Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4264

This sudden act of sending the other side to their death made even Lin Mo a little puzzled.

But in the next second, the robe gave the answer.

Only after he bullied and, he raised the long staff in his hand high.

The sharp tip stabbed directly towards Lin Mo’s face.

Lin Mo dared not hesitate in the slightest and immediately drew back his Tai Ah.

But when he used his hand, a strange scene happened again.

Tai Ah was directly stuck in his opponent’s flesh.

At the same time as he withdrew his sword, the robe was pulled along with him to his heels.

This kind of fight was a complete exchange of lives for lives.

What was most puzzling was that although the robe’s chest cavity had been penetrated, there was no blood on the wound.

And this kind of injury, which should have been fatal, did not seem to have any effect on him at all.

It was really a hell of a thing!

After Lin Mo secretly sighed, he kicked directly at the other party’s chest.

Only a click could be heard as the robe’s chest ribs were directly kicked to pieces.

Lin Mo also used this blow to fire his arm once again.

This time Tai Ah was finally pulled out of the opponent’s body.

Only, after this process, the sharp head of the long staff still left a shallow blood mark on Lin Mo’s face.

As for the robe, it was hammered and sent flying a long way away.

After rolling several times, the remnant body smashed several large trees in a row before it came to a standstill.

The ground was even dragged out in a long trail.

The force of Lin Mo’s kick was not light.

But even so.

The robe still stiffened and crawled up.

The sound of cackling bones was like that of a zombie.

Lin Mo’s brow furrowed even more when he saw this.

It was as if such a person possessed the voice of immortality.

Could this person be a dead corpse?

And after his gaze glanced at the bloodstain above the sword blade, purple to black, his pupils could not help but shrink.

If it was the colour of a living person’s blood plasma it could never be like this.

This point made Lin Mo even more certain of the suspicion in his heart.

Only when he thought of this, Lin Mo’s heart couldn’t help but feel a few points heavier.

If that was the case, this robed dead body must have been manipulated by someone.

The feeling was familiar, as if he had seen it somewhere before.

Just as Lin Mo was distracted, the robed corpse on the other side of the room had already pounced on him.

Even though the bear’s chest had been completely dented and had a penetrating wound, it still could not affect his movement.

“I don’t believe it you’re really immortal!”

Lin Mo said to himself before raising his sharp Tai Ah once again.


It was still the same scene.

The sword blade once again penetrated the body of the robe.

Only this time, just as the intestinal robe was about to raise his long staff again, Lin Mo poured sword qi directly into his body.

The biting sword qi instantly rushed towards the robe’s limbs and bones.

In the blink of an eye, his limbs and tendons were shredded by the coefficient, and the bones of his entire body were even directly shattered.

The robe, who had actually been fierce, instantly drooped in all four limbs.

The whole man’s was like a pile of mud, sliding helplessly to the ground.

At this moment, the robe completely lost its ability to move.

The battle was a long one, but everything was as swift as lightning.

By the time Lin Mo had completely finished with the robe.

Xue Lian and the ghostly man also arrived at the scene.

“Are you alright, Lin Mo?”

As soon as they met, Xue Lian saw the bloodstains on Lin Mo’s face and asked with a worried face.

After Lin Mo raised his hand to wipe away the blood stains, he said that he was fine.

“I was careless for a moment and got caught in the shade, it’s not a problem!”

Following the direction he pointed, the duo also spotted the robed corpse.

And when the ghostly man lifted the other man’s cap, he couldn’t help but marvel.

“Isn’t that the Grand Elder of the Shui Xing Clan?”

After Lin Mo saw the other party’s real face, he also remembered with a jolt why he thought the long staff looked familiar.

He had met and fought with this old man before ……