Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4265

Long before.

Marbond and others had raided, when the Lawrence family gun store.

Lin Mo was worried about the safety of the people and had followed along with them.

It was also then that he met the old man in front of him.

Only at that time, as there were other patriarchs around secretly watching.

The two sides went to the point and after exchanging some blows, they called it quits.

I never expected to meet again just in such a way.

“This man is not right!”

The ghostly old man who was examining the corpse suddenly exclaimed.

“This old guy’s blood is purple and black, he’s obviously been dead for a long time.”

He couldn’t help but tighten his own brow as he said that.

If he had been dead for a long time, why did he still appear here.

The most bizarre thing was that it was not difficult to see through the traces at the scene.

This person had also fought with Lin Mo.

“Mr. Lin, is this the person who was just spying on us in the woods?”

The ghostly man asked with a surprised look on his face.

Lin Mo nodded and said back, “Not bad, it was this person!”

“And you’re right, this person has been dead for no less than ten days based on the colour of his blood.”

This statement was made.

The atmosphere at the scene also suddenly turned bizarre.

A corpse that had been dead for more than ten days was not only able to walk and run, but also fought with Lin Mo for a few rounds.

Was it hard to believe that he had seen a ghost?

After thinking of this, Xue Lian’s body at the side couldn’t help but tremble slightly.

While looking around warily, she slowly leaned over to Lin Mo’s side.

At the same time, her hands tightly clutched Lin Mo’s arms.

He was scared from the bottom of his heart about these ghosts and monsters.

Lin Mo naturally sensed her situation and twisted his head to comfort her.

“You don’t need to be afraid!”

“Those who do are merely a bunch of corpse-controlling techniques!”

“It’s not a ghost!”

Hearing this, Xue Lian’s originally tense emotions then relaxed a little.

The next second she suddenly thought of something.

“Corpse control technique? Isn’t this what your Five Tombs Sect is best at?”

The Five Tombs Sect was not only good at the art of fighting backwards, but also the art of raising corpses and controlling them was its unique skill.

And wasn’t the robed corpse in front of him being manipulated?

In an instant, the ghostly old man became the number one suspect.

The ghostly old man looked at Xue Lian’s scrutinizing gaze and his face instantly cried out.

“I say, auntie, you guys think too much of us!”

“Although our Five Graves School is able to control corpses, at most, if you want to think of a sectarian realm like mine, you can only control half-step sectarians.”

“And what my White Tomb lineage is good at is backwards fighting.”

Lin Mo also stepped forward and spoke.

“This can’t have come from the hand of a ghostly man.”

“I know his strength, if he was really capable of this, it wouldn’t be so simple for me to take District Three!”

The Ghostly Old Man: ……

Although cleared of suspicion but he was not happy at all.

It’s completely and utterly despised!

Moving mountains and moving stones, controlling corpses and dumping buckets, each has its own role in the Five Tombs School.

And the fighting power of the Pouring Dou lineage is the weakest lineage.

I, Ghosts, do not know how to control corpses, so I am sorry to you!

Just when he was full of complaints.

Lin Mo slowly closed his eyes.

Since this robed corpse was being manipulated by someone.

Then the person behind it must not be too far away from here.

Thinking of this, he directly opened the Six Senses of Heaven technique.

As expected.

When Lin Mo opened his eyes again, he suddenly discovered that there were abnormal aura fluctuations less than ten thousand metres away from this place.

“Found you!”

In the next second, his figure directly disappeared from the spot.

Seeing this, Xue Lian and the ghostly man, the two of them glanced at each other.

They then followed suit.

Only when they arrived, Lin Mo was stepping on a corpse under his feet.

Looking at its aura, it was only half-step Zong Shi strength.

Obviously it could not have been the one who manipulated it.

“Carelessness ……”

Lin Mo suddenly spoke up.