Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4257

“There is no room for negotiation in this matter!”

Lin Mo said in a strong tone.

“You and I are not the same!”

“It is because of your outstanding natural talent, your medical and martial arts skills, that the Dunhuang Sacred Domain needs to grow it stronger and stronger.”

“Besides, what difficulties could have knocked me down along the way?”

At this point, Lin Mo seemed to realise that his attitude was a little strong, and his tone instantly changed.

“Don’t you still believe in me?”

This time, it was Xue Lian’s turn to be dumbfounded.

“All right, but you must be more careful.”

“After all, I ……”

Halfway through her sentence, Xuelian suddenly realized that it was not good and hurriedly turned her words around.

“You still have people waiting for you!”

Lin Mo was so focused on persuading Xue Lian at the moment that he didn’t notice anything was wrong.

“Don’t worry, after all, I still have Hate Free to protect.”

“Alright, this is all an afterthought, I haven’t even spoken to Feng Wu Huo yet.”

“Right now I still need to, first, deal with these trivial matters on Death Island!”

The overall strength of Death Island, although there was a world of difference compared to the Seven Deadly Sins.

However, as the staging area for all of Lin Mo’s forces, it was also a piece that could not be ignored.

Besides, these people in the three districts were still waiting for themselves to bring them to the dream of a great unification of sight.

Lovers with a brief chat after a while.

Xuelian then changed the subject to the thousand year old human head of wolf.

“This is just the thing to mend the heart blood you lost earlier, so hurry up and take it!”

“Now that the situation on Death Island is getting more and more disturbed, it’s important that you rush time to recover your strength!”

To this Lin Mo did not retort.

The war between the three districts to meet Lawrence was about to start, and the other districts were also under the control of the patriarchs behind them, and were stupidly moving.

The chaos would be its, and he needed to be strong enough to meet it all.

After Lin Mo received the re-sealed Thousand Year Human Head Crow, he directly began to heal himself.

As for Xue Lian, since she had just recently made a breakthrough, she also needed time to consolidate her own realm.

So the two of them split up ……


Before treating the blood in his heart, Lin Mo came to Gongsun Tie’s side specifically.

After checking and seeing that his condition had stabilised, he then came to his room.

Under the surge of spiritual energy.

Lin Mo directly laid formations all around the edges of the room.

Only after confirming that there were no gaps did he take out the Thousand Year Human Head Crow.

Unlocking the seal placed by the snow lotus above, the rich medicinal spirit power once again gushed out.

In an instant, the entire room was instantly filled with the fragrance of medicine.

At this moment, Lin Mo felt the dark wounds in his body slowly fading away just between breaths.

Especially after the loss of heart blood, the after-effects left behind were slowly diminishing.

Of course, this was entirely due to the fact that this Thousand Year Human Head Crow had been sealed for too long and the medicinal spirit energy had gathered for countless years.

This was the only way to achieve such efficacy.

You still need to take it if you want to be completely cured.

Thinking of this, Lin Mo took out his knife, cut off a small half and then stuffed it directly into his mouth.

This top grade herb could be more effective after refining though.

However, the process, and not to mention the collection of the medicine to be taken, the time required for the refining process into a pill alone would need to be calculated in months.

And right now, Lin Mo’s most pressing concern was time!

It would be better to take it directly!

With this small piece of Human Head Crow into his belly.

Lin Mo instantly felt his body burning, as if there was a blazing fire burning inside his body.

In a short while, his body was already covered in sweat, and his clothes were completely soaked through.

The dense medicinal spirit qi was even building up frantically and surging towards the five provinces!

What a fierce medicinal energy!

Lin Mo couldn’t help but sigh with emotion.

If it wasn’t for the Sovereign realm, at this moment, he would have been burst by this dense medicinal spirit Qi at an early level ……