly old man also knew that within this complex relationship, there must be many things hidden that he did not know.

However, since Lin Mo had chosen to conceal it, he naturally had no choice to delve into it.

After a brief exchange of words, the three of them had a closer look at the surroundings.

After confirming that no one else was prying, they too returned to the front line.

It was already dawn by now.

The ones who had followed Hu Quan all night were the power lords, who had also been summoned by Lin Mo.

“Where’s Old Ma?”

Lin Mo skimmed the crowd and immediately spotted the absent Ma Bangde.

At the same time the crowd looked in unison towards the distance.

They could only see that Ma Bangde was walking towards this way, step by step, trembling.

As he got closer, he gritted his teeth and forced himself to be calm.

“Phew, after working out and sweating, my body is just soothed!”

One can die of exhaustion, but one can’t lose face.

Several other power lords joked along.

“Since you like it so much, why don’t you do a few more laps?”

Ma Bangde’s face sank, just as he was about to dislike him in return.

Lin Mo suddenly got up ……