Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4245

Lin Mo couldn’t help but smile in his heart as he listened to Feng Wu Huo’s doubts.

Good fellow, on the path!

Not only can he ask himself questions now.

Yet also knows to number the excuses for himself.

“True to form, this reaction of Senpai Maple is just sharp!”

“Not bad, Snow Lotus has indeed made a breakthrough!”

At these words, a look of intense interest instantly spread across Feng Wu Huo’s face.

“I wonder if I can meet the Snow Lotus Saintess!”

“After all, the scene of this eight white lotus breakthrough is something that old me is also curious about.”

He didn’t have any bad intentions purely driven by curiosity.

One had to know that even this holy lotus void in the Dunhuang Sacred Domain had not appeared over for hundreds or thousands of years.

Faced with this legendary heritage treasure, he was naturally curious.

Although Lin Mo did not want to agree, he knew that even if he refused, this old man would not leave straight away.

Once the Six Senses Tong Shen was open!

Lin Mo sensed that Snow Lotus had already finished sealing the Thousand Year Human Head Crow and obediently agreed straight away.

“Since Senior Feng is curious, let’s take a look together!”

As the door was pushed open afterwards.

The doorway was instantly perceived to be large a dense aura greeted him.

In particular, the faint fragrance that was mixed in with it made people feel invigorated with a single sniff.

Tomb One, in particular, was in awe.

In just a few seconds, he had discovered that his cultivation level had actually increased.

Although the increase was not very large, one should know that he had only done it for two breaths.

If only he could cultivate here!

Thinking of that, Tomb instantly widened his eyes and his face was ecstatic.

This was probably the great opportunity that Mr. Lin was talking about!

At this moment, he and his companion could not wait.

Lin Mo also naturally sensed that these few people had changed.

“Alright, if you keep deflating you’re all going to suffocate internal injuries, each prepare to cultivate!”

Seeing that several people were about to cultivate on the ground.

Lin Mo had a reminder, “Go to the door of the third room on the right hand side of the first floor.”

“The closer you are to where it is, the more obvious the effect will be.”

Tomb One’s eyes lit up, “Many thanks, Mr. Lin!”

Before the words left his mouth he led the way and rushed up to the first floor.

The torment of so many days had almost made him autistic.

Now that he had such a good place to cultivate, he was like someone who had been thirsty for days and suddenly saw a clear spring.

On the contrary, Hu Quan fell at the end without slowing down and slowly followed.

“Why aren’t you in a hurry at all?” Lin Mo asked with some curiosity.

“Mr. Lin, wasn’t it you who handed me the body refining technique?”

Hu Quan asked rhetorically.

“Although this place is full of spiritual energy, it won’t do much for me at all, right!”

Er ……

Lin Mo was filled with speechlessness and couldn’t help but hold his forehead with one hand.

“You haven’t even penetrated the essence of my four sects of body refining techniques.”

“Don’t give old me any ink, hurry up and go cultivate, and remember to use the heart technique on the Body Refining Technique to absorb it!”

After saying that he couldn’t help but raise his foot and kicked Hu Quan directly on his buttocks.

On the side, Feng Wu Huo was curious to a fault.

“Doctor Sage Lin, you wouldn’t have given this person our previous body refining technique to cultivate, would you?”

The words were filled with disbelief.

“Yeah, what’s wrong with that?” Lin Mo asked rhetorically.

Feng Wu Huo recalled some of Nahu Quan’s unbearable natural talent.

Then he thought about that one book of body refining techniques that had been modified by Hate Free, a young girl less than ten years old.

Feng Wu Huo directly gave up on pursuing the matter.

Wasn’t that just complete smashing nonsense?

“It’s good that you’re happy, Mr. Lin, and the most important thing about being human is to be happy!”

From the slight curve of his mouth, it was not difficult to see that he was forcing a smile at this moment.

In Feng Wu Huo’s opinion, this was purely a way for Lin Mo to find fun for himself when he was idle and dull.

It was just a way to pa*s the time.

How could the ancient martial arts be so easily imitated?