Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4252

“Winning or losing is just a moment!”

Lin Mo enlightened.

“But you still have you to see the essence in it!”

“Hu Quan’s talent is obvious to everyone, and likewise his Nu we all see in our eyes.”

“Today he can already fight a match with Tomb 10, what about tomorrow? What about the day after tomorrow? What about a year or ten years from now?”

The succession of rhetorical questions caused several of Tomb One’s brothers to fall into contemplation as they were already power lords.

Not long ago, Hu Quan had been nothing more than a fool who was frantically doing useless work in their eyes.

In the twinkling of an eye, he had already been able to fight the little genius Tomb Ten to a standstill.

If they gave this Hu Quan more time, perhaps it was only a matter of time before he caught up with them.

Thinking of this, the crowd could not help but feel the pressure in their hearts.

If it were anyone else, it would be fine.

If they were to be left behind by Hu Quan, who was so poorly gifted, then what face would they have.

Thinking of this.

The crowd, who had originally made a breakthrough, instantly felt that they did not smell good.

“Mr. Lin, I wonder if we can also strengthen ourselves through the Hu Quan cultivation method?”

Ma Bangde asked with a tone of expectation.

Since we can’t compete then let’s join in!

This Hu Quan was so poorly qualified that he could do it, couldn’t they, a group of people with superior talent, do it?

Lin Mo nodded and said, “Yes!”

“I believe you have already had this experience before.”

“When we martial artists squeeze the spiritual energy out of our own bodies, the speed of our body cultivation will obviously be much faster when we do our cultivation.”

This statement was made.

Tomb One immediately asked a counter question.

“Mr. Lin, why do I feel that this way is not as effective as my usual normal cultivation!”

He had followed Hu Quan and tested it out himself.

Although there would be a period of time when the cultivation speed was extraordinarily smooth after draining the aura from the body.

But overall, it was not comparable to meditating and cultivating all the time.

Lin Mo did not get angry in the face of Tomb One’s questioning, instead he calmly fetched a gla*s bottle.

Under the puzzled eyes of the crowd, he raced a few pieces of gravel into the bottle, then had fine sand poured into it, and finally filled it up with water.

“What you have done before is only to drain some of the aura from your body, just like this!”

He said and then removed the broken stones from the bottle through his aura.

“But there is still fine sand and clear water in this bottle!”

“Now do you understand?”

The few people present were not fools, so how could they not understand such a simple truth.

“Mr. Lin, you are saying that the aura we drained before is only superficial is it?”

Tomb One asked after him.

“But we clearly sensed that there was no longer any presence of aura in our bodies at all ah?”

That was what the others wanted to ask.

Lin Mo did not explain directly, but only slowly raised his arm and pressed it on Tomb One’s shoulder.

In a moment, Tomb One felt that the spiritual energy in his body was draining away rapidly.

In less than two seconds, he could no longer sense the presence of any spiritual energy within his dantian.

“Is this the feeling you’re talking about?”

Tomb One nodded in confusion.

Lin Mo then continued, “Come, you now make a move at me with all your might, don’t hold back in any way.”

Although Tomb One did not know Lin Mo’s intentions, he obediently followed them.

“Drink!” With a soft drink his fist smashed heavily into Lin Mo’s palm.

“Does this fist have aura fluctuations?” Lin Mo asked with a smile.

At this moment, several people were all guilty of being baffled.

Since the aura in Tomb One’s dantian had been extracted cleanly by Lin Mo.

But where did this fluctuation of aura come from?

Just as the crowd was puzzled, Lin Mo explained in a smooth manner.

“What you are focusing on is too narrow!”

“The Aura Section doesn’t only store only in the dantian!”

“Awareness of blood veins, muscles, even cells, now do you understand?”

In a moment, the eyes of several people present slowly began to glow.