Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4247

Sheridan slowly walked out of the room.

Behind her is the shadow of a refining lotus flower.

A faint thread of love flickers in the dotted white light.

“Sure enough, the Snow Lotus Sage has actually broken through!”

Feng Wuhuo couldn’t help but marvel.

Although he had learned about the relevant records in the canonical case files.

But this was the first time he had seen it with his own eyes in reality.

As the door to the room opened wide, the richer medicinal spirit aura inside leaked out.

This was a complete bargain for the people sitting in the doorway.

Especially Tomb One, who was among them.

From the first moment he stepped into this room, he felt that his inner body’s spiritual energy was running extraordinarily smoothly.

It was completely upgraded by several notches compared to before.

Coupled with such a dense medicinal spirit qi, after just ten minutes of cultivation, it was already worth several months of his previous hard work.

Surprised, Tomb Sweeper devoted himself even more to his cultivation.

Not long afterwards.

Amongst the crowd, a frenzy of spiritual energy once again set off.

Someone else had made a breakthrough ahead of the others?

A few people turned their heads with such doubts.


The second one to break through to Half-step Patriarch was surprisingly not a power lord from the three districts.

Instead, it was the young Tomb One.

With a shock to his aura,, Tomb One hurriedly opened his eyes.

At this moment, his gaze was filled with surprise.

When he had followed Hu Quan’s training before, he had been worried that his cultivation level had fallen behind.

Little did he know that after this period of inhuman torture, the speed of his cultivation would become so smooth.

He had previously thought that if he wanted to break through, it would take as little as a year, and if more, he would not know when.

He had never expected that he would take that crucial step so quickly.

“I knew it, Mr. Lin would never screw us brothers over.”

Tomb One thought secretly in his heart.

At this same time he hurriedly stood up and came in front of Lin Mo, bending down deeply.

“Thank you, Mr. Lin, for bestowing two chances!”

When these words were spoken, many people were still in a state of bewilderment.

But after Lin Mo was clear, this kid had finally woken up.

During this period of time, the crazy stretching was, on the one hand, to harden the physique of their ten brothers.

On the other hand, through such a connection, it could not only stimulate their potential.

Coupled with his Lin Mo secret medicine juice.

With a variety of factors, this was what allowed this Tomb One to enter the ranks of the Half-step Patriarch in one fell swoop.

“It’s good that you can understand!”

Lin Mo smiled gratefully.

“Go aside to consolidate your realm first! Don’t disturb the others in their cultivation!”

Hearing these words, Tomb One immediately nodded respectfully.

With gratitude in his eyes, he once again bent down and thanked them before heading to the ground floor.

In situ Lin Mo looked at the indignant several power lord’s and reminded them without slowing down.

“The medicinal spirit qi is a limited amount!”

“The later any of you break through, the smaller the chances of this wanting to step into a half-step sect master today.”

Words did not need to be spoken.

As soon as Lin Mo finished speaking, everyone instantly reacted.

Especially Ma Bangde, the old sixth.

Although he was already a half-step Zongzi before that.

But right now, in order to absorb more medicinal spirit qi, he was not only anti-crazy in his cultivation.

At the same time, his mouth also grew big, and sailed out all his strength to start breathing desperately and loudly.

“This one is designated to be a little bit sick in some big way.”

After the crowd secretly spat out a sentence, they hurriedly entered the cultivation state again.

Time pa*sed.

The power lords on the scene, who were already not far from being half-step Patriarchs, began to break through one after another.

It had been less than an hour.

There were five more Half-step Patriarchs on the scene.

To this point.

The power lords of the three districts had entered the Half-step Patriarchs.

The overall strength has been plucked up a notch in price.

And from the head to see for Feng Wu Huo, is full of disbelief ……