Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4266

In the face of Lin Mo’s sudden exclamation.

The two were also somewhat unsure of what to do.

“What’s wrong?” The ghostly old man asked curiously.

Lin Mo, on the other hand, shook his head with a gloomy expression.

“The person behind this curtain is extremely talented, using the corpse of this half-step Patriarch as a medium.”

“Using this to achieve manipulation of that Waterbound Sect’s Grand Elder!”

This method would greatly reduce, though, the strength of the corpse being manipulated by the other party.

But it was better in a stealthy way.

Even if the body is more than ten kilometres away, the manipulation of the corpse can still be achieved.

Of course, this ability is simple to say, but it requires an extremely high level of control of the manipulator’s aura.

Anyone who can achieve this must be a genius in the art of corpse control.

Hearing this.

The ghostly old man was indeed all puzzled, and with a small hint of expectation.

“Is it hard to say that our Five Tomb Sect has produced a supreme genius?”

Although he had escaped from the sect, his main purpose was to lurk on Death Island.

Wanting to compete for the Crystal Skull.

His true heart was still within the clan.

It was only when he finished that he immediately sensed that the atmosphere of the scene was not right.

Looking up, he only saw that Lin Mo was raising his eyebrows towards while him with a playful expression.

“What? Are you seeing things differently, old man?”

Er ……

The ghostly old man also realised that he seemed to have lost his temper a bit and hurriedly explained.

“How is that possible!”

“I can’t believe that I have already made a promise, and I think I will do my best for you, Mr. Lin!”

Having said that, he still had this not-so-subtle expectation in his heart.

If this person was really from their own clan.

Then the Five Tombs Sect would not be far from rising to power.

Lin Mo also seemed to have seen through the petty thoughts in his mind and spoke directly to strike.

“You just don’t want to eat farts.”

“If this person really came from your clan, he would have risen to fame long ago.”

“How is it possible that there hasn’t been any buzz for decades.”

To be able to control the corpse of a clan master in battle, he himself must also be a clan master.

Upwards, the Sage Realm could simply wipe out a party with a raised hand, and a scene like Death Island was just a child playing house wine to someone of this realm.

At the lower end of the scale, a half-step Sovereign, that would be impossible, if such a realm could control a Sovereign’s corpse.

This kind of realm barrier is not something that can be broken by relying on realms.

Even at the realm of Patriarch, if one wanted to control a corpse of the same realm, one had to be a genius among geniuses.

The ghostly old man, this Lin Mo, instantly felt a little delusional even after such a point.

It wasn’t that he looked down on his own clan.

It was just that if the Five Tombs had sent such a genius, everyone would have known about it already.

Thinking about this, he was also too happy too early.

To avoid embarra*sment, the ghostly old man hurriedly changed the subject.

“By the way, you just said you were careless in the middle, what was that about.”

Lin Mo shook helplessly.

“If I didn’t guess wrong, we’ve been caught in a tiger-transferring ploy!”

“The person behind this is smart enough to lure us away for the corpse of the Grand Elder of the Shui Xing Clan that he stole.”

Once these words were spoken, Xue Lian and the ghostly old man immediately made to rush back.

Only before the two of them could move, Lin Mo stopped them.

“There’s no need to chase after them!”

“Since this person has led us here, it is already enough for him to take away the corpse.”

“Even if we rush back now, it will be too late.”

It was for this reason that Lin Mo did not act again even when he realised that he had been trapped.

As expected.

When the three arrived at the scene of the previous engagement.

Where was the corpse of the Grand Elder of the Shui Xing Clan left here.

Even the long staff he carried with him had disappeared without a trace.

Having been put on the spot like this, the ghostly old man was obviously somewhat unconvinced.

“It seems that the other party, too, isn’t very strong!”

“Only using such petty and thieving tactics!”

Lin Mo glanced at him and did not say anything ……